10 Signs that point towards hormonal imbalance

10 Signs that point towards hormonal imbalance
Hormonal Imbalance

Soaring pollution levels, stressed out lifestyle, unhealthy food habits and many more are the reasons that are behind making hormonal imbalances a common problem these days. Earlier, these problems used to begin in 50’s or late 40’s but nowadays, their occurrence even during 30’s is not a matter of big surprise. While there could be natural reasons to it as well, such as puberty, monthly cycles or menopause etc. These health issues are faced by men as well as women but are a most common feature to women owing to their biological structure.

10 Signs that point towards hormonal imbalance
Horminal imbalance

A healthy balance of hormones is extremely essential for a fit body and a stress-free life. It lets us live healthy, happy and disease-free, also keeping safe from the risk of several related ailments including various types of cancers. In addition to knowing the importance of a good hormonal equilibrium, knowing the signs and symptoms of the imbalance is equally essential.

Following are the 10 most typical and critical signs of hormonal imbalance.

  1. Excessive sweating – This is one of the most noticeable and initial signs of a hormonal disturbance. Night sweats and hot flashes are quite common to women nearing menopause. Also, they could mean high estrogen and a low progesterone or an imbalance in other hormones.
  2. Steady rise in body weight – We have all been thinking that a healthy diet, regular workouts, and an active lifestyle are the factors responsible for keeping us away from obesity. But disturbance in hormonal balance could also be the culprit. While you have been fighting out day in and day out to keep your weight under control and nothing seems to be working, hormonal imbalances could be the actual reason that goes overlooked.
  3. Fatigue – Feeling lethargic and wanting to sleep for a couple of extra hours is okay if that happens occasionally. But if its been quite some time that your body terribly needs a mid-day nap and you feel so extremely exhausted, then you could probably be suffering from a disorder of thyroid syndrome, since these are the ones responsible for body metabolism.
  4. Anxiety and mood swings – If you feel anxious, irritable, nervous and stressed out in situations where you should normally not feel that way, then it could be your body’s sign of telling you that your hormonal balance is disturbed.
  5. Foggy Memory – Have you been forgetting lots of things lately, such as did you just put salt in rice or not, or where did you keep the T.V. remote and other such minute things? Foggy memory is another vital sign and symptom of disrupted hormones. The probable reasons could be thyroid, estrogen or progesterone changes. May be this is the right time to get them checked.
  6. Digestion problems – Stomach is a quite sensitive area of our body. It is prone to problems if you are having hormonal disturbances. Stomach pain, gas, bloating, slow digestion are some common issues that you might face.
  7. Poor sleep – Upset hormones cause botherations with your sleeping patterns. It might make falling asleep or staying asleep hard for you and even lead to insomnia in several cases. This happens with a lot of women just before their menstrual cycle or after they deliver a baby. This could be a sign of low progesterones.
  8. Stubborn acne – If you have consistent breakouts that do not go easily or perhaps do not go at all, then your androgens could be on a high. These do the job of clearing your pores failing which could lead to acne, pimples, blemishes, marks etc.
  9. Constant hunger – Ghrelin hormone triggers hunger while leptin and oxyntomodulin suppress it. A chaos in your hormones could be guilty of constant hunger and food cravings you’re having. So if you are unable to keep your hands off that cookie box or pack of wafers, maybe it is the time you should get your hormones tested.
  10. Headaches and migraines – Again, there could be several reasons of headaches and migraine attacks, but most women during their middle ages who face these problems could possibly be suffering from hormonal imbalances.

So think about consulting your medico if you are being bothered by some of these symptoms!

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