Deshnokh – Famous for Rat temple

Deshnokh - Famous for Rat temple
Karni Mata Temple – Deshnoke – Rajasthan – India

Have you ever heard about a place where rats are worshipped? Many of you may not believe, but there is a place called Deshnokh situated in the Bikaner district of Rajasthan. Deshnokh is widely known housing the very unique Hindu Temple “Karni Mata Temple” also regarded as RAT Temple. This place came into the light during the Karni Mata Fair. Not in India, but it has gotten popular all around the world. If you also wish to visit this place and want some information regarding this place, then you are at the right place to get embarked. 

Deshnokh – Famous for Rat temple

Deshnokh - Famous for Rat temple
Karni Mata Temple – Deshnoke – Rajasthan – India


The 600 years old Deshnokh is a great fusion of ten villages and that’s why it got its name as Dus-Nok. And gradually, it became DeshNokh. This village came into the limelight after establishment of the Karni Mata Teample. The founder of Bikaner Rao Bika was blessed by Karni Mata and Bikaner dynasty was used to worship Karni Mata as the main goddess. Rao Bika was the first ruler of Deshnokh and after independence, it got merged in the state of Rajasthan.  


  • Karni Mata temple: – It’s one of the great tourist place situated in Deshnokh. This temple is quite famous all around the world and that’s why this place is visited by not only Indians but a number of foreigners too. Karni Mata Temple is one of the oldest monuments in the village. This temple holds a great significance and spiritual importance. Every year many tourists and pilgrims visit this temple to take the blessing of the Goddess. During Navratri, this temple gets flooded by a number of visitors. Mata Karni Temple is one of the most honoured temples among the Hindu. Goddess Karni Mata is considered to be the reincarnation of Goddess Durga- the deity of power and stamina. Here, you will find a number of rats running all around the temple without any fear. They are fed by devotees. And White Rat is considered auspicious and can bring good luck if you fed them. But they are rarely found. Deshnokh – Famous for Rat temple
  • Karni Mata Museum: – This Museum is located opposite to the temple of Karni Mata. It’s quite big having stunning marble flooring. This Museum serves you a wide collection of antique painting belong to the life of Karni Mata Temple.
  • Sri Nehri Ji :-This place is also an apple of the visitor’s eye as this place is used to meditate by Karni Mata. Here, you will find an evergreen tree which is almost 591 years old. This place is situated 2 kms from Deshnok. It’s believed that Karni Mata stuck a stick and pour some curd on it and it turned into holy tree. It’s also worshipped by the devotees having a great faith in Karni Mata. A statue of Karni Mata Temple has also been installed below this tree. Deshnokh – Famous for Rat temple


Apart from visiting temples, there are some other reasons too which can lure the visitor to schedule a trip to Deshnokh. And Local Dances Ghoomar is one of them. Ghoomar is quite popular not only among the Indians but all across the world. This traditional dance is performed by groups of Rajasthani traditional women. This stunning dance was invented by Bhil community and it was adopted by the Rajputs. It’s known as Ghoomer because of antique moves of dancers. During this dance, women swirl off their long skirts which creates moving around feeling and that’s why it’s known as Ghoomar’. A number of instruments like Thali, Manjira, Dhol etc. are used during the dance.


  • Carry hats, goggles and sunscreen lotions, light tropical cloths if going to visit in summer and light woollen if scheduled to visit in winter.
  • All the visitors are advised to avoid too revealing and scanty attire.
  • No one is allowed with their footwear into the temple.
  • Since this place is known for paying respect to the Rats, don’t harm the Rats. As per local belief, it’s an offence.


If you have visited Deshnokh completely and looking for nearby place to visit then you must check out this list. Here we are going to cite some of the important places around Deshnokh. Deshnokh – Famous for Rat temple

  • Nagaur:- This place was founded by the Naga Kshatriyas and that’s why it’s known as Nagapur.
  • Ladnun:- It’s situated in the Nagaur District of Rajasthan and also widely known as a Chadderi Nagari. Earlier, this place was known as Chanderi Nagari. Deshnokh – Famous for Rat temple
  • Khimsar:- It’s located at the edge of the Great Thar Desert in the state of Rajasthan. The centre of the village holds a water body which adds a great value to the charm of this place.
  • Bikaner :- This place is blessed with a number of tourist places. It’s perfect to experience golden sands, fighting camels and the heroic deeds of Rajput kings. Deshnokh – Famous for Rat temple


  • Deshnokh is quite famous among the visitors because of Gangaur Festival. This colourful carnivals is celebrated not only in Deshnokh but all around the Rajasthan. This popular fair is dedicated to the Hindu deity Gauri Mata. This festival is celebrated by women for good health and wealth of their husbands. It’s celebrated in the month of March continuously for 18 days. On this day, they decorate their hand and foot by the beautiful designs of Henna.
  • And Karni Mata Fair covers also space in the list of festivals and fair of Deshnokh. It’s also quite popular among Indians as well as foreign tourists too. It’s celebrated twice in the; March-April and September-October. This festival is celebrated for ten days in the premises of Karni Mata Temple.


November to February is considered the best time to visit Deshnokh. If you are looking for long stay, then winter is quite good to go. In winter season, the temperature can dip into the 5-80 degree Celsius.  Deshnokh is located in the Desert region that’s why summer is not good to visit this place. During summer, the temperature can reach up to 48-50 degree Celsius. Deshnokh – Famous for Rat temple


  • By Air:- Bikaner is the nearest airport located 30 miles south of Bikaner. Once you reach here can hire Local taxis to reach your destination. Foreign tourists can easily take their flight from IGI Airport New Delhi to Deshnok.
  • BY TRAIN:- This place is well connected to other major cities of the country via trains and regular trains are available.
  • BY BUS:- Tourists can easily fetch regular buses to Deshnok from other major cities of the country.

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