4 amazing reasons that why should you visit Tripura

4 amazing reasons that why should you visit Tripura
Tripura state museum

People attired in simple but colourful dresses, girls having eye-catching handcrafted jewellery loaded with beautiful smile, amazing wildlife sanctuaries, great history, various temples, peaceful lakes and much more. Have you got an idea about which we are talking here? Yes… it is Tripura. And the above mentioned things are all set to welcome, when you step in this incredible region. The best time is on-going to visit Tripura and it will be till the end of May. So, why should you let slip the chance. Schedule a visit to Tripura. But before packing bag, let check out what you must know about Tripura. 4 amazing reasons that why should you visit Tripura

The 4 amazing reasons that Why Should You Visit Tripura

  • This beautiful place holds a number of historical museums.
  • There is a great treat for fun and adventurous lovers as it is blessed with the 4 prominent wildlife sanctuaries.
  • For the peace seekers, there are various temples to explore.

Let’s Have a Look the demography of Tripura

Exploring Tripura would be a great experience since the people of Tripura are mostly tribal. They belong to the Tibeto-Burmese origin. There various types of tribes’ communities and visiting them will help to let have some unique experience. The tribes living in Tripura speak Manipuri, Tripuri and Bengali. Saying would not be wrong that Tripura holds a great amalgamation of tribal culture. Here, People live in lofty houses which are made of bamboo, dry grass and cow-dung. People belong to different reasons live here peacefully.

The 5 Palaces Which You Must Visit 

  • Malancha Niwas: It is situated nearby kunjban Palace. It is witness during the stay of Rabindra Nath Tagore during 1919. Later, it was reconstructed and developed and turned into a Pucca House. And now known as Malancha Niwas. 4 amazing reasons that why should you visit Tripura
  • Tripura Government Museum: This museum has a wide array of archaeological items, ancients coins belong to Tripura, eye-catching embroidery of Bengal, Buddhist Sculpture and so on.
  • Neermahal Palace: The true infusion of Mughal and Hindu architecture is called Neermahal Palace. It is established on RudraSagar Lake. There is a lot to explore. Water Sports is also waiting for the fun lovers.
4 amazing reasons that why should you visit Tripura
Tripura Neermahal
  • Kunjaban Palace: :- This palace is adjacent to Ujjayanta Palace and belong to RabindraNath Tagore. The wide lawns, yards and beautiful garden is all set to leave you speechless.
  • Ujjayanta Palace: This incredible palace is decorated with green and lush gardens, fountains and adorable pools which add extra glam to this building. It was established by Radhakishore Manikya Bahadur.
4 amazing reasons that why should you visit Tripura
Ujjayanta Palace – Tripura

4 Wildlife Sanctuary Which You Must Not Skip

  • Sepahijala Wildlife Sanctuary: O My God…How cute they are? And the same thing you will experience seeing the adorable monkeys and birds in this sanctuary. There is a Botanical Garden Zoo as well. It becomes very special for the wildlife lover as they can see more than 150 species of migratory and non-migratory birds.
  • Trishna Wildlife Sanctuary: – To know about the natural habitats in-depth, Trishna Wildlife Sanctuary is a great place. Apart from it, you can see here Red Jungle Fowl, King Fisher, and Black Drongo and so on.
  • Gumti Wildlife Sanctuary:- Do wish to see migrating birds, barking deer, wild goat, elephants and so on, then head to Gumti Wildlife covering a huge area. 4 amazing reasons that why should you visit Tripura
  • Rowa Wildlife Sanctuary: – It is situated in the north of the district and adjacent to the NH. Though it is a small wildlife sanctuary, but does not leave any stone unturned to make you feel amazing. It is a great place for them who are indulged in research and study. 4 amazing reasons that why should you visit Tripura

For the Peace SEEKERS

  • Tripura Sundari Temple: – This temple is a great place for the devotee belong to Goddess Sati. It was established in 1501 by King Dhanya Manikya. People come here to take the blessings.
  • Kamalasagar Kali Temple: -This temple is located 27 kms away from Agaratala. It is associate to deity Durga having 10 hands. The crystal-clear pool of water will take you in confidence there is some magic at this place. 4 amazing reasons that why should you visit Tripura

The 5 Important Festivals of Tripura 

  1. Tirthamukh: This special festival is organised in the month of January and February at the time of Uttarayan Sankranti. During this festival, many devotees come to pay respect and gratitude. They take holy bath.
  2. Ker Puja: This special Pooja belongs to the tribe living in Tripura.
  3. Garia Puja– though the name of Pooja sounds a little bit strange but it is considered the prominent puja of Tripura. If you wish to take part in this puja then you must be in Tripura on the 7th of April. It is celebrated to get blessed with prosperity and enjoyment throughout the year.
  4. Durga Puja: This Pooja is celebrated throughout the country, but in Tripura it is celebrated in a unique manner. In between the month of October to November, Durga Puja is celebrated with great pomp and show.
  5. Kharchi Puja: In the month of July, Kharchi is celebrated. The devotees come throughout the world and visit the Chaturdas Deutas Temple. 4 amazing reasons that why should you visit Tripura

Best Time to visit Tripura

October to May is perfect to step in Tripura. During these months, time remains cool and perfect. You will enjoy trip to Tripura. You must avoid the months from June to September as it does heavy rain.

How To Reach Tripura

  • By rail:- Agartal Airport is the nearest airport located 5 minutes from Agartala. And you can catch a direct flight to Kolkata and Guwahati. 4 amazing reasons that why should you visit Tripura
  • By train :- Kumarghat is the nearest railway satiation situated 140 kms away from Tripura. It is well-connected to metro cities like Banglore, Chennari, Kolkata and Delhi.
  • By road :- It is well connected through road too. One can reach by Bus as well. Roads are linked to Silchar, Guwahati, Aizwali etc. 4 amazing reasons that why should you visit Tripura

Well!!! We have shared all you required. But even then if something has got slipped, then do not forget to correct us. Apart from it, share your experience if you have already visited Tripura. We have been eagerly waiting here for your comments and views. Stay tuned for more updates…And keep visiting the lovely places of India.

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