08 Reason you might be sweating more

08 Reason you might be sweating more
Excess sweating

Sweating seems too normal and we all consider that it is just a kind of nature thing. But have you ever mind that it can be a sign indicating towards the some kind of disease. Many of you did not ever pay attention towards it. And that is why are going to put light on this topic in order to increase your knowledge regarding it. 08 Reason You Might Be Sweating More -Sweating is a common phenomenon to all. But it should be remembered that everyone sweat for a different reason and amount. The following are the seven general reasons

08 Reason you might be sweating more

08 Reason you might be sweating more
Excess sweating

1. Hot Weather And Suffocation:- Sweating is very normal in the summer season because the weather is very hot and the circulation of wind is very slow which leads to uneasiness and suffocation. Once you sweat and it gets evaporated your body becomes cool. If you do more physical work in the hot seasons, you will sweat.


  • Use deodorant which can reduce perspiration and removes body aroma.
  • Have good food. You must away from spicy and oily food in this season.
  • Wear cotton fabric to stay dry.
  • Wear clean and loose clothe to deal with it.

2. Physical Exercise:- If you are daily goers to the gym or regularly you do physical exercise which strains your full body especially your arms and legs, this leads to rise in the temperature of the body. In order to get relieved from the heat, the body sweats. 08 Reason you might be sweating more


  • You should drink ample amount of water before, after and while doing the exercise to stay hydrated.
  • You also need to do some warm up to prepare your body for the exercise you are going to indulge with it.
  • Do exercise under the guidance of the experts as they know the right way. Sometimes doing exercise in a wrong way also lead toward excessive sweating. 08 Reason you might be sweating more

3. Powerful emotions:-Our emotions play an important role in generating sweat. If you are feeling strongly – nervousness, love, hatred etc then the sweat is generated in the palms, underarms and on the foot soul. What about your emotions? If you are kind of too emotional, you need to be a cool. Let’s check it out how to go with situation.


  • Use deodorant which can reduce perspiration and removes body aroma.
  • Try to control your emotions and do not get emotional every try. It would be right if you keep yourself cool.
  • Iontophoresis is the process which should be followed to get rid of sweating on the palm of hands and soles of the feet 08 Reason you might be sweating more

4. Consume tangy eatables:-Do you love eating this kind of food? You may not know but it is true that consumption of various foods lead to sweating. If you have been having it then you also need to control or full stop on it. Let’s check it out what kind of food lead towards this issue. • Hot & Spicy curry/soap: – leads sweating on the forehead and upper lip area.• Coffee: – The sweat glands are triggered by the caffeine which is used to prepare coffee.


  • It is simple to stop excessive sweating resulting from consuming spicy food is to stop eating them.
  • Have healthy beverage and boiled food to stay cool and good.
  • Stay away from coffee and tea as they have caffeine that does not leave good impact on your body. What Is The Connection Between Biological Problems And Sweating – The following are some of the Biological Problems which may lead to excessive sweating:- 08 Reason you might be sweating more

5.Blood Pressure & Diabetes:- Excessive sweating is the result of high blood pressure and low diabetes level in the body. Though you might think sweating is normal but if you are seating excessively consult a doctor and get medicated soon. If you have been having them in excessive then you need to schedule an appointment with doctor.

6.Cancer:- There is a variety of cancer types. And according to the study, a cancer patient has sweating in comparison of the normal one. The following are the type of cancers which can cause excessive sweating

  • Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma
  • Hodgkin’s lymphoma
  • carcinoid tumours
  • Leukaemia
  • Mesothelioma
  • Liver cancer
  • Bone cancer

After many researches doctors could not find any satisfactory reasons why these type of cancer leads to excessive sweating, but they conclude that the body might be seeking to fight against cancer so in result the body sweats excessively. It is noticed that people with any type of cancer mostly sweat excessively. In case you are sweating excessively without doing any valid reason, please visit to doctor. There is no need to get tensed as sometimes it happens without having any reason. 08 Reason you might be sweating more

7.Ceasement Of Menstruation – It is also known as menopause. Maximum Women going through this phase experience excessive sweating which may result in change of clothes even due to excessive sweating. Doctors verdict that sweating is caused by the irregular and reduction of estrogen levels. Since it natural but that does not mean you do not need to go for doctor advice. You must head to doctor as they will suggest you the best advice to get rid of it.

8. Thyroid Gland Producing Excessive Thyroid Hormones I.E. Hyperthyroidism – It affects are adverse at the latter stage which stimulates the body’s chemical system which produces excessive sweating. Hyperthyroidism can be cured through medication, surgeries and iodine being radiated to the affected areas. Have you been getting too much then you need to schedule an appointment to doctor.  Do not go for having medicine on your own as it will not help you and chances are that situation can be worse. So, do not be doctor on your own.

How it was the article? Did you find it informative and useful? Do not forget to let us know your feedback. We are here with the best advice for you. Stay connected with Jiyo Pal Pal…. 08 Reason you might be sweating more

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