10 things men find attractive in women

10 things men find attractive in women
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There is no one girl all around the world wish to know about the things that a man always look in women. Look, we could sit here and assume that guys don’t go after girls who are lousy, obnoxious, and utterly wrong for them just because they think they’re hot. Certainly, we know that’s not true. The thing with that pursuit is its totally superficial and, no matter how charming she may be, it’s apparently not going to last long.

10 things men find attractive in women

10 things men find attractive in women
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Let’s overlook those shallow hook-up tries for a moment and look at the qualities that actual men will always be drawn to when looking for a significant relationship. I’m not saying that every hot person is stupid, but when a guy is dumping drinks into a girl at the bar, he’s not praying about her dreams and ambitions. Become attractive not just from the outside but from the inside too. Just to help you in this matter here are ten things men will always find attractive in women. So, let’s check it out what is all about the whole matter.

1. She’s Enthusiastic About Something – When a woman has a desire you can do so many more extraordinary things for her. Flowers are fabulous, but only if she’s into flowers, but you are not interested or passionate about anything your man might find hard to surprise you. 10 things men find attractive in women
I know nothing about exotic fish but having a passion or interest gives both of you something to share and learn about with each other. If she likes to watch Netflix and chill there’s not much you can do other than sitting on the couch and watch TV with her or get her a 3-month subscription gift card. 10 things men find attractive in women

2. A sense of humour – You don’t need to be a stand-up comic, but when a woman can make you laugh there is nothing better than that. Also, being able to watch smart, non-network tv-comedies together is kind of romantic.

3. She’s Decisive – There’s a big contrast between being pushy and being decisive. Being decisive means that you can make a decision and stand by it. You know what you need and you’re ready to go for it. Being decisive doesn’t mean you stop talking for a couple of days if you both don’t want to go to MacD, but if there’s an aim you have, you’ll do anything it takes to make certain you reach it. 10 things men find attractive in women

4. Kindness – It doesn’t matter how beautiful and attractive you are, if you’re mean, it’s the worst. A person who’s kind to those that can’t help themselves is admirable. Also, if she’s kind to your family they’ll always love her. That makes life so much easier and happy for everyone. 10 things men find attractive in women

5. She’s Cool Around Your Friends – She doesn’t have to be like your wolfpack and chug a beer with all the guys, but if she gets along with your buds easily and they become her buddy as well, it’s a wonderful thing. Obviously, it should go both ways, as the man she love should get along with her friends as well, but for a guy, it implies so much to be with a woman that’s not just your companion, but also one of your friends.

6. Voice – The Sweet Voice – A sexy voice is one of the greatest turn-ons I can think of. But I’m not only one who agrees with it. All guys, whether they’re aware of it or not. They consider a woman’s voice when determining how attractive she is. 10 things men find attractive in women
Usually, men find women with feminine, high-pitched voices to be more engaging. But there’s more than just a pitch that drives us wild. The way your girl talk can have a huge impact on how attractive you find them. Slow, deep speech is much more likely to intrigue a guy than fast, giddy conversation.
If you’re a woman, try changing the way you talk to men. Try to change the pitch, speed, and cadence of your voice. See if you notice different reactions from altering your voice. 10 things men find attractive in women

7. Touch – The Gentle and Soft Touch – Physical touch is a huge turn-on for guys when used the right way. It’s an immense turn-on for girls, too. But today we’re talking about what guys find tempting.

As a quick tangent, I just like to mention that I use the terms “girls” and “women” mutually. A well-placed hand and moving your fingers up on your man’s arm, or keeping a hug just a little longer than foreseen can drive a guy wild.
You might think that guys never notice these things. But, oh, how we do!

8. Glasses – No Need To Switch contact Lenses – Guys love the girls with glasses and it’s true. I like to see my sweetheart wearing glasses and my friend’s partner feels the same way. If men find a woman that wears glasses engaging, why not get rid of those contact lenses? I think this is excellent news for girls who wear glasses each day.

9. Towelhead – The Attractive Long Wet Hair – One of the unusual things that most men find very attractive in his woman is when she washes her hair. They say that a wet hair look, particularly if the hair is long, and the towel head is turn on for all of them. Well, it’s eerie, but it is really attractive. 10 things men find attractive in women

10. When You wears His shirt – The weird thing that man find engaging in a girl when she’s dressed untidily in one his favourite shirt. To most men, it’s a really stylish look. 10 things men find attractive in women

If you are planning to get some attention or trying to seduce your man you should try some of these. My personal favourite is the shirt trick. I always find her more attractive when she wears my shirt. Other than that you get to know about many other tips to attract your man. 10 things men find attractive in women

You can combine a bunch of these tricks to seduce him and receive all the attention that you are craving for a while. Become attractive women and enjoy his attention, spice up the things try the above mentioned tips. Also these tricks can help you in role play and some of them are also good to make a first time impression too.

I am sure the above mentioned might have left you speechless since you may have never assumed that a man also notices all these things. But, they notice actually.
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