Dungarpur – Rajasthan

Dungarpur - Rajasthan
Lake Temple – Dungarpur – Rajasthan – India

Not because of holding glorify history and monuments, but Dungarpur adds extra glam to Rajasthan because of its ancient temples, beautiful structures, peaceful environment, sightseeing spots, museums, lakes, incredible lacquer painted toys, fair and festivals and wildlife. The above mentioned line is not enough to explain everything about the City of Hills and that’s why this blog is being cited in order to elaborate Dungarpur from top to toe in a discreet manner. So, are you all set to go along with us to dig out hundreds of years of old history of Dungarpur.


This incredible place is a lakeside heritage situated on the edge of Rajasthan and Gujarat Border. And that’s why an amalgamation of Rajasthan and Gujarat’s culture can be seen here. Though this area is blessed with a number of monuments and widely known for having tribal heritage, but also perfect to catch a close glimpse of nature. For bird watching, this place is good. And, Juna Mahal is one of the sought after monument of Dungarpur playing a vital role to add shine since it was built in stages between the 13th, and 18th century. And, people come all around the world to see this seven-storied palace which is filled with old frescoes and paintings. The city of hills oozes with the history of noble residence. It was found in the 13th century.


  • Fatehgarhi:- if you wish to have a 360 degree view of the Dungarpur city in one go then you must head to Fatehgarhi located just opposite to Gaibsagar lake. It is situated on a good height and that’s why you can easily take a nice view of the Gaibsagar Lake, Udai Bilas Palace, Badal Mahal, Hanumanji Temple and so on.
  • Juna Mahal:- It’s situated on the foothills of a Dhanmata hillock in Dungarpur. It’s one of the most sought after tourist places among the tourists. And people come all across the world to take a glimpse of breath-taking paintings and heart touching architecture. It’s also known as Purana Mahal and Bada Mahal. This construction of this place was started in the thirteenth century and it got completed in eighteenth century. Having seven stories place is made from Dawra stone. It has two storey basements too. It’s quite beautiful due to have intricate stone work, window pane, stunning arches, glass and wall paintings.
Dungarpur - Rajasthan
Juna Mahal Dungarpur – Rajasthan – India
  • Ek Thambiya Mahal: – It’s made from stunning pink and white stones which add a great value to the beautiful architecture of this monument. It’s surrounded by Vijay Niwas, Khuman Niwas, Lakshman Niwas and Udai Bilas.
Dungarpur - Rajasthan
Ek Thambiya Mahal – Dungargarh – Rajasthan – India
  • Gaibsagar Lake: – this lake was built by Maharaj Gopinath in 1428AD and it’s regarded as a symbol of pride. There are many stories associated with this lake because of holding great history and it can be heard by the local people.
  • Nagfanji – Old Temple:- This temple is situated in the mountainous region adjacent to Modar village. This temple has always been a great attraction among the visitors. And devotees come to take blessing of Nagfanji Parshwanath, Devi Padmawati and Dharnendra.
Dungarpur - Rajasthan
Nagfanji Old Temple – Dungargarh – Rajasthan – India
  • Rajmata Devendra Kunwar Museum:- This museum can be categorized into three galleries and each gallery serve you different thing. For instance, first gallery holds all the incredible antiques which has been collected from various parts of Vagad. All the statues displayed here possesses a great history. And one of the important statue is Tantrik Ganesh. It belongs to 5-6th century and was found at Amjhara. There are many statues which will leave you speechless like Shiva, Brahmi, Harihar, Vaishnavi, and so on. And the second gallery display outstanding Vijay Stambh and Kutub Minar made from postage stamps, Terrakota idol, cultural customs, and oil painting and so on in the second gallery of this museum. And Inscriptions recovered from the whole Vagad area can be seen at the third gallery of the museum.
  • Shri Adinatha Jain Swetamber Temple: – This temple is almost 500 years old. And it gives you an incredible treat to explore the glorious history and spirituality both. This temple is located at the centre of the city.
  • Shrinathji Temple: – If you have great firm in God and wish to add a spiritual palace in your journey, then you must not skip chance to go there. It was built by Maharawal Punjraj in 1623AD. There are many incredible statues like Shir RamChandraji, Shir Baake Bihariji and so on, which cannot be found anywhere else.
  • Udai Bilas Palace:- It was built in 1883-87AD and situated on the banks of Gaibsagar lake. It’s known as Udai Bilas because of its founder Maharawal Udai Singh-II. And local Balwariya and Parewa stone have been used in order to carve out the beautiful structure of this palace. There are three parts of this place like Raniwas, Udai Bilas and Krishna Prakash. It’s widely known for having outstanding painting and eye-catching architecture. And, a heritage hotel is being operated here and allow you if you wish to take the experience of royal lifestyle.
Dungarpur - Rajasthan
Udai Bilas – Dungarpur – Rajassthan – India
  • Vijay Raj Rajeshwar Temple: – This temple catches a number of eyeballs because of its beautiful and eye-catching location and Mahadev Temple. It’s located in Gaibsagar Lake. Here, you can find a marvellous statue of Shiv Vigrah and Devi Parvati which is enough to leave you speechless.


After visiting and birdwatching, you must go to see lacquer toys and the art of picture framing. Dungarpur rule over a number of visitors heart because of lacquer toys. And they are displayed at the time of fair and festivals. Dungarpur is blessed with skilled and experienced artists who are perfect in this art and they first make toys from wood. And after it, coat them with lacquer.


  • Baneshwar Fair: – Dungarpur is quite famous for its fair widely known as Baneshwar fair. It’s celebrated in the month of February at Baneshwar. It is a place located in Dungarpur which is a small delta formed by the river Mahi and soma. Baneshwar fair is a religious fair. It’s celebrated by the Bhils and regarded as one of the biggest fair. Baneshwar stands for the master of the delta. And Bhils come from the nearby states too, like Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh in order to offer their prayers to Lord Shiva.
  • Holi & Diwali: – Apart from it, Holi and Diwali is also celebrated on a large scale with a great pomp and show. During this festival, people can be seen in beautiful attire having sword, arrows and sticks.
  • Urs at Galiyakot: Urs is celebrated on the 27th day of Moharram and a number of devotees comes from all across the world in order to take the blessing of the saint. Some come to take the blessing while some come to express to their gratitude when their wishes get fulfilled. Before approaching Urs, a great preparation is done and tomb is decorated with a number of decorative items. Free lunch is organized for the devotees. During the celebration, songs are sung by the people in praise of the saint.
  • Bar Bij Fair :- It is the another one of the most sought after fair of Dungarpur. After celebrating Diwali, people get engaged in preparation of Bar Bij. It’s also quite popular among the Bhils. During this Bar Bij, they come in marvellous traditional dress

Apart from it, Bhedmata fair, Ghotia-Amba Fair, Amit Egyaras, Vitthaldeo Fair, Deevo, Purnima Garba, Vagad Festival etc. are also celebrated on a large scale.


If you wish to head Dungarpur but confused that what would be the right time to visit this lovely place then don’t worry. We are here to tell you that you can schedule your visit in the months of October and November. During this time, temperature remains quite good to explore the beauty and history of Dungarpur. Avoid summer, winter and Monsoon as they are not considered good for visiting.


  • By Air :- Udaipur is the nearest airport situated around 120 km. It’s well-connected to major cities like Jodhpur, Delhi, Ahmedabad, and Mumbai.
  • By Train:- Dungarpur is well connected to Udaipur and Ahmedabad and regular trains are available.
  • By Road:- National Highway No. 8 passes through this place. NH8 cover the distance between Delhi and Mumbai and NH8 is 31 km from Dungarpur. Apart from it, the Sirohi-Ratlam State Highway also adjacent to Dungarpur. Regular Bus Service is available.

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