Konark – Sun Temple

Konark - Sun Temple
Konark – Sun Temple

Konark….. this name holds a great magic and it proves when you step into this town which takes you back in the 13th century. It is adjacent to the Bay of Bengal and widely popular because of getting blessed with the ancient and magnificent temples and monuments. In Orissa, it is one of the must visit places and you must not skip it otherwise your journey will not be considered. Here, we are going to shed light over many things belong to Konark which is very essential to know if you are going to schedule a visit.


The glorious history of Konark takes you back. There was a son of Krishna namely Samba who made fun of a holy man. The sage decided to teach him a lesson. The holy man lured him to a pool where Krishna’s consorts were bathing. Then the holy man invited Krishna at the place where Samba was. Krishna was enraged and put the curse of leprosy on him. To come over it, Samba did penance to Surya. The Sun God got pleased seeing his devotion and cured him. In this connection Samba established this temple as a gesture of thanksgiving.


In this section, we are going to explore some of the best places in Konark which you must visit.

  1. Sun temple: – Though we have got developed, but even then it is very difficult to build the temple as same as Sun Temple. The beautiful designing over pillars, walls and façade will rule over your heart and will make you think that if we are developed or the 13th century was developed. The magnificent temple was established by King Narsimhadeva I. and because of its beautiful architecture it is listed among the 7 wonders of India. The eye-catching temple holds the shape of Chariot with wheel and pillars. It is UNESCO world heritage sites.
  2. Archaeological Site Museum:- This museum was built in 1968. There is number of antiquities and fallen sculptures from the sun temple placed in 4 different galleries. Apart from it, there is a wide array of painting, manuscripts, fallen of parts, sculptures and much more to land you in the different world.
  3. Ramachandi Temple: – it is situated at the banks of the Kusabhadra River and dedicated to the Goddess Ramachadi. This magnificent temple is widely popular in the Orissa. For the nature lovers, it is a great place because of getting blessed wide array of bird species, picturesque scene, and picnic spot.
  4. Kuruma:- It is situated 8 kilometer away from the Sun Temple and belongs to 8th-9th century AD. It is very beautiful and pamper your soul, body and mind with cool air, peaceful environment and outstanding greenery. Being an archaeological excavation site in Orissa, it is mentioned in several Buddhist Texts from the Chinese traveler Hieun Tsang, Asoka and Ceylon.
  5. Astranga :- it is all-time favorite place among the tourists. During Sunset, it becomes more beautiful and breathtaking. Those who love to capture memorable picture of nature must make a visit here. Here, you can do fishing as well.
  6. Chandrabhaga Sea Beach:- It is very magnificent. Every year many visitors come to visit it.
  7. RamaChandi Beach: – To get overwhelmed with peaceful environment, RamaChandi Beach is perfect to choose. It is oozed with great calm.
  8. Vishnu Temple :- It is situated behind the Ramachandi Temple and it’s a broken brick temple. It is not in good- condition but it’s a remains of the original temple. It belongs to Lord Vishnu.

PLACE AROUND KONARK :- Though there are many places around Konark but these three are the most prominent.

  • Pipli:- It is situated 45 KM away from Konark. You must visit it if you wish to see the life of Craftsmen. They are engaged with wall hangings, huge garden umbrellas, small bags and much more.
  • PURI:- It is a sacred place and widely popular among the tourists. Adi Sankara founded one of the peethas at Puri and that’s why it is very popular. Strolling at golden Beach as well as perfect for swimming and surfing. The presence of the Jagannath temple enhances its value. Throughout the year, devotees come here.
  • BHUBANESWAR:- It catches a number of eyeballs because of knowing as a modern capital of the state of Orissa. Whether you have interest in politics, religion or culture, visiting Bhubaneswar is perfect for all these reasons.


  • Whether you vegetarian or non-vegetarian, there are many things to taste in Konark like include Aludum, a variety of Pithas, Dahi Badi, Rasgulla, Chhenapodapitha, Pakhala, Dali, Mandia Jau, Dahi Baigana, Dahi Machha, Dahi Bhindi, Khatta, Gulab Jamun and wide array of variety of seafood. Apart from it, Continental and Chinese food is also offered in the restaurants here.
  • What is all about Shopping in Konark:- To buy handicraft, Konark is perfect place. Here, you can explore a numerous sculptures of paintings Hindu Gods and mesmerizing decorative items made of wood and stone.
  • And the popular festivals in Konark:- In Konark, Chandrabhaga Mela is one of the most popular festival celebrated in the month of February.
  • How would be eating Out in near magnificent beaches:- You must not skip tasty food at local dhabas and small restaurant adjacent to beach.


In between the month of October and January, it is best to visit. During these months, the weather remains pleasant and cool. If you are scheduling the visit to Konark then you must consider the best time in order to enjoy the visit.


  • By Air:- The nearest airport is situated in Bhubaneswar, 65 km away from Konark and well connected to major cities.
  • By Rail :- Puri is the nearest railway station which is 36 km away.
  • By Road:- Konark can be accessed by Bus.

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