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Osian Temple - Jodhpur
Osian Temple – Jodhpur

The ancient city of Osian is famous for its architectural temples that date back to medieval age. It is located at the verge of the Thar Desert. You can reach easily to Osiyan from anywhere in Rajasthan. Osian Temple  Jodhpur, is situated about 65 km north of Jodhpur city in a small village Osian. There is an array of about 100 ruined Jain and Hindu temples in the Osian village that back dates to the 8th and 12 century.

Osian Temple Jodhpur 

Osian Temple - Jodhpur
Osian Temple – Jodhpur

The city of Osian is said to have founded by Utpaladeva, who was a Rajput Prince belonging to Pratihara Dynasty. In those times, the city was named as Ukesha or Upkeshapur and was a major religious centre of the kingdom.

Amongst these temples, Surya (Sun) Temple, Harihara Temple, Sachiya Mata Temple and a Jain temple dedicated to Lord Mahavira get the prime importance. Osian is regarded as a prominent pilgrimage site for Oswal Jain community.

Best Places to visit in Osian – Jodhpur

  • Surya Temple
  • The Mahavira Temple
  • The Sachiya Mata Temple
  • Hariharan Temples

Surya Temple – Osian Surya Temple traces its origin in the 10th century. As the name suggests, this temple is dedicated to the Hindu God, Lord Surya or Sun God. The altar comprises the striking idol of Lord Surya. In the main hall. The ceiling of the temple is adorned with the images of serpents coiled around lotus flowers. The life-story is depicted here in the form of murals and scriptures. The structure of this temple is often compared with the Sun Temple at Ranakpur.

The Mahavira Temple was built by Pratihara King Vatsa in 783 AD and dedicated to Lord Mahavira, the 24th Jain Tirthankara. The main shrine is placed on a high platform made of sandstone. The altar encompasses the idol of Lord Mahavira. In the hall, three balconies make the altar well ventilated. The temple with stunning architecture is considered as an important pilgrimage of the Jains. The main door of the temple is curved with an of young maids on it.

The Sachiya Mata Temple The initial structure of Sachiya Mata temple was built in the 8th century. However, the present temple was materialized during the 12th century. SachiyaTemple is dedicated to the Hindu Goddess Sachi , the wife of Lord Indra (Rain God). Sachi Mata is also known as Indrani. This hisoric temple has two other shrines that are dedicated to Chandi Devi and Amba Mata respectively. The interiors of the temple are decorated with beautiful images and sculptures of deities from the Hindu pantheon. This ancient temple, depicting a perfect example of the medieval architecture is a worth seeing place.

Hariharan Temples – There are three Hariharan temples in Osian. The first two temples were built in the 8th century while the third one was built iin the 9th century. These temples that dates back to the medival period are dedicated to Lord Hariharan, a union of Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu. All these temples are resplendent with sculptures and are built on a raised platform. The architecture of these temples are quiet different and advanced as compared to the other temples of Osian.

  • Location   →  In Osian, Near Jodhpur
  • Dedicated to → Lord Mahavira, Sachi Mata, Lord Surya
  • Main Attraction →  Temples

How to reach Osian ,Temple Jodhpur, Rajasthan

How to reach by Air → The nearest airport is Jodhpur and Jodhpur Airport is well connected with Delhi, Mumbai, Ahemdabad and all Major cities. Some airlines providing regular services like

  • Indigo,
  • Spicejet
  • AirAsia
  • Vistara
  • Airindia
  • Go Air

How to reach by Road → Jodhpur is well connected by road with the major and metro cities, by taking regular buses or hiring taxi from anywhere of Rajasthan. Rajasthan state transport providing volvo services to reach Jodhpur. Apart from Bus there are famous tour and travel agency like

  • Makemytrip
  • Easemytrip
  • Yatra.com
  • Trivago
  • Goibibo
  • Tripadvisor
  • Travelocity

How to reach by Rail → Nearest railway station Bikaner and Jodhpur are  well connected with all metro and major cities. You can book your rail ticket thru login Indian Railway website or IRCTC website. IRCTC also providing package facilities for this.

So if you are planning to visit to see Osian Temple the best time will be from Sept to March because the weather is cool this period and you enjoy your trip.

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