10 Myths and facts about blood pressure

10 Myths and facts about blood pressure
Blood Pressure

It is the force of blood against the walls of arteries, which is created by the heart pumping blood round the body. It is one of the major threat to health. As per the data, there is about one billion people all across the world suffering from hypertension. 10 Myths and facts about blood pressure 10 Myths and facts about blood pressure

10 Myths and facts about blood pressure
Blood pressure

This disease is growing day-by-day all around the world. One of the common problems with this disease is that it is misunderstood. People avoid it thinking it is not quite risky for health. Apart from there is a wide array of myth which may let you confused regarding hypertension? Here, in this Blog we are going to clarify the 10 most important myth 10 Myths and facts about blood pressure

  1. Myth: Taking Medication Helps To Cure High blood pressure – Fact: No, it never can be cured but managed. Since High Blood pressure is a lifelong disease. To manage it, taking healthy diet and doing exercise is required. You may need medication every day as per the doctor for the rest of your life. In case, if you find your blood pressure reading were fine on the last time, which does not mean you need to skip the medication. Without taking the advice of the doctor, you must not make any decision regarding your health. As per your reading, your doctor will make changes in the dosages and drugs etc.
  2. Myth: Having High blood pressure isn’t a cause to pay a lot of attention – Fact: Not only you, but there are many who think the same as mentioned above. Since it has not symptoms, people think it is not a cause of concern. But having long standing hypertension can be a reason of low vision as well as a low blood supply to your legs. Not only this, but it may lead to heart attack, stroke, bleeding from large blood vessel, chronic kidney disease etc. 10 Myths and facts about blood pressure
  3. Myth: If It is OK if I don’t use much salt in my cooking – Fact: Controlling salt intake is not all about decreasing the amount of salt in your cooking. It is essential to pay attention over the hidden salt present like in pickles, papad and processed food. There is a wide array of processed food which hold a high concentration of sodium. Instead of taking salty baked food, you must switch to sweet baked food. So, there is a need to keep a close eye, which type of food you are taking. Keep in mind it is not all about the amount of only salt in your cooking but more than it. 10 Myths and facts about blood pressure
  4. Myth : If it is not possible to control Hypertension if you are in the high risk category – Fact: It is possible to manage it at arm’s length. In this order, you just need to go along with healthy dietary, lifestyle changes, decrease salt intake, exercise on a regular basis, and need to quit smoking as well as reducing stress. Those who carry overweight need to lose their extra kilos. It is very important to take meditation as per suggested by doctor. Going along with a healthy life style, it is easy not only to control it but enjoy healthy lifestyle.  10 Myths and facts about blood pressure
  5. Myth: If is essential that you will get headaches if you have BP.Fact: Needless to say that hypertension is called the silent killer as it does not come with particular symptoms to make you aware. If it is not managed, it can be very dangerous for your health. It can strike at any moment. It can create many diseases belong to heart and kidney without your knowledge that you have blood pressure. Though it is not compulsory that you would have a headache if you have high blood pressure but in many cases it occurs. So, you need to just pay attention over it.  10 Myths and facts about blood pressure
  6. Myth: In comparison of Men, if Women are less likely to get hypertension – Fact: No, there is nothing like this as both sexes can go through this disease. In India, there are 23.10 percent men and the percentage of women is 22.60. Though there is a little difference, but that does not mean women do not get affected by it. Having hypertension is more common in women after getting menopause. Apart from it, this disease is very common in men under 45 years. So, stop thinking like this and must pay attention over your health.  10 Myths and facts about blood pressure
  7. Myth: If High blood pressure is an old age disease – Fact: In the context of new age lifestyle, this line has got totally changed. Now, there are many young age people who have been suffering with the same disease. Now, it is not just an old age problem anymore. As per study, there is a number of young people are suffering it. It affects every third person above the then 18. So, now no need to contemplate that you cannot get affected as you does not belong to old age.  10 Myths and facts about blood pressure
  8. In case of blood pressure, food won’t help? – Fact: Taking healthy food always help to reduce blood pressure. Patient having hypertension must take food rich in potassium since it plays a wide role to affect blood pressure. You must pay attention to add at least two-an-a-half time more potassium in comparison of sodium in your diet. It helps to make you stay away from negative effect of sodium.
  9. Myth: If 120/80 is considered normal blood pressure – Fact: No, it is not normal but it should be less than. So, if you are thinking that it is normal, you need to think again.
  10. Myth: Would I feel bad if I had high blood pressure – Fact: No, you would not feel bad as it does not hold any symptoms. 10 Myths and facts about blood pressure

So, what are you waiting for? You must keep a close eye over your health to stay fit and healthy. If someone is affected with this disease in your home, motivate him/her for doing exercise, taking healthy food and say No to liquor and tobacco.
We have to understand the value of our life. Why should you let it destroy? 10 Myths and facts about blood pressure
Follow healthy lifestyle and stay fit.
Have a Happy Reading…

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