10 Health benefits of spinach

10 Health benefits of spinach

Spinach, a leafy green vegetable has always received a lot of importance among all the vegetables. It is a superfood powerpacked with nutrients in large numbers. Spinach is an amazing source of Vitamin A,B,C,E,K, Calcium, Iron, Potassium, Magnesium, Sodium, Phosphorus and Protein. It also contains Proteins, Zinc and Manganese, though in a lesser quantity as compared to previously mentioned nutrients.

10 Health benefits of spinach

Moreover, it is quite a versatile vegetable since it can be used and consumed in countless forms. Prepare your favorite palak paneer or a corn spinach curry once in a week. You could even add blanched and chopped spinach to your rice or khichdi. Or prepare a puree with blanched spinach and knead it into the dough to enjoy delicious palak parantha or pooris. Want a quicker recipe? Stuff blanched and chopped spinach in a corn and spinach sandwich and start your day with a supremely healthy breakfast! The list of recipes you can make with the healthful vegetable doesn’t seem to be ending. And so its qualities. Another fascinating element of spinach is that it is beneficial for health of all the people, be they children, adolescents, adults or elderly.

Since it is a very light vegetable which stomach can digest supereasily, one does not need to exclude it from their diet even while they are unwell! Isn’t that great? But that’s still not it because I have got a precise list of health benefits of spinach to be able to convince you to start having it regularly with an immediate effect. So here you go!

Following are 10 Health benefits of spinach

  1. Spinach contains flavonoids and carotenoids which lend it anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory properties. So it protects us from cancers of various types such as those of skin, stomach, breast, prostate etc.
  2. It has Vitamin A and C both  The foods that have both these types of Vitamins have a special ability of protecting our eyes from diseases and also strengthening our vision which spinach does quite effectively.
  3. Being a fiber rich, low calories food with almost no fat and sugar content, spinach is a great choice for all those are on a weight loss program or are watching their diet.
  4. Spinach is loaded with antioxidants and hence it keeps cholesterol under control. It is a great food for heart patients since it also puts a check on high blood pressure and cardio related disorders.
  5. Spinach has anti-inflammatory properties and therefore it is a good choice for those suffering from ailments related to inflammation such as migraine, asthma, arthritis, osteoporosis etc.
  6. Since it is rich source of iron, it is of great help for anemic people, growing children, menstruating and pregnant women too as it helps to maintain a good hemoglobin level.
  7. The bright green nutritious leafy vegetable has anti-ageing abilities which not only keeps your body but also your brains young.
  8. The beta-carotene and Vitamin C contained in spinach aid in maintaining a good gastro-intestinal health.
  9. Vitamin K, calcium and magnesium contents of spinach do a great deal in strengthening bones.
  10. Full of nutrients of almost all the categories, spinach is a vegetable which when added to your diet results in a glowing and fairer skin. It also helps cure dryness and itchiness of skin.

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