11 places to visit in Solapur

Sri Siddheshwar Temple - Solapur
Sri Siddheshwar Temple – Solapur

Today, we are going to explore about the premier Jain religious centre in Maharashtra. Have you got confused? Let me clear, we are talking about Solapur. As per history, Solapur is a Hindi word stands for “Sola” sixteen and “Pur” villages. If turn the page of history, Solapur was dominated by several dynasties like the Yadavas, the Chalukyas, the Bahamanis etc. The Bijapur King took the charge from the Bahamain Kingdom. Later, the Maratha ruled over it. In the year of 1960, Solapur declared the district of Maharastra. It would be quite enthralling to visit a place loaded with great history and must-visit places. Let’s have a look. 11 places to visit in Solapur

11 places to visit in Solapur

  • Bhagvant Temple: – This eye-catching temple is dedicated to lord Vishnu and widely known for its incredible beauty. Barshi is famous because of Bhagvant Temple and agriculture. The toor dal produced by Barshi is mind-blowing in taste. Bhagvant temple was established in the year of 1245 A.D. Here, the idol of main deity Shri Bhagvant is established and dipped in the black shade since it is made of black stone. SHANKH, CHAKRA and GADA is hold by the deity in the hands. Apart from it, the picture of devotee king Ambrish stands below the right hand. Devotees have great faith and come to get blessed. 11 places to visit in Solapur
Bhagwant temple – solapur
  • Hipparga Lake: – It is a beautiful lake which also supplies water to Solapur. The lake also holds great value as it associate to Lord Vittal. Devotees also visit. 11 places to visit in Solapur
  • Kamala Bhavani Temple, Karmala:- This enchanting temple is situated in Karmala in Solapur district. This temple was established by Rao Raje Nimbalkar in 1727. Since it is ancient, you must step out to make a stroll here. Here, you will a wall which enhances its beauty. It belongs to the goddess Bhavani. The beautiful architecture of this temple will let your heart away. Having a well of 96 steps adds a must-visit factor to this temple. If you wish to make your journey memorable, then you must schedule your visit during Navratri.
  • Maldhok Bird Sanctuary:- Do not think that Solapur does not hold any bird Sanctuary. You are wrong if think the same. Here is Maldhok Bird Sanctuary to welcome you. It covers a vast area. You can see here different types of Mongoose, squirrels, deer and birds. 11 places to visit in Solapur
  • Motibaug Tank :- If you wish to get enthralled watching birds then you must head to Motibaug Tank. This tank is decorated with pink and white lotuses. To see migratory birds, you must visit it in winter season.
  • Sambhaji(Kambar Talav) Lake:- It is also known as Qamar and the name drives to the daughter of Aurangzeb-the Mughal Emperor. But now it is known as Kambar Talav. 11 places to visit in Solapur
11 places to visit in Solapur
Kambar talav lake – Solapur
  • Shri Dahigaun Teerth: – Your journey will be incomplete if does not visit this beautiful temple. There is a black-colour idol of Bhagvan Mahavir Swami. The eye-catching paintings will leave you speechless.
  • Solapur Fort :- It is an ancient fort which holds historical and religious value both. It was established in the 14th century in the memory of Hutama Bagh. 11 places to visit in Solapur
    11 places to visit in Solapur
    Solapur fort
  • The Vithoba temple: – It has always been a great attraction among the Hindu pilgrims. Here, the Lord Vitthal is worshipped. This temple has six gates and covers a wide area. 11 places to visit in Solapur
  • Siddheshwar Temple: – This incredible temple belongs to Lord Shiva. Since it is situated in the middle of the lake, it looks outstanding and incredible. Siddeshwar Temple was built by a Yogi who was a disciple of Sri Mallikajuna. 11 places to visit in Solapur
11 places to visit in Solapur
Siddheshwar Temple -Solapur
  • Sangola:- How many of you love pomegranate? I am sure there would be many. If you love this fruit, then you must visit Sangola. Yes!!! It is widely popular for pomegranate production. At this point, pomegranates are exported to different countries like London, Middle East Countries, and Dubai etc. There are some historical places are also situated around Sangola. 11 places to visit in Solapur

Fair and Festival in Solapur

  • Madheshawari Devi Yatra:- This Yatra is held in Ashwin Month at the Madheshwari temple at Madha in Solapur. It is one of the very important processions belong to Solapur. It holds a very historical importance. In 2016, it will be held on October 15. A number of devotees come every year to take part in this Yatra.
  • Ambika Devi Fair:- It is organised in Magh month which is also known as Ambabai Yatra. To get blessed, thousands of people head to Ambika Devi Temple. Since it is an ancient temple, it holds a great value. Palki Yatra is the main attraction of this Fair. 11 places to visit in Solapur

Things To Do in Solapur

  • Aamina and Meena Bazaar is perfect place to buy gifts and memorable items for your loved one. If you love shopping then you must head to Aamina Bazar.
  • Bagwat Big Cinemas is here to serve the new age visitors who wants more to this city. It is the huge Cinemas and perfect to spend some quality time with your family and friends.
  • If you have great faith in all religion then you must step in to Hazrat Shah Zahur Dargah. If you wish to explore something more, it is a perfect place to learn more about other religion. Many devotees come every year to pamper their spiritual inclination.

Best Time to visit Solapur

To visit Solapur, in between the month of September to February will be right. During these months, weather remains cool and calm. 11 places to visit in Solapur

How To reach Solapur

  • By Air:- the nearest airport is Belgaum Airport which is well-connected to other major cities of the country. Regular flights are available. Apart from it, Solapur Airport and Osmanabad Airport also situated near to Solapur.
  • By Train:- Solapur Junction is also well-connected to other major cities of India. Here, regular train service is available.
  • By Road:- this place is conveniently connected by road too. Visitors can reach by bus as well.

If you will fall in love with Solapur after coming here as the people of Solapur are warm and tolerant. So, the next trip should be Solapur Trip. Well!!! Now it is time to say Bye-Bye to you. And yes!!! Do not forget to share your views with us. Stay tuned with Jiyo Pal Pal for more updates… Till then, have fun and Have A happy Reading and Journey both…

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