10 Features that attract men the most

10 Features that attract men the most
10 Features that attract men the most

Did you notice that amazing in-between chemistry of that couple?

How can this good looking guy date that average looking girl?

How did this girl make him fall in love with her?

Does not is sound a bit bizarre he is dating that girl?

I am sure many of you have ever done this kind of conversation with your friends surprisingly. We all do wonder that how an average looking girl can go with a good looking guy or what features did that good looking guy noticed about her and fall in love with her and so on. No..no there is nothing surprising if you consider other facts.

10 Features that attract men the most
10 Features that attract men the most

First, we do need to understand that physical beauty is not everything. Your overall personality is something that attracts the men the most. Do you always wish to know that what men love to look for in a woman? Today, we are going to emphasize on it in a discreet manner that about that 10 personality traits in women which keep attracting men the most. 10 Features that attract men the most

If you think Men is going to love your physic a bit more, you are a bit wrong. You would not believe but they believe in noticing some different points as well. They are pretty much essential in this these unique points. Do you ever though that how men think about women. If talks about the matured men, they always thing in a different way.

Gone are the days when it is considered that men generally love to date a girl having a perfect body, a good pair of breasts, a winning smile or a cute bum? Nnothing is like that. With the change of time, their thinking has also get changed. They are pretty much interested in going with unique features.

Most men understand that physical beauty cannot go longer. And that is why they do love fall in love with the one with whom they can have a peaceful life. With whom, they can discuss everything without getting confused. Are you are all set to know all this. 10 Features that attract men the most

What About 10 Features Attracting Men The Most?

Nothing can be wonderful than falling in love with a true love. But have you ever contemplated that what are the feature that attracts men the most? Let’s check it out those amazing features can make men crazy for women.

  1. What About Your Character – Did you ever wonder why a good looking guy is dating a decidedly average-looking guy? Since he found that girl having strong character. In today’s fast paced life, people are looking for the eternal love and for this they need the perfect partner whom he/she can relay.

Why Is Character So Much Important?

Men who deeply believe in love always prefer the girl whom he can rely on. Men always cannot go with flirting. At a particular stage, they wish to get serious for someone special. The best thing is that men can even get serious at an early stage if they achieve that maturity level. The fact cannot be ignored that character is really an important thing for them since it makes that beautiful girl a bit more special. According to the survey, this point came to light that guys love preferring the girls having strong character. The best thing is that it lasts longer than physical beauty. The fact cannot be ignored that it’s essentially what makes two people compatible.

If a guy finds an unappealing character in a girl, he would not be that way much interested in her. Guys do not like the girls having nasty, plain apathetic, dull or viscous character. The girls having this kind of traits have to struggle to find the best guy. The matured mens always love to go with women having a soul. They wish to have women all set to be themselves. 10 Features that attract men the most

  1. Are You Enough ConfidentThe next thing is confidence. Mens always give preference to women loaded with amazing confidence. It means they should be able to present themselves in a confident way. Men easily get attracted towards the women having attractive and amazing confidence. Yes!!! This point is true that guys look for confidence in women. 10 Features that attract men the most

How Does Confidence Matter?

Mens always wish to go with women jam-packed with confidence. It means she should know that what to say and when and in what way. Confidence is absolutely attractive because when a woman knows what she wants, the guy comes across that he’s in a bit of a competition with. And he loves to be with her in order to stay in the competition.

Not only this, when a woman already knows that what she wants from life, the guys also adopts that he is going to get embarked on a great journey with her. To put in simple words, that special girl is going to lead him a somewhere interesting place. It means the company with that special lady is going to be great.  Guys do not love to be with that girl who is required to guide holding their hand every time. Guys love to go with girls with whom they can share their secrets or can discuss something related the outer world and so on. In short, they want someone with whom they can discuss their future plans.

  1. If Your Sense Of Humor Is Great? – This is the next thing on the list. A Sense of Humor is needed to have. Though men love to get attracted towards the confident women, they also want to have some sense of humor in order to make life easier. Generally, guys are a comedian and they know how to crack a joke in order to lighten the mood and make another laugh hard. 10 Features that attract men the most

Why Do Men Love This Trait?

We all know how we all are running busy. And in this context, nothing can be greater than going with the option of having a great sense of humor in the partner. This trait can easily attract mens. If you are one of them who cannot laugh at his jokes or you tend to remain serious then it would be really very tough for a guy to fall in love with you. Men’s love to go with girls who know how to remains relax and chill. Men easily fall in love with women who know how to enjoy life. 10 Features that attract men the most

  1. Do You Love To Maintain Your Self-Respect? – Are you one of them having self-respect? If yes then, guys will definitely fall in love with you. Yes!!! This is true that guys love to fall in love with the women having self-respect. You may be thinking that how this trait can attract someone. But it is true and it happens. Moreover, research says the same. 10 Features that attract men the most

What Does It Mean By Self-Respect?

 Though many of us have heard this word a number of times, rarely know what exactly mean by that. Self-respect is the trait that adds a spark to someone’s personality. Guys love the girls who respect themselves keeping some particular aspects of their lives private. Guys do not love women who keep hanging out so much on social media. Apart from it, guys also do not love the girls who might seem interested to hang out with wrong people.

Men’s love to fall in love with the lady who knows what about her limitation and how to behave indoors and outdoors. Self-respect is a wide aura in which many things are listed as dressing up, respecting others, not stumbling home and being punctual.

  1. Do Not Hide Your Trait Of Having Opinionated – This is another point listed on this list. Yes!!! It is true that a guy likes when you concur him. But it does not mean that he needs a sycophant having no opinion. Mens like women having a strong opinion based on logics. They do not like women who just believe in saying yes to them in order just to please him. 10 Features that attract men the most

Why Should You Now Hide Putting Your Opinion First?

Matured mens do not bother if women put their opinion in front of them.  But they take it as a positive sign and it considers it refreshingly attractive. They do not even mind to change their own opinion if find that special lady right.

Apart from it, putting your opinion gives them hint about you that how do you think and so on. It makes them understand that you have your own point and you are not a kind of dumb. You do love thinking and contemplating as well. So, next time when you put your opinion, stop contemplating too much and go with your heart.

  1. Keep Showing Your Affection – If you are one of them who keeps having cold response towards him, then you both are not going longer together. It is needed to understand that guys are human too. They also having affection from your side. To put in simple words, they want to get affectionate with someone – you.

Why Is It Needed ?

So you need to bring changes in your attitude if you have bee remaining cold as ice. The men also have so much emotion. They want the perfect women who he loves them to hold him, kiss him, stroke him, and treat him gently. Yes, they also want right from the core of heart to date you. 10 Features that attract men the most

When you showcase your affection, it showcases that you are enough emotional and dedicated to show your emotion. And you do not feel guilt for showing your emotions. 10 Features that attract men the most

  1. Be Kind To Others – Kindness is another thing can make a woman an apple of his eyes. Guys fall madly in love with women who holds a soft heart having emotions and who is kind towards others. But it does not mean that you are kind to him. Actually, men love women who are having a kind attitude towards everyone even if it is about the total strangers.

But you need to keep in mind that it is not being mentioned here to look superficially kind. It means you do not need to be extra emotion seeing a needy. You also need to be enough smart to judge if the needy one is really in need to not. It seems essential to mention that mens are enough smart to get you that if you are really kind of heart or it is just superficial.

  1. Ambitious Girls Are Loved By Men – Guys never wish to go with the women having no ambition or particular goals towards life. If you have goals and dreams regarding your life which you wish to make true within the stipulated time, the chances are high that a guy is going to fall in love with you. For a guy, this is just amazing trait since they also do not wish to fall in love with women tend to lie in bed for an entire day.

Why Is It Needed To Be Ambitious?

The tough competition is going on and mens are looking forward to going with women who are ambitious. Mens are looking for the one with whom they can have great conversation. Women having ambitions are also regarded with love and respect by men. So, you need to be passionate towards your dream instead of splurging your boyfriends’ money.

  1. Smartness Is Everything – Mens do not wish to get paired with the dumb women at any rate. They wish to have a companion having a brain. In this context, smartness is the trait that they keep finding it. Guys do not women having nothing to talk except the bogus gossip. Guys love to hang out with women with whom he can do some mindful conversation.

The fact cannot be ignored that intelligent women hold power to make guys go weak at the knees. A guy knows that a smart woman is the only companion can go with him having engaged conversation. Sometimes, he wants someone to have a deep conversation. It makes him a bit more excited. And saying would not wrong that it is one of the biggest qualities guys keep hunting in women. You may not believe but it is true that guys generally like to learn stuff if someone is so much intelligent. And when it is a woman, things go pretty much good. And they just love to get indulged with women who have a great intellectual level.

  1. You’re Not Needy – You may have heard that most women love to get depended on their boyfriend to splurge. But this thing most men do not like. They love to get indulged with women who are not needy. They love to go with independent women. This is one of the most important things that men always give respect the one who knows how to treat herself.

Men wish to go with women who can tackle the thing even without him in a great way. They love to give preference to women who can even function perfectly even if she does not see his whole day and can deal with patience. Mens do not love have the company of women having low patience and can bombarding him with calls and text when he is out with his friends. 10 Features that attract men the most

Why The Men Are Looking For Women Having These Features

There would be many of you thinking that how it is possible? Do men seriously think in this way? Yes!!! This is true. Actually, enough smart men always do think in a unique way. They do love thinking in a different way. The best thing is that they know that physical beauty is not going to longer. They are looking for something that will remain will them forever. And nothing can be greater than having a partner who understands you in a great way. Men always want someone who understands and support them in a great way. 10 Features that attract men the most

Women need to understand the men are not so much interested in going with the women who look like a fashionista but not enough matured. It is good if you are pretty much conscious about your look but you also need to work on your personality. You might have seen good looking guys dating average looking girls and it is proof that how your strong personality can make them fall in love forever. So next time when you see something like, you do not need to contemplate that way much. It is all about something that one matured individual is looking for someone with whom he would be able to spend his whole life in peace and so much fun.

So, what about you? Now, you might have got that what kind of features can attract men the most. If you are not having any of this feature, then you need to work on yourself a bit. The more features you develop, the more men will be attracted to you. 10 Features that attract men the most

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