10 Major Differences between Busy and Productive People

10 Major Differences between Busy and Productive People
10 Major Differences between Busy and Productive People

A lot of people failed to recognize the difference between the busy person and the productive person. Busy person is the one having lot of tasks no matter the priorities, importance, he just kept himself busiest. Productive people don’t care of anything; they just focus on one work and its efficient result. Here are some of the points which after reading you can easily find the difference. 10 Major Differences between Busy and Productive People

10 Major Differences between Busy and Productive People

  • One can always find that a busy person is having a mission, as it is clearly indicated by his face expression, by the way he talks. He always talks about his business and missions. While a productive person will never tell anyone about the mission, as they don’t have mission for the particular time, they have mission for their lives. And they let their results do the talking.
  • Busy people keeps all the doors open. They never say no to any task. They always say yes quickly to everything and add the task in his list to do. While productive people know what is important and they know how to say no for the least prioritizing work. They just not grab everything. They kept their door closed. They first think then respond to yes or no. 10 Major Differences between Busy and Productive People
  • Busy people always talks about the time. They always said time stops for no one, it flies fast etc. And also gives excuses for the other uncompleted task due to lack of time and complaints too. While productive people never complaint or give excuses related to time. They always make time for other important task. They don’t talk about lack of time; they just talk about their achievements.
  • Busy people are multi-taskers. As they have many priorities, they need to do multitasking. As they don’t have much time with them, they reply their emails also very quickly.. Thinking others might be busy too, they must need the replies. While productive people have few priorities. They just focus on one thing at a time. They also take time to check and replies to the emails, as they are the sender’s priorities not his.
  • Busy peoples are very hard working. They remain busy and want others also to do the same in their tasks to achieve the goals. They just focus on action and always look for task. While productive people are smart working. They want others not to be busy but to be effective. They have big picture in their mind. They focus on task clarity before action. 10 Major Differences between Busy and Productive People
  • Busy people have too many alternates for their task. For example if they fail in one, they can opt for the second option. They do everything themselves. And they take doing thing as accomplishment. While productive people don’t take any option. They just focus on a single path and follow them till they achieve their goal. They used best tools, services and others help in accomplishing their work. They don’t talk till they achieve the results. 10 Major Differences between Busy and Productive People
  • Busy people take many chances and attempts for the task till they achieve it the right. While productive people achieve the right one in the first attempt. They don’t even need the second try; they do it perfect in the first chance only. 10 Major Differences between Busy and Productive People
  • Busy people make them self specialist in a particular field. While productive people feels specialization is for insects.  They adapt their surroundings, circumstances, and the situations. It’s their greatest strengths.
  • Busy people don’t have time to socialize. They keep them self out from all this. They use to tell everyone that don’t have time. While productive people make a schedule for important events.
  • Busiest people works for boss, teams, and seniors. They follow the rules, their guidelines. They want everyone to be happy because of him. And thus want job appraisal. While productive people works for themselves. They work for job satisfaction than to job appraisal. They achieve the task for their self satisfaction. 10 Major Differences between Busy and Productive People

So, you are in which category? Busy or the Productive? Read out the points and compare your life with them. You will get to know your lifestyle. Understand the difference between busy and being productive. Follow the above stated points. Don’t work only hard, Work smart. 10 Major Differences between Busy and Productive People

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