07 Reason to go Maldives

07 Reason to go Maldives
Maldives Beach

How many of you have heard about Maldives? There would be many of you I am sure. But do you know more about it? Do you have idea why people love choosing this as the best place to go? If you do not have, no need to get confused as we are here to introduce you about it. 07 Reason to go Maldives

A Bit About Maldives

07 Reason to go Maldives
Maldives beach

Often Maldives is missed by all the tourists as there are numerous famous and advertised places around the globe. Maldives is an amalgamation of serene beauty and eternal peace at numerous islands with admirable hotels and recreational centers. It is blessed with incredible beauty. Let’s check it out more about it. What Are The Best 07 Reason To Go MaldivesIt is time to get embarked on a lovely journey. But before this, let’s come across the –

07 Reason to go Maldives

  • Spectacular Aquatic Life -You will be amazed to see the aquatic life in Maldives; it will surprise you with numerous fishes and endless coral found in deep sea. One can say that Maldives is a home for corals.  One who love colorful fishes, will fall in love with this city. But these beautiful corals are loosing its beauty due to global warming and fishing. Even the colors fades off due to the alkaline water and temperature rising. So if you don’t want to miss this natural beauty plan a trip there as soon as possible. 07 Reason to go Maldives
  • Distinctive Culture -Culture is something hold power to add a great spark to your journey. Though Maldives is blessed with beautiful sceneries, its islands are enriched with unique culture. The native culture is a mixture of Arabs, South Indians and Sunni Muslims. To know more about it, you have to visit it since this thing cannot be explored in words.There numerous attractions- The National Museum, Sultan Park, Male’, the Grand Friday mosque, Presidential palace and so on. These all things play a major role to give your idea about its culture from its core. If you do not know about it then you must go for it. 07 Reason to go Maldives
  • Unique Cuisine – How many of you love cuisines? There would be many of you. Well!!! If you want to taste something good, you need to head to Maldives as you can taste something that you have never tasted. You can taste maximum international food here. The resorts offer varied varieties of food from Italian to live made sea food. You can notice the pure Maldivian flavor whatever you want to eat. The best thing is that you will love its taste. You must take it for your loved one too. They will love its taste. They are available at affordable price. 07 Reason to go Maldives
  • Hidden Splendor-Maldives soul source of income is tourism, so the islands offer magnificent accommodations and memorable events. Maximum of the resorts are luxurious which offer you best treatment whether inside or at the spas which are located mostly everywhere to sooth and relax your body and mind.You can enjoy nude sunbathing and hard drinks openly without any restrictions from Muslims. It means you do not need to think a lot as this city knows in a better way how to welcome its guests. Maldives will add a great fun and excitement to your journey. 07 Reason to go Maldives
  • Heaven on Earth -Amalgamation of clear blue sea gushing along the spotless white sand of the islands makes Maldives the most relaxing retreats away from the busy and complex city lives. The serene islands are aloof and refreshing all the time. It’s mostly raining between Novembers to April. Maldives experience the best temperature ranging between 24 to 35 degrees around the year. When weather remains great, you will love to go for it. if you are looking for the best weather to heading then you may go in between November to April.
  • Unbelievable Experience beneath the sea – All the marvels of the Maldives cannot be viewed at one time. There is amazing sea life under the clear blue sea in Maldives. Mostly all the resorts have its personal shoal which makes scuba diving easier. If you want to do experience scuba diving in uncrowned areas then you can easily reach there by boat. Banana Reef and Fish Head are landmarks for scuba diving lovers. Do visit to the White Wale submarine which offers its visitors to see more than 1000 species of aquatic life.
  • Marvelous Honeymoon Destinations – Maldives is the soul destination for honeymoon couple who love privatized facilities and lots of intimacy. There are private resorts situated ad mist of the ocean which offers you beautiful scenery and comfort as if you are in heaven.  The spectacular sea water with the fresh breeze will boost can make you contented. Nothing can be more special and perfect for a honeymoon destination; away from the busy and crowded destinations Maldives offers you the silent beauty with all desirable comforts.

How To Choose The Right Package

There is a number of companies available introducing you a variety of package. Before choosing anyone, you need to compare them to go with the right one. Make sure how many they are charging and what facility they are giving. There is no dearth of companies who serve you whole package including the hotel, travel, guide facilities and so on. There is no need to get confused but you just need to spare some time to research. Choose your flight and book your tickets. Pack your bags to head to the best place. The best thing is that sometimes airlines also serve you some concession to make your trip wonderful and low price. So, what are you waiting for? It is time to go for getting embarked on a lovely journey without thinking too much. 07 Reason to go Maldives

Do not forget to share your feedbacks with us as we love hearing from your side. Visit this place and get happy a lot. Put your comments into the box. Stay connected with Jiyo Pal Pal….. 07 Reason to go Maldives

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