10 Reasons I love Being Single

10 Reasons I love Being Single
10 Reasons I love Being Single

You might have heard many people that I love being single. I may sound you a bit bizarre but you might wonder seeing him/her happy and contented. It might have created some confusion for you that what is good if being single or being in love. Today, we are going to cover this topic. Here, it would also be emphasized on the advantages of being single as well as why love is also important to have in life. 10 Reasons I love Being Single

10 Reasons I love Being Single
10 Reasons I love Being Single

What Do People Think

There are many people who are truly afraid of being single. This happens especially when you are in a relationship for a long time. As soon as you realize that you are single it is essential to get a grasp on reality. Of course, it is true that there are many people in the world who are happy being single. But this is the stage where you need to be more strong and resilient person. Being single is never bad well if you are feeling so, then here are 10 reasons to enjoy the single side of your life.  Let’s check it out more in a discreet manner.

  1. You can love yourself more than anyone – So far you might be tired of putting yourself in the second position and giving importance to others. Being single truly helps in learning to love yourself and your independence as well. You can enjoy yourself, get entertained and do whatever you want. The more you love and care for yourself the easier it will be for you to find a better person in the future.
  • You will have enough time for you. It means you do not need to get confused or need to think twice before heading to any place. You are allowed to go whenever or wherever you wish to go.
  • Though there are so many couples having a great understanding and they really do not need every time to do message. But this understanding does not go in every relationship. 10 Reasons I love Being Single
  • This is the most important reason that most of the people being single since they do not have to be accountable towards anything. They find themselves free for doing anything they love. It is all about freedom actually. 10 Reasons I love Being Single
  1. All the money that you own is yours – Now you are a free bird. Go ahead and buy whatever you want. There is no one to question you. Being with your partner makes restrict you to be more luxurious. But now there is no one to stop you and you can be more flexible. If you feel like spending your money buying all you want, go ahead. Instead, if you would like to save some money for your future you are most welcome. Therefore you can plan everything perfectly for your future. 10 Reasons I love Being Single
  • There would be many of you who might have spent a wide chunk for buying gifts and another luxury for either girlfriend or boyfriend. But when you are single, you do not have to go for splurging.
  • We all know how arranging birthday parties are costly and make holes in your pockets. But when you are single, you do not have to think that way much. You are free to go.
  • The fact cannot be ignored that when a relationship becomes more and more committed, couples start taking a decision as a unit. But sometimes it does not go well when the partner is careless. Being single means you do not have to think that way much. 10 Reasons I love Being Single
  1. You can dress up as you wish – This is something more concerned, especially when you are in a relationship. Your partner may always insist you to dress up or get ready in the way they like. Being single makes you feel happier as you can comfortably be however you want. There is no one whom you have to impress or fall for so dress up as you like and feel comfortable. 10 Reasons I love Being Single
  • Why should you think a lot before choosing any dress? When you are single, you are free to wear whatever you want. Girls always love their freedom regarding choosing attire. They do not wish to think a lot and love to stay fashionable all the time.
  • But when you are single, you can wear the attire you want. You do not need to get confused. You may whatever you want without contemplating a lot.
  1. You will have your own decisions – No matter even if it is a small or life turning decision you are solely responsible for it. The true meaning of being single is getting what you want. This happens only if you are independent welcoming your own decisions. You will have a chance to implement your ideas and decision making is one of the most important life skill that you have to learn by yourself. And developing good habits of decision making will always help you as you grow older. 10 Reasons I love Being Single
  • And what can be greater than having the freedom to choose your own decision? You do not need to get confused that what to do and what not. You are free to do whatever you want.
  • Before taking any decision regarding career, your choice or hobbies, you do not need to think anything. You are allowed to go without thinking that way much and this is another major reason that people love to be single these days since they are quite ambitious and wish to do a number of things in their life.
  1. Enjoy with your friends and family members – It is always fun to hang out with your dear and near ones. One of the biggest advantages of being single is that you can give more space to your friends and family members. You can join family occasions, get together, birthday parties and anything that you like. Furthermore, you will also have plenty of time to spend with your parents and cherish the memorable moments in your entire life. 10 Reasons I love Being Single
  • Being single means you do not have to compromise with your time and you are free to give as much as your loved ones want
  • You do not have to think twice before making a call to your loved ones. you can go ahead for having a long conversation without thinking too much. 10 Reasons I love Being Single
  • You can go for arranging a party, events, and surprises for them. You do not need to think anymore for them.
  • You may spare time for having a night out, night parties and so on as you want.
  • You can also have the best time with your loved ones on weekend without thinking that you have to a great time with that someone special. 10 Reasons I love Being Single
  1. You get to know about yourselfRelationships often disturb you and keep you away from knowing yourself. You will be departing from yourself, but if you are single then you get to know what you truly deserve. Take time to explore yourself, follow what your heart says and learn your likes and dislikes. Knowing about yourself is the core of finding peace and happiness in your life.
  • Staying single means you can think a lot about yourself without getting confused.
  • It means you get enough time to understand yourself in a great way. You do not have a care what he/she will think.
  • You can spend time with your hobbies you love or the way you love to spend time.

So try learning about your true self, identify the qualities that make you unique.

  1. You can go wherever you want – Want to resign the job? Or enjoy the holiday? It’s completely your wish and will. You can do whatever you feel like doing. This is the beauty of being solo as you are the one and the only reason to make yourself happy and comfortable. You have time to experience the craziest things, explore the world, just pack your bag and enjoy your trip. Set yourself free from everything and go wherever you want.
  • When you’re single, you can go wherever you wish to go. You find yourself free from all the clutches of a personal mobile. 10 Reasons I love Being Single
  • You do not have to worried about doing text, calls messages etc. You know that you live your life like you want. It means you do not have to think a lot in case if you “digitally” drop off the earth for a few days.
  • Moreover, you would not have any issues or pain if you haven’t heard from a man or woman all weekend. Being a single means you would also not have to go through that emotional pain.
  • Apart from all this, you don’t have to spend sleepless nights wondering that what if she/he will leave you in mid losing interest in you. 10 Reasons I love Being Single
  1. More time to focus on career – In a relationship, you have to spend lots of time with your boyfriend or girlfriend. Perhaps there is a chance for you to lose concentration and get deviated from your career. Being single can help you to invest quality time and discover your future. Focus on each and every second as this will give you a better life. Instead of wasting your time holding on your relationship workout on things that fetch you name and fame.
  • When you would be free from all the emotional pain and other issues, you would be able to focus a lot on your career. It may sound a bit funny excuse but worth to mention that you would have right to use all your bed as you want. You do not need to get confused. Single women and men are allowed to use their bed as they want without having any issues. It means you would be free to sleep diagonally in a queen size bed with the air conditioner on high and the windows open as you want. In short, everything would happen according to you.
  1. No need to compromise your priorities – Do you really know what matters you the most? Well, it is your own family, friends, and of course career. There is no single person who would like to compromise, especially for these three things. When you are single you can choose what you want to focus most of your energy on. So there is no chance for you to get compromised for anything that you value the most. So you can give importance to your priorities and there is nothing to get compromised.
  • You may not believe or may find it a bit bizarre but some people do think that “singledom” is a priceless opportunity to focus on yourself and this fact cannot be ignored at any rate.
  • You will get able to take proper care of yourself. You do not have to think a lot about other things. You can spare time for yourself. Whether you want to go gym, parlor, for movie, food etc, you can go.
  1. Trying new things – Last but not the least you will have the chance to try different things and make your life more interesting. This is not the case when you are in a relationship as your partner may not be interested to see you trying new things.  He or she can hold you back in some ways. But now not anymore. When you are single you can really try out anything new that you and your heart desires. Perhaps you will have the best chance to explore yourself. In this way you can try out different trending styles. Also try to mix up a bit. Really nothing and no one can hold you back anymore and you can follow what your heart says.
  • Do make the list of the things you love to do. Stop going with the boring and outdated life. You know that you are single and can go ahead with your choice you want.
  • Do search the courses, you have been looking forward to doing. Add some more colors to your life.

We all know that being in a relationship means you have so many responsibilities on your own.  You have to be bound to be a special person and you cannot think over him/her. Every time, when you think something, you have to keep her/him in the center and that is the point which makes people stay away from getting into the relationship.

What To Keep In Mind

Apart from all above mentioned, the truth cannot be ignored that love is a beautiful feeling and you cannot have a happy life without it. Though you can, you need to be quite emotionally strong. Whether you wish to single or in a relationship, what you need to do is just be a bit careful. Here, some suggestion is being mentioned emphasizing the value of love and why you should be choosy regarding that. 10 Reasons I love Being Single

  • First, you need to be quite careful before getting into any relationship. Do not make hurry or get into any relationship so quickly. Take your enough time and think wisely. The more you think wise, the great decision you would be able to take. 10 Reasons I love Being Single
  • Give space to your partner as you expect. This thing takes your relationship to the next level. The more space you give to your partner, the more respect you would have for yourself. Giving space is not about compromise but it is all about trust and respect. You need to understand that your partner sometimes needs a bit freedom, a bit of value to take his/her decision on her/his own.
  • Do have more conversation. Make sure that you both never going to ignore each other or stopping the way of communication. It requires to understand that having a conversation means you would have the best great chance to understand each-other. 10 Reasons I love Being Single
  • Respect each-other since this is quite important to build up a long-term relationship. You need to understand that the respect you want for yourself, your partner is also seeking for that. And when you both respect each other, you never think to quite and go for a living being single.
  • Being in love does not mean that your life should revolve around that person. You both need to understand that you both have family and friends and they need you. In short, understanding is everything in the relationship. 10 Reasons I love Being Single
  • The fact cannot be ignored that career is an important thing and it should not be ignored. This is why you should not force each other to change their decision regarding career but you should support each other.

There are so many cases where people truly fall as well as enjoyed their life as same as being single. How did it happen? Did any magic happen? No, there was nothing like that. Two people can have their life as same as a single person to understanding each other.  And this is possible.


Being single is truly awesome and very easy. Perhaps you are fortunate to be single who has the world at your feet. Being single also benefits you are providing a wide area of growth as well as self-realization. So if you are single just cheer up and enjoy whatever comes in your way.

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