10 Water Spots In Goa That You Must Visit

10 Water Spots In Goa That You Must Visit

Goa is not only name but has emerged as the best platform to get showered with happiness, to stay away from stress and to go crazy. Every year people come here to visit this one to have a lot of fun. If you have been looking for a best place then you must go for it. 10 Water Spots In Goa That You Must Visit

10 Water Spots In Goa That You Must Visit

10 Water Spots In Goa That You Must Visit

Why Say Yes To Goa

It is blessed with lovely nature and all set to make you go crazy. Goa being famous for its wonderful beaches also has mind lowing water sports. If you want to visit Goa especially to enjoy the water sports, you are at the right platform. Here, we are going to mention some of the prominent ten water sports which are loved by all the tourists. Let’s have a look. 10 Water Spots In Goa That You Must Visit

  1. Kayaking – It is a very calm sport. It is apt for those who love to spend the afternoons in the water. If you have not enjoyed yet, time has come up to go for it.

Reasons to play this sport

  • Most relaxing water sport and you will seriously love it.
  • Kayaks are very stable and light in weight. 10 Water Spots In Goa That You Must Visit
  • You can view the beauty of the natural ecosystem. It means it is all set to add more shades to your journey.

Best time to visit:  Go there and have a lot fun in between months of October to May

Cost: – There is no need to think a lot about it since it starts at the very reasonable prices like Rs 3500

  1. Wakeboarding – This water sport is identical to Water Skiing, only difference is that it has one boat instead of two.

Reasons to play this sport

  • This sport is fun as it requires less concentration on the balance of your body.
  • It can be enjoyed by all age of people and you do not need to think much about your age.
  • This sport is best for water sport lovers. 10 Water Spots In Goa That You Must Visit

Best time to visit: You can head there to enjoy it in between October to May

Cost: – You just need to pay less since it starts at Rs 1700

  1. Banana Tube Boat Ride – This sport is enjoyed by friends and family on the huge banana shaped boat which moves ahead in the ocean without getting flipped. 10 Water Spots In Goa That You Must Visit

Reasons to play this sport:-

  • It is safe and adventurous
  • Reliable and experienced instructors will guide you.

Best time to visit:  The months in between October to March are considered the best to go.

Cost: – And the starting price is just Rs 400 and it is not going to holes in your pocket at all.

     4. Parasailing – It is the most popular water sport in Goa and widely known as the sport to make you get enthralled.

Reasons to play this sport:-

  • All the staff is very well trained by National Institute of Water Sports and its safe to play this sport.
  • Fly in the sky and have a spectacular view of the aquamarine water below.

Best time to visit:  October to March are the months in which you can head there.

Cost: – The starting  price is Rs. 1000 and they are quite affordable.

        5. AQUA ZORBING IN GOA – You are put into a plastic ball and asked to walk on water; this is all about this sport.

Reasons to play this sport:-

  • It is safe and suitable for all age group.
  • It is full of fun and always supervised by skilled trainer and you must not miss it if wish to make your journey get memorable.

Best time to visit: Anytime…Yes!!! You can head there anytime according to your convenience.

Cost:- The  prices starts Rs 9000 and not a big payment for the adventure lovers.

        6. Scuba Diving – It is most loved and played sport in Goa and people come here especially to enjoy this one.

Reasons to play this sport:-

  • Relaxing and fun water sport.
  • All the diving sessions are supervised by skilled trainers authorized by PADI.

Best time to visit:  Go for enjoying this in between months of October to April.

Cost: – starts Rs 5000

  1. Snorkeling – It is played by getting beneath the water and viewing different species of fishes.

Reasons to play this sport:-

  • It is the easiest water sport in Goa.
  • It is best for the lovers of underwater animals and wonders.

Best time to visit: October to March

Cost: – Between Rs 300-600

  1. Jet skiing – This sport is done on the clear water of Arabian Sea with pleasant wind which gives you ultimate pleasure.

Reasons to play this sport:-

  • Most enjoyable and adventurous sport.
  • Wonderful life time experience.

Best time to visit: Go there in between the month of October to March.

Cost:- You just need to pay  Rs 1000 to enjoy this one.

  1. Water Skiing – This is one of the toughest water sport played in Goa.

Reasons to play this sport:-

  • Goa sport playing is incomplete if you miss this wonderful and adventurous sport.
  • This helps you to maintain balance of your body against the water splashes which gushes on your face.

Best time to visit: Schedule your visit in between the month of October to February

Cost- Rs 400- 1200

  1. White Water Rafting – Now river rafting is possible in Goa at Mhadei River, Tilari River.

Reasons to play this sport:-

  • Though moderate adventurous sport still it is full of fun and you will definitely love it.
  • The scenery is spectacular on both the sides of the rivers.

Best time to visit: – June to September

Cost: – Rs 3400 inclusive of night stay and food.

So, what are you waiting for? It is time to go and say YES to a lot of fun and adventure. Do not forget to share your views with us. We are here to hear you.

Have A Happy And Safe Journey To You… 

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