10 ways to deal with negative co worker

How to deal with negative people
How to deal with negative people

Everyone cannot get an office like Google or Facebook where you find healthy competition, friendly environment and enthusiastic colleagues. Sometimes we get stuck in the office where we have to deal with negative co-workers. Having negative co-workers means negative vibes, negative comments, negative feedback and much more negative activities can be expected around you.

How to deal with negative people
How to deal with negative people

In this situation, it becomes very hard to maintain the inner peace. You may ever noticed that positive people easily deal with this sort of problems while other may love to choose to leave. But leaving office is not a solution since you may get this type of people everywhere in the world. So, the great thing is that we should be loaded with the abilities to deal with this kind of people. What types of ways they follow to go along with this situation? If you eager to know then you have to go through the whole blog.

  1. Be Professional: – Whenever you have to indulge in the conversation with negative co-worker, try to keep it fully professional. Do not give him/her a single chance to cross the line and if it happens then try to bring him/her on the point.
  2. Be Happy: – Someone has rightly said if you wish to put your enemy in a great confusion, stay happy. At the time of entering into your office, hold a broad grin on your face. Your smile is a great weapon to destroy the negativity around you.
  3. Stay calm and cool: – If someone gives you negative comment or feedback that does not mean you have need to do the same thing. Following the same way means there is no line between you and him/her. It’s only patience which can help to bring out from this dilemma.
  4. Learn To Say No : – If your chair is adjacent to negative people and you have to listen him/her even if you do not want to listen them learn to say NO. There are many people who always feel pressurised to listen him/her. Do what your heart says.
  5. Work Inside: – You can change the weather, but you can change your mood. And the same thing goes with this situation. You can’t force others to change their way-of-thinking, you can work only on yourself. So, stop changing others and change yourself. Do not leave any stone unturned to make yourself happy and cool.
  6. Express Yourself: – Never leave any chance to put your thoughts in front of others. It hints what sorts of you and if you are their side or not. You can showcase it through many ways like wallpaper set on your desktop, facial expressions, conversations etc. It does not matter what other thinks, but other will come across that you have your own thinking and no need others to have guidance.
  7. Focus on Your Work: – Instead of getting indulged in gossips can help you to save from unwanted negative co-workers and negative vibes. It does not mean, you need to avoid all sorts of conversation. Be a part if something necessary is being discussed. But avoid to become a part of unnecessary conversation.
  8. Have some motivational books and chocolates: – Though it not very easy to make your mood cool and calm all the time but it’s not impossible. You must keep your favourite motivational book inside your bag and whenever feel low, you must check it out to get oozed with enthusiasm. Apart from it, do not forget to put your favourite chocolate since it can bring your anger down within no time.
  9. Control your emotions: – It’s another one of the toughest things. Whenever we feel very down, it becomes hard to think what to share and what not. But if you know how to handle emotions, then you can win the all sorts of game of life. Sharing your weak points and problem with your co-workers having a negative aura can create problem in future. So, pamper your will-power and stay strong.
  10. Do not Think Too Much: – It’s your life and do not add weight to bogus things as negative co-workers are one of them. Give them importance means compromising with your mental health. Keep your brain free from negativity. It does not matter what is going on outside. Do not make a hole in your brain to get affected by negativity. Shield it positivity.

If you are firm to cover your mental peace, then no one affect it. And it’s only patience which can help you to deal with negative peoples. Keep in mind that it’s not tough, but it’s very interesting as you can earn a lot of popularity because of your intellectuality and cool behaviour. So, if you are ready to hone your skill even then you are surrounded by negative co-worker?

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