07 Things that suck that happen when you move

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07 Things that suck that happen when you move

Leaving the house where you have been living since a long time is seriously too tough as you become emotionally attached to that. Though it is emotional but getting into the new space is also a good thing. Saying would not wrong that it puts you in a dilemma that if you should get happy or sad. Well, it will keep going on. But what about the things that suck while you moving. 07 Things that suck that happen when you move

07 Things That Suck That Happen When You Move

packing material,packing boxes
07 Things that suck that happen when you move
  1. When Furniture Does Not Fit Through Doors – Yes!!! It is enough to suck up when you wish to have your favorite furniture in your favorite room but it is not getting in. What to do when it does not fit through doors? Yes!!! You have to place is somewhere else. The best thing is that you have to go for buying some new furniture. Though it can be a bit tough to arrange all of sudden if you are running busy or tight on budget.
  • To get rid of this situation, you should make sure that the size of door or staircase is enough big so the furniture can get in the desired room. 07 Things that suck that happen when you move
  • If it does not have required size then you may rectify it according to the furniture’s size.
  1. Looking For A New House In Not An Easy Job – If you anticipate to move but still you have not get the lovely house, it is also enough to suck. Finding the lovely house is not an easy job. It takes efforts and time both at the same time. You have to take a break from your job or other household chores.
  • Yes!!! You obviously want the beautiful house in comparison of the current one where you have been living now. 07 Things that suck that happen when you move. 07 Things that suck that happen when you move
  • The neighborhood must also be good. But what if you do not find that way much good as you expected. Of course, it is enough to make you suck. 07 Things that suck that happen when you move
  1. You Do not Like The Buyer Of House – Though changes are good to have in life but when it comes about to move from one house to another one, we all get emotional a bit. We also do not like our home buyer due to excess of the emotions. 07 Things that suck that happen when you move
  • Though it may sound a bit childlike but happens with most of us. You may not love them to touch your favorite corner.
  • Unfortunately, you cannot do anything in this respect as they have paid you for it.
  1. Getting Your Old Things – You are going to move from one place to another one and packing is at its peak. You are packing your favorite things and confronting some old stuff as well. Saying would not wrong that it makes you emotional when you find the hand written note to your mom or dad. Now, you are confused that if you should keep it or throw it out.
  • Do you love keep accumulating the old stuff? You are going to have a lot while moving. And later you may realize that you have collected a lot in the form of garbage.
  • You may have to be a bit more careful while moving that what you are going to have in your new house and what you really need to throw out.
  1. Packing and Moving The Heavy Objects – Shifting from one place to another one is not an easy task to perform. It takes a lot of efforts. You may have a lot of items that need extra care like stuff made up of glass. You cannot carry them like furniture. They need the extra attention and sophisticated packing otherwise they may destroy.
  • It is enough to suck you within no time. As you have to separate them safely and carried in a way so they safely transport to the desired place.
  • Whether it is about the crockery, glass candle holder, decorated stuff made up of glass or dressing table, they all need the extra care so they will not get damaged. It brings extra stress to you while moving.
  1. You Suddenly Realize That You Do not Wish To Leave Neighborhood – You have always wished to have your house at the desired place. But suddenly you feel that you already have been living at the lovely place which holds lovely neighborhood. When you are all set to leave, you suddenly do not wish to leave. It is making you suck.
  • Moving to a new place is a big decision and you must not take it in hassles. Take your enough time and then take your decision.
  • Do not shift until you get assured that new place is good and you would not have any issue. Make sure that neighbors are good where you are going buy the new house.
  1. The Connection Between You and Your Old House – The day is around the corner when you have to move from your old house to the new one. But in between all this, every corner of your house replaying the childhood stories you had with it.
  • It is not easy to leave the place where you had the best time of your life. You had grown up here and that is why you are emotionally attached to your house’s every corner.
  • You have to hold yourself to get enough stronger.

Conclusion – How you can get rid of this emotional bond from your house? It is a tough thing to even explain. When you spend a long time staying at the same place, nothing can make you at peace. You just have to a bit stronger. You may click the last picture of your sweet home writing the beautiful notes to add them to your memory string.

Time to move on and get habitual to the new place. So, what are you waiting for? It has positive and negative points both at the same time. Pick the positive one to enjoy it.

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