10 Things to consider when selecting a good mattress

10 Things to consider when selecting a good mattress
10 Things to consider when selecting a good mattress

Is it the time to buy a new mattress? If you have an old uncomfortable mattress, then you should think about buying a new one. There has always been a challenge selecting the best mattress due to numerous models available in the market.To save you from the struggle below are written several points that you need to look at before you getting a new mattress. 10 Things to consider when selecting a good mattress

10 Things to consider when selecting a good mattress

New mattresses purchasing
10 Things to consider when selecting a good mattress
  • Take Inventory of Your Choices – The first step of picking the best mattress is to identify with that means for you. We all get comfortable with different things, so there is no ideal mattress. You need to take a close look at things you find comfortable in a bed, as well things you may have hated about past beds. Make note of these preferences, as they will surely come handy when consulting with salespeople and can be helpful for directing your search and avoiding disappointments. If you share a bed with a companion, both of you should be concerned. 10 Things to consider when selecting a good mattress
  • Evaluate Your Sleep Style – Your sleeping style plays a big role in finding the best mattress options. There are three main sleep positions – side, back, and stomach. Each has special needs to consider.
  1. Around 2/3 of the population are the side sleeper. When sleeping on your side, your neck and spine should stay straight and parallel to the ground. Your shoulders and hips should sink in just enough to support straight alignment while still holding your waist, and the mattress should adequately cushion hips, shoulders and other regions from pressure. 10 Things to consider when selecting a good mattress
  2. For back sleepers, the ideal mattress is one that maintains the normal curvature of the spine. Neither your upper body nor your hips should sink too far in. Your lower back should also be maintained, meaning you can not fit more than 1 finger between the mattress and your back when lying flat.
  3. Stomach sleepers face the greatest challenges when finding a comfortable mattress as their lower back needs strong support but a firm surface may not appear great on soft, delicate areas. When you sleep on your stomach, you need to make sure that your lower back and abdomen do not bow downward which can cause pain and tension, and you also don’t want your neck to rest at an abnormal angle.
  • Pillow tops aren’t for everyone – Very light-weight individuals don’t need big dense pillow top mattresses as they don’t weigh enough to squeeze the foam to even touch the underlying coils system. On the other side, heavier people tend to feel more satisfied with a little extra cushion between them and the coils. So simply decide what you want. 10 Things to consider when selecting a good mattress
  • Make a Wish List – Based on your list of sleep position and preferences develop a wish list. Writing down your thoughts will make it easier for you to narrow down the area when you start shopping and can give direction as to what you should be searching for. Cover the basics like firmness and how you sleep, and if you want to add or avoid some specific things. List any concerns or all the must haves as well. Sample Mattress Wish List: 10 Things to consider when selecting a good mattress
  1. Firmness: Medium Firm
  2. Good for: Back and Side Sleeping
  3. Materials: Latex or Memory Foam
  4. Layers: 3-4 inch comfort layer
  5. Quality Notes: Medium Density or higher, or Organic latex
  6. Preferences: limits motion transfer, stays cool, can return
  • Go Exploring (No Commitments Yet!) – After doing some research and learning a bit about beds, do some exploratory looking but do not commit to buying just yet. This is the period in which you want to get a feel for the diverse materials and brands while recognizing what you like and don’t like. There will always be more mattress deals (trust us!) so don’t get compelled into a purchase if you aren’t positive.
  • Revise Your List – Once you’ve done all the research, return to the preference list to revise your wish list based on what you’ve seen. If during research you’ve realized you favor firmer beds than you first thought, or if you’ve found you prefer particular materials or brands, note them down. Proceed to narrow your list until you have a justly detailed idea of what you want. 10 Things to consider when selecting a good mattress
  • Set a Budget – Based on what you’ve decided as the ideal mattress type and styles, set a practical budget within your price range. Mattress price varied from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars depending on the preference, material choice and on the brands’ markups. Beds that are very cheap can work for short or occasional use, but for a normal daily use mattress, you should require spending at least $800.
  • Nominate the Candidates – With your updated wish list and your fixed budget, begin choosing the options that best match your standards. Do not restrict yourself to local showrooms, particularly if you are out there to buy specialty mattresses. There are many popular brands and retailers online. While several experts say you should go to a showroom for a “test-drive”, some studies have also shown this doesn’t really help individuals to pick a bed that they will be comfortable really sleeping in. 10 Things to consider when selecting a good mattress
  • Thoroughly Research the Contenders – Once you have your list of possible mattresses, research them in depth. Discover the quality and quantity of matters inside the mattress, see what kind of guarantees and trials are given, and read about the beds. If you can’t find any good information, search online or get in touch with the brands for details. Reviews can be really helpful for knowing pros and cons. Reviewers will usually say what they like or don’t like, if they had a good or bad practice. 10 Things to consider when selecting a good mattress
  • Find the Best Mattress – The last step is to choose the best mattress from the options you’ve found. Ask sellers as many problems as you need to and don’t feel sorry for calling or testing beds various times. A mattress is a big shopping after all, and you want to be comfortable with your choice. Discard those that do not meet your significant criteria, those that do not give a good comparative value, those that have subpar quality or regular bad reviews, or others that you despise. 10 Things to consider when selecting a good mattress

Ultimately, think of mattress buying as you would any important buying decision: do your research, carefully examine options, and then make a knowledgeable choice.

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