07 Reasons You Should Not Let FOMO Rule Your Life

07 Reasons You Should Not Let FOMO Rule Your Life
07 Reasons You Should Not Let FOMO Rule Your Life

FOMO or fear of missing out, it is new age mental and emotional stress. Before proceeding towards the reasons you should not let FOMO (FEAR OF MISSING OUT) rule your life. Let understand first what is FOMO actually?

07 Reasons You Should Not Let FOMO Rule Your Life

What is FOMO?

FOMO is one of social mental stress from which almost every youth is suffering. FOMO is mental state in which a person have fear of missing something great like social gathering, parties etc. FOMO is common among college and school students. It can affect someone personal and professional life very drastically. FOMO affects all types of peoples, this can lead some to neglect. Mostly the reason behind FOMO is fear that someone, somewhere could be having a better time without them. 07 Reasons You Should Not Let FOMO Rule Your Life

Side effects of FOMO

Let’s check it out the major side effect of fomo which you may do not know.

  • Binge Eating
  • Binge drinking
  • Sleep Deprivation
  • Lack of focus
  • Cluttered Schedule
  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Less participation in academic events

10 signs that confirms FOMO is interrupting your life

In this section, we are going to cite 10 signs that indicates that you are suffering from fomo. Let’s have a look.

  1. Addicted to Social media – Social media is one of main reason behind the rising problem of FOMO. How many social networking platforms you are using? How many times in day you check your social media account? If you are checking your social media for seven to ten times then it is sign that you are addicted to social media.
  2. Watching Meaningless TV – If you watch reality shows or night comedy shows just to stay up to date and want to be center of attraction by having all the latest information.
  3. Checking Email frequently – Do you addicted of checking you email again and again in meetings, in elevators, during working and even while bathing. 07 Reasons You Should Not Let FOMO Rule Your Life
  4. Answering the call when you shouldn’t – If you are obsessed of answering your phone call, what you are doing doesn’t matter? You answer call when you are in meeting, eating etc.
  5. Chatting for Hours – Are you habitual of chatting endless for hours just for the sake that you didn’t want to miss all the latest office, school or college gossip. This is also the sign that you are stressed with FOMO.
  6. Surfing the Internet endlessly – To stay up to date about particular area, about which your group talk like sport, entrainment or any particular show. But you don’t like that show than you are going through FOMO.
  7. Changing your Priorities – You just changing priorities just because other are not that or they are not interested in that, sometime peoples change their priorities according to other. Stay on your priorities and get them done first. 07 Reasons You Should Not Let FOMO Rule Your Life
  8. Texting all the time – It don’t matter to you where you are in car, while having dinner, in important meeting or when you are completing your project. You are habitual of texting back of every text you receive just because you didn’t want to miss any latest stuff of your friend circle.
  9. Going Out when you want to stay in – You want to stay at home and plaining of completing your pending work. But you drop all your work and go out, as your friends are going out and you don’t want to be left out.
  10. Reading newspaper/magazine Endlessly – How many times you read newspaper daily? If more the two time because you want to know everything, what’s going on all around the world? Then it indicates that FOMO is disturbing your life. 07 Reasons You Should Not Let FOMO Rule Your Life

I hope the above mention information has cleared many things as same as glass. To know all this, you need to keep a close eye over your health. It is time to live a healthy life style. Why should you suffer from it? Though it is not tough to deal with this problem, just need to be a bit smarter to detect it and follow the tips that can you get rid of it.

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