10 Signs you Should Reconsider a Friendship

10 Signs you Should Reconsider a Friendship
10 Signs you Should Reconsider a Friendship

There is no doubt that friendship is the most beautiful feeling in whole out of world. It can completely change our lives. It affects everything from A to Z. A happy friendship can save your live from misery same way a toxic one can ruin our life from tip to toe. It is all about treating each other in a nice way. But an unhappy friendship makes your live miserable. 10 Signs you Should Reconsider a Friendship

10 Signs you Should Reconsider a Friendship

10 Signs you Should Reconsider a Friendship
10 Signs you Should Reconsider a Friendship

Never stay stuck somewhere, you feel mistreated. Getting over it is quite hard but the pain you are going to bear is definitely going to be worth. An unhealthy relationship affects your mind, body and soul. While some friendships are really fun, you hate the same people and love the same books. Like a good one saves you from all the terrible things in life same way a bad and unhealthy one ruins your life and makes it even more wretched.

These are the 10 signs you should know so that you are aware when to reconsider it.

  • When they drag you down – A friend is someone who helps you in growing, becoming stronger, fighting back, standing up after every time you fall and always know what you actually want. It is so similar like healthy food. Healthy food also provides energy and helps in growing. But there are some friends who can be junk too. They are the ones who do not make you feel good and constantly drag you down. If your friend is not willing to talk about the things you need and matter to you. So, maybe you should give it a thought.
  • If your friend is unreliable – If your friend is someone on whom you just cannot rely on then this maybe the right time considering the worth of your friendship. There is a possibility that your friend must be running out of time or had time management problems. This can be the reason that they ditch you last moment or cancel the plans and never show up. But if this happens too often then something is not right between you two.
  • Just brag about problems and do not listen to yours – No matter how important topic you have to discuss with him or her but they constantly keep on bragging about their own life problems and stuff. This happens when your friend is self-centered and self-obsessed with her own self. When a person does not listen to you then maybe they just do not give a damn about you or do not care for you at all. Always look for a bond which balanced in order to stay happy and fine. 10 Signs you Should Reconsider a Friendship
  • When you both cannot get over your conflicts – They must be no such friends who do not fight at all. Everyone fights because friendship is all about little fights, endless love and caring. But in a healthy bond, conflicts are managed as both the parties respect each other’s views. There are some people who have really poor conflict resolving skills. They just do not get over the conflicts and make a fuss about it. So, if you are also stuck with someone who does not know how to resolve fights then this is the right time to reconsider it.
  • If you have an unbalanced friendship – The main key to have a strong and long lasting bond is to be fair with each other. Fairness plays a vital role in friendship. Both the persons must put in same amount of efforts to keep up with one another. But if you feel that you are the only one who is putting in efforts to keep the bond alive then you are not being fair with yourself. 10 Signs you Should Reconsider a Friendship
  • They are never there when you need them the most – Whenever your friends do not show up when you are down then, there is no point having a friend like that. If they are not there with you in worse times then they are not really your friends. 10 Signs you Should Reconsider a Friendship
  • If your friend betrays your trust – The best part about BFFs are that whatever they feel about you no matter good or bad, they prefer to say it right on to your face. They never do back biting. But if you ever find someone who talks bad about you behind your back then he or she is not your true friend. Trust and loyalty are the important factors in a friendship. If any of your friends ever breaks your trust, just let them go.
  • Do not respect your opinion and boundaries – If your friend continues to ignore your wishes, opinion and boundaries for a long then, it is the time that you should also start ignoring them. In a friendship, we need to respect each other’s point of view. Everyone is different and we have to accept this fact to have a happy and strong friendship. 10 Signs you Should Reconsider a Friendship
  • If they are way too possessive and controlling – Personal space is a very important thing. Like a flower only blooms when it has enough space so, same way a person will only bloom when they will have that personal; much needed space. If your friend is very possessive for you and want to share you with anyone and is always controlling you to do the things the way they want then, my friend just cut yourself off from him or her. 10 Signs you Should Reconsider a Friendship
  • They are never happy with your achievements – When you call your friend to share some good news and they just do not want to listen about it. And just keep talking about their own self then they are not your real friends because a friend is someone who is happy when you are happy and sad when you are sad.

Friendships can also be a source of conflict and stress for some people. If you are experiencing any signs of unhealthy relationship then you must think about it and do something either to make things alright between you two or end it. Problems can be resolved or tackled down, if both the parties want to. But if they are not getting resolved then it is better to find a friend who actually respects you. 10 Signs you Should Reconsider a Friendship

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