Shorgul Movie Review

Shorgul Movie Review

Shorgul hit the floor to entertain the special audience who always looks forward some kind of serious and politics based topics. This movie will connect the audience who either suffered this kind of issues or have heard about them a lot. As per the audience, movie goers and critics, the story does not hold an expected weight, but the performance of the star cast is just outstanding. If this movie is squeezed on the performance basis, it is just brilliant. Let’s check out all about the song, movie’s script and much more to make you out if you should watch this movie or not. 

Shorgul Movie Review

  • Genre – Drama
  • Star Cast – Hiten Tejwani, Suha Gezen, Jimmy Sheirgill, Ashutosh Rana, Sanjay Suri, Narendra Jha
  • Director – Jitentra Tiwari
  • Rating –  2/5
Shorgul Movie Review
Shorgul Movie Review

The Story Of Shorgul

The plot of Shorgul belongs to UP as we have already shown in the most movies. The story of this movie revolves around the Hindu-Muslim quarrels, dispute and fight, which is already happening surrounding us. An innocent friendship between a Hindu boy namely Raghu and a Muslim girl Zainab has been featured in this movie. Raghu and Zainab shares a great bond. Zainab gets engaged with another boy, in between this Raghu is found dead. How did it happen? What is connection between Zainab’s marriage and Raghu’s death? All these things are transformed into Hindu-Muslim quarrels. How did this issue raise? To know all this, you have to head to movie theatre to watch this movie. Shorgul Movie Review

Let’s Analyze The Performance Of Star cast

  • Jimmy Shegil :- He is quite impressive and there is no doubt that he played his character in a great way. You will be left speechless. Though there is nothing new in this movie, but it is all about Jimmy performance that does not let you bore. Shorgul Movie Review
  • Ashutosh Rana :- He is already known as a brilliant actor. If you are a die-hard fan of Ashutosh, you must go for this movie. He is too in his character and his performance will make you connected to the character very easily. Shorgul Movie Review

Apart from this brilliant duo, Hiten Tejwani, Aniruddh Dave and Eijaz Khan put their excellent performance in this movie. As per the performance of the star cast, this movie is just outstanding. Shorgul Movie Review

Direction Of The Movie 

Direction is derailed at many points. If you watch this movie, you find there are a number of scenes where it does not go along with frame and seems quite amateurish. The hasty camera movements also reduce the weight of this movie.

Why To Watch This Movie

Shorgul is the perfect movie if you wish to focus on the brilliant performance of Jimmy Shergill and Ashutosh Rana. Though the script is tepid, even the duo did not leave any stone unturned to get into the skin of their performance.

This weekened you may go for this movie if you do not have any kind of urgent work and have enough time to watch an average movie. To check out the brilliant performance of Ashutosh Rana and Jimie Shergill, there is a Big Yes for this movie. Shorgul Movie Review

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