10 Best Monsoon Destination of Rajasthan

10 Best Monsoon Destination of Rajasthan
10 Best Monsoon Destination of Rajasthan

Someone has rightly said that Monsoon is enough to jazz up your mood within no time. The cloudy weather having shower can make anyone go crazy. If you are looking for a best place to head in this Monsoon, Rajasthan is an ideal to go. Let’s check it out in a discreet manner.

10 Best Monsoon Destination of Rajasthan

10 Best Monsoon Destination of Rajasthan
10 Best Monsoon Destination of Rajasthan

A Bit About Rajasthan 

If you think that it is only a kind of desert then you are bit wrong. There is a lot to make you fall in love with this state. Rajasthan is the desert state of the country and this dry land is home to some of the most exotic locations ever. The state of Rajasthan turns into heaven when the monsoon starts as this brings down the temperature considerably and makes everything lush green. 10 Best Monsoon Destination of Rajasthan

What’s About The Weather 

The monsoon starts in July and ends in September. This is the best time to visit the place as the temperature ranges between 21C to 35 C. choose your next holiday destination according to this time frame.

The 10 best Monsoon Destination Of Rajasthan 

  1. Mount Abu – This splendid hill station in Rajasthan is the best place to head to during the monsoons. The lush green hills and the mountains covered in mist are a sight to see. You will be able to do a lot of bird watching and even take up nature walks. 10 Best Monsoon Destination of Rajasthan

Don’t forget to see

Yes, if you are heading to this place then do not forget to visit these two important places.

  • Nakki Lake
  • Dilwara Jain Temple
  1. Udaipur – What better place to be in the monsoon than the city of lakes. This Venice of the East has the most awesome lakes around and the city just blushes with greenery during the monsoon. You will find the place filled with people and especially honeymooners. 10 Best Monsoon Destination of Rajasthan

Don’t forget to see

Exploring this city would not be considered until you do not visit these three places mentioned below –

  • Sajjan Garh Palace
  • Taj Lake Palace
  • City Palace
  1. Keoladeo National Park – Do check out Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary or the Keoladeo National Park for the wondrous birds that flock here especially during the monsoon. This place has been listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. You will find over 350 species of birds some of which are migratory birds.

Don’t forget to see

And you may be thinking that what you should visit when you are going to head this national park. Let’s check it out the names – 10 Best Monsoon Destination of Rajasthan

  • Migratory Waterfowls
  • Siberian Cranes
  1. Pushkar – Another cool place to visit during the monsoons is Pushkar where you will find lakes and picturesque vistas. This place offers a wide range of desert camping activities. Get enthralled by the beauty of Rajasthan in this place and get to know the state and its heritage and culture.

What you Shouldn’t forget

Here, these two have been mentioned.

  • Camel rides – It is truly a great fun to have. You will exploring the area from that height while sitting on camel.
  • Authentic Rajasthani cuisine – Yes!! do not forget to have the delicious taste of cuisine. You must also get packed for your friends and family. You will seriously love them as they are quite delicious to taste.
  1. Narlai – Just between Jodhpur and Udaipur is this quaint little village called Narlai. You will get to witness the culture of Rajasthan here. The monsoon season offers tourists with a wide variety of options to explore. Check for jeep safaris to see deer and leopards. 10 Best Monsoon Destination of Rajasthan

Don’t forget to see

for the spiritual people, there are two temples to go. They are quite popular and people come here to have blessing.

  • Lord Shiva temple
  • Lord Adinath temple
  1. Bundi – Bundi receives the highest rainfall in Rajasthan and is thus the best place to go to. You can check out the architecture of the place and the murals. 10 Best Monsoon Destination of Rajasthan

Don’t forget to see

If you have great interest in respect of history and love knowing its layers, then these forts are for you and do not forget to visit them. 10 Best Monsoon Destination of Rajasthan

  • Taragarh Fort
  • Nawal Sagar Lake
  1. Mandawa – This beautiful place in Rajasthan is blessed during the monsoons and is place worth visiting. It needs to mention that it has always been a part of discussion.  Check out the paintings and the art gallery here.

Don’t forget to see

Visiting these Haveli will make your visit memorable.

  •  Murmuria Haveli
  •  Goenka Double Haveli
  1. Jaipur -Does Jaipur need any introduction? No, not at all since we all know how this popular is. This capital city of Rajasthan sees its share of tourists almost the whole year round. But the monsoon season is the best as the temperature is great. The festival of Teej is celebrated here in great enthusiasm.

Don’t forget to see

  • Hawa Mahal
  • Teej procession
  1. Ranakpur – Ranakpur is the best place for tourists especially Jains to visit. This place has the famous Jain temple that has 1444 pillars. Each of these pillars is different in design.

Don’t forget to see

  • Ranakpur Jain Temple
  1. Bhainsrorgarh – And the last one is here on the list. This picturesque town in Chambal turns green and pretty during the monsoons. The Chambal River overflows here and the place is lit up with vigour.

Don’t forget to see

  • Bhainsrorgarh Fort
  • Chambal River

Why should you be in Rajasthan?

Monsoon is the time most people don’t travel a lot so you will find lots of discounts during this season. Choose to interact with the locals and get a feel of what life in Rajasthan is like.

So, what are you waiting for? This is the time to make your visit memorable. Head to Rajasthan in this monsoon to get shower with wonderful experience.

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