10 Ways to discipline your kids

10 Ways to discipline your kids
10 Ways to discipline your kids

Tomorrow I was in restaurant enjoying food with my kids. But suddenly a tensed mother enters with her four year son who is not leaving any stone unturned to make his mother annoying. He was continually asking for many things at the same time and was not ready to eat offered by his mother. On the other hand, there was another boy next to my table sharing not only lunch with his mother but obeying her properly. There was a great difference between two boys of the same age.  10 Ways to discipline your kids

10 Ways to discipline your kids

10 Ways to discipline your kids
10 Ways to discipline your kids

Well!!! The point is why they do were totally different. Why one was too disciplined and another was too annoying. It’s all about the game of discipline. Who says it’s hard to make the kid disciplined? Though it’s a little bit difficult, but not impossible. And if you are one of them thinking let them do what they want since they are kids and free to do anything then you are absolutely wrong. This sort of thinking may let you down in front of others. And that’s why some of the tricks are being shared to make your kid disciplined. 10 Ways to discipline your kids

  • REALIZE THEM THEIR RESPONSIBILITY – Instead of forcing them to do cleaning, studying etc., you need to make them responsible. You must explore in discreet manner why they should do clean their house, why it is essential, why they should study etc. It takes them towards the depth. Exploring every situation in the detail help them to become responsible. 10 Ways to discipline your kids
  • STOP SCOLDING – Making kids disciplined does not mean you have to scold them all the time. You have to need to understand that scolding cannot handle the situation but worse. As per the study, scolding not only break their heart but feel them unsafe. Do not scare your child unless it’s necessary.
  • AVOID TO DISCUSS EVERYTHING IN FRONT OF YOUR CHILD – Parents always ignore what to share and what to avoid in front of their kids. And it’s one of the great things which creates a lot of problems. Always keep in mind what you share in front of your kids, they always follow the same thing.
  • BE FRIEND OF YOUR KIDS – Kids never feel alone and depressed if you become their friend too. You have to hear all the situation with the patience. Let them complete what they exactly want to say. Never stop them in between since it feels them like they are not worth them. When you become friend of your kids, they always choose you first to share all the things instead of others. 10 Ways to discipline your kids
  • ALWAYS RESPECT THEM – Never use abusing language with them. And if you use then do not forget that you will get it back in the future too. There are many parents who thought that they hold copyright to use abusing language since they are parents. As you are parents, you need to follow the right way of communication.
  • LEARN THEM HOW TO BEHAVE IN FRONT OF OTHERS – You always expect your child to be well-behaved in front of your friends/relatives. But who will learn all these things to your kids? If you think that you will get success to prepare your child within 10 minutes before entering your relatives then you are wrong. You have to learn to behave oriented necessary things daily and never let them forget. This thing will help them to become well-behaved kids and you will never let down in front of your relatives/friends.
  • MOTIVATIONAL STORIES – Yes!!! Motivation stories have always been one of the great things to make your kid enthusiastic and disciplined. There is a number of motivations story book. But always keep in mind that your duty does not get end if you have already provided this sort of books to your kids. You have to learn some of the stories from the book and tell them whenever you spend time with your kids. Parents have always been special for their children. And when you recite motivational stories in front of your kids, they observe many things from you. Not only story, you must discuss after telling story. It brings you and your child closed to each-others. 10 Ways to discipline your kids
  • TAKE CARE THE DIET OF YOUR KIDS – Health is wealth. You must take care the health of your kids. Avoiding balanced diet can make your kids irritate. And if your kid is not healthy then he/she will never show interest to listen you. Apart from it, healthy diet makes the kid enthusiastic. Apart from it, it keeps your child happy and they become quick learner. 10 Ways to discipline your kids
  • LEARN THEM TO FOLLOW ALARM – To make your child disciple, you also learn them to follow their alarm. Learn to get up at the right time, exercise at the right time, taking breakfast at the right time and much more. All these habits make them responsible. A punctual daily routine keeps them happy and a great observer.
  • SHARING, DO NOT AVOID TO LEARN  – There are many children who always say NO when it comes to share the tiffin and toys, etc. Learn them why they should share and why it is necessary. Sometime parents feel down when their kids deny to obey them and refuse to share their toys with others. When you will learn them in discreet manner, why it’s necessary to share, they will come to know and will follow it.

I hope all the above mentioned ways will help you to make your child very disciplined. If you hold interesting ways regarding the topic, then do not forget to share with us. We love to listen you. Till then Have A Happy Parenting…..

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