05 Best hill stations in Arunachal Pradesh

05 Best hill stations in Arunachal Pradesh

Arunachal Pradesh is a magical place to be in. The scenic beauty of this place is so out of this world that you will be mesmerized by it and will want to keep coming back here. The hills of this place are majestic and unique. The Himalayan ranges offer the traveler a quiet solitude as well as an awe struck moment.

05 Best hill stations in Arunachal Pradesh

05 Best hill stations in Arunachal Pradesh
05 Best hill stations in Arunachal Pradesh

Here, we are going to take you a wonderful journey to increase your knowledge regarding Arunachal Pradesh. Check out these 5 hill stations in Arunachal Pradesh that will keep you delighted.05 Best hill stations in Arunachal Pradesh

1. Itanagar – This wonderful hill station is actually the capital of the state and is thus very popular. You can do a lot of trekking here and the famous Ita Fort is the first one everyone’s list of places to see. Since it comes up with a number of things, it has always been popular among the visitors. 05 Best hill stations in Arunachal Pradesh
The Gompa Buddhist temple is very holy and was consecrated by Dalai Lama. There is also the famous Jawaharlal Nehru Museum where you can see the rich culture of the tribes of this state. The city is a must see on your travel itinerary. In short, it’s a great place to head. 05 Best hill stations in Arunachal Pradesh

Places to see here include – In this section, we are going to mention some of the prominent places that you must not forget to see while getting embarked on Itanagar journey.

  • Ganga Lake
  • Ita Fort
  • Craft Centre And Emporium
  • Itanagar Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Namdapha National Park
  • Polo Park
  • Jawaharlal Nehru State Museum Gompa

How to reach

  • Air – Yes!!! You can head here through Air way since the  Rowriah airport is all set to welcome you.
  • Train – Harmuti Junction is the name of railway station. If visiting by train convenient to you then you must go ahead. 05 Best hill stations in Arunachal Pradesh
  • Road – You may also go by road and for this you need to choose the NH15 or NH13.

2. Ziro Valley – Ziro is another popular destination that is rich in flora and has many endangered species. The lovely bamboo trees and orchids provide great tourist attractions. The Meghna cave is a centuries old temple that has breathtaking views. If you are a nature lover and wish to spend some time sitting peacefully and exploring the beauty of nature, this place is good to say YES. 05 Best hill stations in Arunachal Pradesh

Places to see here include –  Ziro Valley is high in demand among the visitors who love to head a place blessed with the incredible beauty. The best thing is that there are many places to visit to add a spark to your journey.

  • Talley Valley Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Meghna Cave Temple
  • Tarin Fish Farm
  • Kile Pakho
  • Ziro Puto
  • Pine Grove
  • Tipi Orchid Research Centre

How to reach

  • Air – Tezpur Airport is located here from where you can taxy and auto to reach your destination.
  • Train – If you are convenient by train then you must go ahead as Tezpur Railway station is located here.
  • Road –To take you to your favorite place, State buses from Itanagar are available to go.

3.Bomdila – Bomdila provides you the serene blissful adventure that you will love. This place has ice capped mountains and a wonderful monastery. You can check out the orchids here that have 80 different species.  Places to see here include: Some of the best places’ name have been added here. To make your journey memorable, you must not miss them. 05 Best hill stations in Arunachal Pradesh

Places to see here include

  • Kangto and Gorichen peaks
  • Bomdila monastery
  • Sessa Orchid Sanctuary
  • Eaglenest Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Apple Orchards
  • Bomdila View Point
  • Craft Centre And Ethnographic Museum

How to reach

  • Air – Tezpur Airport is situated here and you can reach here by Air too.
  • Train – if train is convenient to you then you may choose this way as Tezpur Railway station.
  • Road – Go for choosing State buses if you wish to go by road. NH13 will be right to take you to your destination. 05 Best hill stations in Arunachal Pradesh

4. Pasighat – This old town of Arunachal Pradesh is blessed with the river Brahmaputra flowing through it. This has added to the flora and fauna of this place and makes it a must see on your holiday list. You can do a lot of water sports here too. 05 Best hill stations in Arunachal Pradesh

Places to see here include

  • Kekar Monying
  • Pangin
  • Daying Ering Wildlife Sanctuary

How to reach

  • Air – Dibrughar Airport is the nearest one and you can easily reach your favorite place if go by air.
  • Train – Pasighat has its own station namely Dibrughar Railway station.
  • Road – You can also reach there by road since State buses or cabs from Dibrughar facility is available.

5. Tawang – Tawang is considered to be a scenic place that is great for religious as well as entertaining travel destination. The second largest monastery in the world is situated here. The breathtaking waterfalls are always a tourist attraction. Though you may have already heard a lot, now it is time to see it in person.

Places to see here include: There is a long list of places that you must not forget to visit. But here some of the prominent have been mentioned, take a look. 05 Best hill stations in Arunachal Pradesh

  • Sela Pass
  • Tawang Monastery
  • Nuranang Waterfalls
  • Bumla Pass
  • Taktsang Gompa
  • Bap Teng Kang Waterfalls
  • Jaswant Garh

How to reach

  • Air – It holds its own Airport known as Tezpur Airport. You can for it, if it is convenient to you.
  • Train – Tezpur Railway station is here to get you to your favorite place as it is connected to prominent lines and you will not face any hassles to reach here.
  • Road – you can also head there as Bomdila and then a bus facility is available.

You will surely savor your moments in Arunachal Pradesh and its majestic hill stations. Book your next vacation destination here and make the most of what God has to offer.
So, what are you waiting for? It is time to say a big yes to your favorite place. Do not forget to share your views with us.
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