10 Foods that Trigger Kidney Stones

10 Foods that Trigger Kidney Stones
10 Foods that Trigger Kidney Stones

All the health conscious people love to keep a close eye over their diet to stay fit and remain healthy. But you may not believe that there are some foods we eat daily which can lead towards having kidney stones. Though some of them are considered healthy to eat, but what amount you are taking is required to concern to stay away from this disease. Let’s have a look.

10 Foods that Trigger Kidney Stones

1. IF YOU ARE TAKING A SIZEABLE CHUNK OF CAFFEINE: – There would be many love to have a hot/cold coffee within very short time. But you must regulate this habit as excessive caffeine can trigger kidney stone.

  • Not only coffee but tea and soda also hold a sizeable chunk of caffeine.
  • Though they help you to reduce stress, but taking too much caffeine can develop kidney stone.
  • Taking excessive amount of caffeine play a wider role to enhance the calcium levels in the urine and kidney get failure to refine them.

2. SAY NO TO CARBONATED BEVERAGE :- We all love to drink carbonated beverages in summer especially. Be it party or wish to get relaxed, we can’t imagine all these things to get happen without out having carbonated beverage.

  • The new age market is flooded with a number of carbonated beverages which comes with or without artificial sweetener.
  • Apart from it, you may left speechless knowing that energy drinks also belong to the formation of kidney stones.
  • As per the study, avoid consuming more than two soft drinks and it enhanced the ratio of risk of chronic kidney disease.

To stay away from this disease, you must go along with a healthy lifestyle. In this case, you can plain water having lemon. It does not matter how many glasses you can drink as it quite safe and you are allowed to drink as much as you can. They do not affect your health.

3. DO YOU LOVE MEAT: -You must pay attention how much you are taking this kind of food as it gear up the amount of calcium excreted in urine and affect the kidney filtering procedure.

  • Meat holds a High level of protein and it may cause kidney damage. Actually, protein metabolism puts a heavy load on the kidney which makes tough for kidney to get filtered.
  • It becomes tough to eliminate all the waste products. In this connection, if you are taking a heavy amount of meat on a regular basis then stop following it. This is not good for health but serving your negative results.
  • To put in another words, Uric acid is one of common cause of kidney stone as it gets developed by eating fool loaded with purines like fish, seafood and meat.

Taking vegetarian diet help to reduce the uric acid as well as prevent formation of stones.

4. Add Natural Salt and Sugar To Your Food:- Taking a great amount of salt puts heavy load on Kidney and affect the purifying system badly. Adding more salt to fool also bring the level of blood pressure up.

  • The natural sugar and salt level are added into fruits and vegetables, which fulfil the requirement of the body.
  • But there are many foods in which extra salt is added to bring the different taste.
  • And the most commonly used form of salt is processed table salt.

There is no need to add a great amount of salt in your food as it can be gotten by eating fruits and vegetables.

5. Genetically modified foods:-Modified food holds a negative essence which affect the health. In the market, there is a number of processed food like sugar beets, canola, sugar cane, soy, corn and rice.

6. Dairy products Also Prone To Kidney Stone : -Dairy products are rich in protein.

  • And when you eat them, it increases the calcium in the urine which trigger the risk of developing kidney stones.
  • Having a huge amount of protein makes tough for kidney to do filterization.

7. And What About Sardines: -Food having high-in-purines should be avoided and Sardines comes in this list.

  • A heavy dose of purine play a wider role to increase the amount of uric acid in the urine and it triggers urice acid stones.
  • Eating fish daily can easily lead to hyeruricemia. And you must avoide to eat a sizeable chunk of dish having fish.

8. Some Leafy Greens Hold Oxalate: –

  • Eating green leaf is considered good for health, but it does not go with all leafy greens such as Spinach, Okra and Swiss chard.
  • These all build-up calcium oxalate in the body. Having a high level of chemical compound are prone to have a kidney stone.

9. Rhubarb: -You must away from the food having oxalates.

  • Kidney stone are made from oxalates.
  • And Rhubarb holds this essence of oxalates in such a lot of amount.

10. Non-Fermented Soy: -When soybeans are modified, they start leaving effect to the body.

  • They possess high level of oxalates, which gets infused with calcium and prone to kidney stones.
  • On the other hand, unfermented soy products for example Tofu and Soy Milk holds high level of anti-nutrients including oxalates.

You must go along with fermented soy products like tempeh and miso. So, what are you waiting for? It is time to check out your diet that which food you are taking in excessive. To stay away from Kidney stone, you just need to keep a close eye over your diet. Someone has rightly said that prevention is better than cure. To stay healthy, you must keep all the above mentioned information in your mind. Fashion is not all about dressed well but staying fit is also considered to be in Fashion among the health enthusiasts.

Being our reader, you must take care of your health. We have put the light over this topic as many of us do not know about the food prone to Kidney stone. But now, essential information has been shared and ignorance towards health is not allowed.

Stay tuned with us for latest updates… Till Then follow Healthy Diet and Healthy Lifestyle…
Take care… and Have A Happy Reading…

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