07 Rules to follow when you move in together

07 Rules to follow when you move in together

When it comes about Love, things always get complicated. Saying would not wrong that it is a lovely feeling to experience but on the other hand it brings you in dilemma too. It needs a lot of patience and stamina to tackle all these things. 07 Rules to follow when you move in together

07 Rules to follow when you move in together

07 Rules to follow when you move in together

Best decision one can do to test their relation, is moving in together. Everyone will behave properly and well-mannered type on the table at restaurant or in air conditioned room or in the park with least disturbance of any adversities out there. 07 Rules to follow when you move in together

To know the person, you got to know how person responds and reacts at the worst possible situation. You got to know how significantly your significant half tolerates or handles you. It is for the reason, that you are not everyone’s cup of tea. Spending life time together, which is way too much long, is not easy to judge or know the person beforehand and that too in all good and favorable conditions. 07 Rules to follow when you move in together

So, congratulations on your decision of moving in together. We hope to see your journey together amazing and blissful. 07 Rules to follow when you move in together

Here are some measures to follow to avoid conflicts when moved in together:

  • Know Your Responsibilities – Know what each one ought to do and do it responsibly. There is no way out there, to make silly excuses run out. The only out in relation is to be wholly in. In relation there is no midway anywhere. Either you are in or out. Yes!!! What you need to do is sit alone and have a conversation with yourself. Realize what responsibility you have and you must follow them without getting irritated. So, stay responsible and stay highly responsible.
  • Know What To Do In Emergencies – “I have not done it before”, “This is not guy thing”, “I am no more responsible”, “I was not in charge” are all lame excuses. Strictly avoid them. To put in simple words, stop avoiding your responsibilities and go with the best. You need to understand that these sentences won’t solve and sort out your problems. But it will surely lead to make them bigger and tough to bear. Be in the game and think of measures to be taken. You can blame each other after sorting. While in problem, try to be partners, in real sense. Go with your patience and stamina and try to solve your issues as much as you can. A good relationship is all about understanding each other and be on the same page even when you both have issues. But sometime ignoring is also the best way.
  • Manage Finances – You are now family and have got manage finances. No one else is going to help you manage and arrange some finance for your future needs. The point is mentioned here that never money should let come in between you. The best thing is that you both must sit and discuss all the points with the patience. Prepare a sketch and get the things done in the best way. Even your luxuries and life styles should know your financial status. Don’t waste money. 07 Rules to follow when you move in together
  • Divide Your Chores – See, this is the thing you both need to understand in better way. Do not put all the burden on the one individual. Try to distribute it in the best ways. Not all things are to be done by only one partner. Both of you got to work together in every aspect of life; be it be household chore or deciding which vehicle to buy. Doing it together glues up trust and love. It also helps boost mutual respect and mutual understanding. Dividing the chores in both individuals so the burden would be divided in the same way.
  • Note down DOs and DON’Ts and follow them – Rules are to keep everything sorted and organized. Yeah, at times it is good to break them but be careful, you don’t invite any conflict among yourselves. Follow some simple rule to save time and money. Work smart together. To have the better relationship, you must go for doing this thing. Prepared what you both need to do and what you avoid. Though it sounds a bit bizarre, but it seriously helps to sort out the things in a better way. After preparing this thing, you both will be aware that what to do and what not so it will lead towards a happy relationship.
  • Set Some Time To Make Final Decision – Do not hurry up. Take enough time to make the things get fixed. Have patience and analyze all the things in a great way. Do follow what others say but go with the things you think that will surely help you. Since it is all about your relationship, nothing can do better rather than going with the heart. Listen your heart carefully what it wants. Set some time limit to conclude on where you are finally going heed to. Are you truly happy this way? If yes, stay together forever. Don’t compromise your happiness for sake anything. If it is not working; discuss and conclude.
  • Talk About Everything – Now, as you both have moved in together; discuss every little thing that would matter and bother you both. Talk from grocery shop things to private sex things, that are going to matter and are going to arise in your life and ultimately in your relation. No need to get shy or feeling hesitate. You need to little open up with your partner. You both need to feel that you both are in comfortable zone and can share anything with each-other.

What do you say? We also wish to know your feedback regarding this. Hopefully the article was helpful. Do not forget to let us know your reviews and feedback. We love to hear you if we have missed anything in this list. Share your own personal experience if you have any and think it can help others to take their relationship to the next level.

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