12 ways to get your mojo back

12 ways to get your mojo back
12 ways to get your mojo back

Mojo refers to your self-confidence, self-efficacy, self-esteem, or even sex appeal. Dr. Evil from Austin Powers’ nemesis in the Austin Powers film series–defines mojo as follows: “The desire, the life force, the right stuff, the essence, what the French call a certain, ‘I don’t know what, If you’ve lost your mojo, follow the

12 ways to get your mojo back

12 ways to get your mojo back
12 ways to get your mojo back
  1. Avoid distractions – The first thing to do is sleep with your phone in airplane mode. Wake up, and keep it in airplane mode. For as long as you can, leave it in airplane mode. As soon as you check your phone, you’re opening yourself up to diversions and you’re on someone else’s time. When you reply immediately it’s as if you’re on a leash to somebody else’s requests. This causes strain, as it slows the progress of your own goals and mission. Check emails just twice a day and leave your emails and distress off at all other times.
  2. Commit the first hour to yourself – Commit the first hour of your day making yourself ready for the day ahead and de-stress. This is normally some form of exercise – this might be fitness class or yoga, some form of aerobic exercises like jogging or cycling, or some form of meditation and/or strength training. Aerobic activity is the best method for emotional rehabilitation according to Tony Schwartz, who is the author of “The Power Of Full Engagement”.12 ways to get your mojo back
  1. Count your blessings each morning – Be appreciative. This can be done during exercise or yoga or individually. This is one of the most effective techniques to tune into everything positive you have in your life and when you focus on your blessing, this serves to de-stress and be rid of fear. 12 ways to get your mojo back
  1. Visualize the day – Imagine every day what you want to plan that day. Say your goals out load.
  1. Feed your body with the right fuel – After your exercise, fuel your muscles with a common form of protein and carbohydrate. Plant-based protein shakes like pea protein blends are the best one to go for. You can mix it with banana and Almond milk and rest convinced that you are only putting fuel into your body, no nasty chemicals which are found in the most of the protein bars and shakes.
  1. Change your breakfast – If you eat breakfast, leave the cereal and milk. Grains are high inflammatory and glycemic and milk typically causes inflammation among other things. Most individuals cannot process milk – probably because it’s meant for baby cows to grow fast. Go for a protein and nutrient-rich breakfast. You can try organic egg based things 12 ways to get your mojo back
  1. Opt for green tea and ditch the coffee – It’s amazing. It serves to slow the rate at which your body consumes carbs (meaning a more steady insulin rejoinder), helps to burn fat (means no longer fat tummy), increases metabolism and is a great antioxidant. It’s also good for your brain. Have it simple, in as natural and organic state as possible. 12 ways to get your mojo back
  1. Get vegetable juicing – Feed your body with some form of vegetable juice after your workout or at some point within breakfast and lunch. Pure veggies are best, maybe with one piece of fruit to flavor the meal. Juicing is possibly the most efficient method to get a large dosage of micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) into your body which our cells and body need thriving. The biggest takeaway in the Western World is that we are stuffing our faces, yet denying ourselves of key micronutrients we need as human beings to not only survive but grow. We only get micronutrients from plant-based products. A cooked vegetable in the night is just a small fraction of what we need on a regular basis. 51% of our daily food consumption should be raw, plant-based foods. Most of us are starving. This leads to illness, lack of energy, hormonal imbalance, and faster aging. When veggies are cooked, most of the nutrients are removed from them. Fresh juicing is simply excellent.
  1. Change your lunch – Rather than having a grain-based lunch, have a massive salad with a form of protein, try some kind of fatty fish like mackerel, salmon, sardines. If you feel very hungry and really feel you need extra carbs, try quinoa, buckwheat, millet or sweet potato. These are not grains and are lower on the glycemic ratio, meaning your blood sugars will remain constant, you won’t store the carbs as fat, you won’t feel energy highs and lows and the dreaded food coma. 12 ways to get your mojo back
  1. Set small goals – Set yourself up to have regular, small wins. Rather than setting huge goals that can take years to achieve and telling yourself that you’ll succeed once you achieve them, split your goals down into monthly, weekly, and daily basis. Each day that you complete the daily tasks which will move you closer to your long-term aims, give yourself a pat on the back and let yourself to feel pleasure for what you’ve accomplished. Appreciate your small wins. 12 ways to get your mojo back
  1. Celebrate the accomplishments – This step is important after achieving your small goals. Marking completed tasks might be as easy as a note in your journal or calendar, listing the task or project and writing, Done. Or maybe it deserves a celebration. For some, achieving a significant task and moving on entails a feeling of loss or sadness. Listing the occasion gives you the chance to celebrate your accomplishment and de-stress yourself. Celebrate all the small wins and make the day count. 12 ways to get your mojo back
  1. Be true to yourself – Nothing will kill your mojo faster than attempting to look outside of yourself for guidance instead of hearing to your inner voice. 12 ways to get your mojo back

Are you doing what you really desire to do, or are you trying to meet the expectations of others? Are you following traditional wisdom instead of listening to your gut? Paying attention to your real needs and hearing to your inner wisdom is one of the best ways to get your mojo back and also makes you feel happy as you are doing everything that you want to do, everything that you desire to do.

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