10 benefits of taking a walk after dinner

walk after Dinner
walk after Dinner

After having a hectic day at work or home, all of us love to spend the remaining time after dinner sitting in front of the idiot box and watching our favorite daily show, movie or news channel. But have we ever thought about the threats we are posing to our body while we are lying on that couch and making ourselves feel relaxed.


So tonight onwards, let’s break this monotony and get ourselves walking. Yes! That’s right. A walk after dinner! Whereas taking a walk after any meal is very good from health point of view but taking a walk after dinner is the best idea.

There are numerous advantages of walking after night meal some of which are as follows:-

  1. Walking after dinner gives dual benefits of walking. One is that it helps in digestion of the food you just had. Secondly, it gives benefits that a normal walk taken at any time of the day gives.
  2. An improved digestion is initiated by the walk which continues all through the night. It prevents accumulation of calories in our body and helps us shed weight faster.
  3. Walking after dinner also reduces the risk of type II diabetes. For those who are already suffering from type II diabetes, taking a walk after keeps their blood sugar levels under control.
  4. Taking a mild walk after dinner also reduces the risk of depression since a mild walk in your lawn after dinner can be very soothing and stress-busting.
  5. It is a great way of increasing the strength of your muscles and giving your body some relief from joint pains or lower backache.
  6. Walking after dinner works wonders to enhance our body metabolism and helps us to maintain our liver health and fitness.
  7. Walking after dinner is an excellent way of using up all the unutilized energy in the body and inducing a sound sleep.
  8. Besides lowering cholesterol levels in our blood, a 15 minutes’ walk after improves blood circulation and ensuring a good supply of oxygen to our heart.
  9. It is also good for our immune system.
  10. Besides the health benefits, taking a walk after dinner also has social benefits. Yes! It is a great way of spending some quality time with family members or socializing with friends and neighbors. After you’ve had a busy and tiring day, some affectionate conversations with family members and friends is a great way of winding the day up.

After we have known all the good things about a night walk, there are also a few words of caution. They are:-

  • Do not walk immediately you’ve eaten. Walking just after having any meal can be hazardous for your food absorption and digestion processes. Plus it can make you feel nausea and dizziness. Wait for about 20-30 minutes after dinner before going for a walk.
  • Do not brisk walk or take a very long walk. A slow 15-20 minutes walking is the best.

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