15 Money Rituals and Spells to Attract Wealth

15 Money Rituals and Spells to Attract Wealth
15 Money Rituals and Spells to Attract Wealth

Money… And this word is enough to fetch attention. We all are concerned about money since it seriously takes a lot of efforts and hard work to earn it. But have you ever concentrated that what is all about 15 money rituals and spells to attract wealth? If not then you should go through these points mentioned below. Let’s check it out

15 Money Rituals and Spells to Attract Wealth
15 Money Rituals and Spells to Attract Wealth

First, you need to make sure that using the magic spell is not a harmful thing at all. Though money spell would not make you a tycoon, it helps in a great way to eradicate your financial issues. As of now, many people have practiced them and find the positive results. If you have been going through any financial issues then these magic spell will surely help you. Using money spell helps a lot to obtain wealth. It is not new at all but has been practicing for a long time. And these spells can bring fortune and good karma both to you. Sometimes what happens we do not get enough to catch the positive vibes or something comes between us and the good fortune which leads to financial issues? These money magic spells help in a great way to eradicate the issues completely. Magic spell work for all. You can spell it does not matter what zodiac sign you have. Since they are so many magic spells to try, the effect varies from person to person. It means you have to wait and analyze that what magic spell goes with you. According to experts, do always follow the sophisticated method. Go with the steps as it has been shared. Do not skip them otherwise it would not happen in a right way. 15 Money Rituals and Spells to Attract Wealth

15 Money Rituals and Spells to Attract Wealth

The money is just a flow of energy similar to our life and always managed to attract as much as money we need. Many people knew “Money Mind Tricks” a few years ago that might find useful if you’re looking for more money or just for inspiration. The full moon face is the best time for magical spells.

  • Magic Wallet: If we truly desire to keep a constant stream of money in our life, get a brown of ruby red wallet. These colors tend to attract more money. It has a positive effect to keep cash flowing consistently into your wallet. Are you looking for the best way to attract more money then you may go with this point?
  • Learn to speak with money: Money is energy and should be treated the same way you want to be treated. In other words, love money and money will love you. Talk about money and people who have become rich in a good way. Don’t envy the wealth of anyone which these people have gained. Envy is the biggest hurdle to financial independence. Hold in your hand you highest denomination and start talking. Tell your money, how much you care about them and how you feel when large amounts of money in your wallet. It may sound a bit bizarre but it is true and you will have the best feeling practicing this way.
  • The magic with birch-bark: Obtain white birch bark and write your desire on it. You can use a pen and pencil to write. Bark material is very much similar to a paper. Write the exact amount you desire on the bark and then put the birch-bark on a stone or any other place that can’t catch fire and ignite it. Once the birch-bark starts to burn, imagine you already have desired amount of money in your wallet or bank account. When the bark burns, say thank you three times and let it go. 15 Money Rituals and Spells to Attract Wealth
  • Green Candle Money Spell: Take your candle and eccrine your name and how much you need (the exact amount). Down the length of the candle using the pin. An anoint the candle with vegetable oil, avoiding the whisk (rub oil all over the candle) roll the candle on the basil. Place it on the candle holder and say the following as you lit it: Money Come and Money Grow. Money is mine and to my flow. Let the candle burn down completely. Don’t blow it out. 15 Money Rituals and Spells to Attract Wealth
  • 8-day money back spell: Put eight coins and eight green leaves together in a charm bag or a pouch. Chant “Money grows on trees, Riches come to me” eight times. Carry this bag with you for eight days.
  • A spell of mirroring: It is a simple trick in which mirror must be kept in your wallet between bank notes. This may multiply the number of banknotes. Note: Never keep the mirror in an empty wallet as they may cause money shortage. 15 Money Rituals and Spells to Attract Wealth
  • The written promise magic spell: Scribble down that you’re going to be rich very soon and by all means believe it. Yes!!! It also helps. But you need to make sure that it goes with you or not. For this, you have to try it first. 15 Money Rituals and Spells to Attract Wealth
  • The bay leaf invocation: The green pigmentation on the bay leaf symbolizes money. To complete the charm, you’ll need a few banknotes, a flower pot, and a jar. Place seven banknotes into the jar using your right hand. Chant “Money shine and the money ring” every now and then. After chanting, write your name on the bay leaf before throwing it in the jar. Right after tossing the bay leaf into the jar, place the lid on it. Write the amount of money you wish to come by and bury it in the flower pot. Feel free to put a banknote every other time you pass by the jar while going about your business. Make sure you channel the right kind of energy from universe and chant from your heart. 15 Money Rituals and Spells to Attract Wealth
  • Sugar does not just attract flies: Sugar is the sweet ingredient that in white magic is also used to attract money quickly. For this ritual, you will only need sugar, a jar, and a money or bill note. On a full moon night, take the container and fill it with sugar, place the notes inside, and put everything in a place where the light of the full moon will light it. Leave it there until the new moon, and you will see how soon the money you need appeared in your life. 15 Money Rituals and Spells to Attract Wealth
  • With incense: Put your mind in a state of meditation and light the incense. Sandalwood incense should be used because sandalwood is closely linked in white magic with the power to draw money. Focus on feeling happiness and love in your heart, and the happiness includes the money you want to attract. When you are feeling that your wish will truly come true, chant the following sentence ten times in a row.” The magical herbs burns in the fire, bring to my heart this desire”. 15 Money Rituals and Spells to Attract Wealth
  • Practice gratitude: It is the most powerful spell for attracting good fortunes despite being ignored by almost everyone. List down all the little things you are grateful for and watch all your other dreams come to fruition. Learn to be grateful on daily basis and you’ll attract tons of money in your life. Practicing gratitude will leave you motivated, happy and stress-free.
  • The lottery money spells: The list does not get ended up here since it is quite long. The next on the list is this one. For this, you’ll need a green candle and 6 coins. Arrange the coins around the green candle before lighting it up. Then beseech the universe to let the money flow, let the money grow, let the money shine and finally, let all the money be yours. The spell has one main trick which is believing in the power of your mind and chanting.
  • The lunar money rituals: You’ll start by closing your eyes and imagining lots of gold and silver in your possession. Feel free to chant with sending positing vibes.
  • The energy flow money spell: All you need is two green candles, a couple of coins and a silver bowl. Think of the bowl is filled to brim with money. Now, arrange the candles beside the bowl then place the coins around it in a clockwise manner. Start chanting, say how much you need the Shiney money to flow into your life and do so in abundance.
  • Immediate money spell: You’ll need a white candle, some salt, and a handful of coins. Arrange the coins in a circular shape over a table. Place the candle in the middle. Pour out some salt inside the circle of coins and lit the candle. This is meant to appease the spirits and ward off bad mojo. Start chanting, with every word you say to make sure you mean it.

Do Money Spells And Chants Actually Work?

You may not believe but it is true that money spells and chants actually work. Well!!! No wonder that it actually works. The fact cannot be ignored there are so many people out there who are getting benefitted going with this way. Are you also looking forward to doing this? You have landed at the right place. What you need to do this is trying and believes in the kind of vibrations first. It means you have to believe first that you believe this method. You cannot go superficial. If you practice it without following the right way then you will defiantly have the positive benefits. You also need to make sure that you are going with right ingredients for your spells. You need to follow the sophisticated and quality based methodology and accurate method to get benefitted. And you will see that how it works to you. You may not believe but some money spells show immediate success as well. Before spelling them, you need to make sure that you are having a good mind, loaded with a positive mind as it is the most important thing while casing money spells. A positive attitude always works and quite essential in order to get it done successfully. You also need to be careful while following the directions. Each ritual is suggested to spell following the right direction as it makes it powerful and efficient. Pick the right one that you find that you can spell easily without any issues. Saying would not wrong that some money spells are quite a power in comparison to others. Once you tried many, and then go with the spell that you find work great according to your desire. Do not hesitate to ask professional spell caster to get rid of confusion. This way will always help you the beginners. Moreover, you should also keep practicing it so that you will get learned a lot and would not find any issues reading them out.

Other Practical Ways To Save and Increase Money

  • Save Your Money – Do not splurge thinking that you are having a strong source of making money. You cannot predict your future and that is why you need to make sure that you are saving in a right way. You do not need to get confused at all. For this, you need to make your budget that you would not get over this. You also need to stop splurging money on unnecessary things. Before stepping out of the home, make sure that you are going in the right way to make money.
  • Help The Needy – It is being suggested that when you help the needy, it comes back to you as well. All you need to do is spare a chuck according to your choice from your earning and donate it to the needy once in a year or every month as per your choice. Moreover, you also need to make sure that you are giving to the needy. Apart from it, you can also donate medicine, clothes, bed sheet, food or anything that you find would be good to donate to the needy instead of giving just money.
  • Increase Your Sources Of Investment – To double your money, you should also concentrate the ways can bring a great return to you. For this, you can go ahead to buy gold or can invest in real estate. These both ways are considered the best way to get a great return. When you invest at any of these two places, you feel great right from the core of the heart. Apart from it, there are so many other ways of investment and you can choose any of them according to your choice. Have more investment means you would have a great return. Keep a close eye over a new method of investments in order to get great returns. Apart from going with conventional investment ways, you also need to go with the modern ways.

Benefits Of Practicing Money Spells

There are so many people who also wish to know about it. Here, it is being mentioned that the key is to have faith and the emanate desire. When you go with both of these, you will get showered with incredible benefits. To put in simple words, it is like the law of attraction. It is up to you that what to say and what you believe holds the potential to become reality. With these money spells, the flow of energy is attracted so that success and fortune would never get ended up. You just need to be careful while going with this money spell since they should bet get spelled in the right way with the positive thoughts. You should create positive energies so that spell will work better. It means the general rule is that you need to be positive while spelling so that the desired benefits and results would be received.

  • It attracts positive vibes and makes you get filled with positivity. The people who wish to get rid of financial issues can get benefitted from practicing it.
  • Practicing money spells means you will get attracted to more money sources. As of now, many people have practiced and get benefitted.
  • It also encourages you to keep going on and work hard until you get the desired results.
  • It plays a major role to turn your customers into the regular ones and this way brings more benefits to you.

We hope that the above-mentioned points will help you sure to get the positive results and you will get benefited. Do follow any of them you find easy and beneficial. If it works for you then do not forget to share it with others as it will help them as well. So, what are you waiting for? It is time to go ahead and churn out the benefits.


It is being mentioned here that the motto of Jiyo Pal Pal is just introducing the best ways of attracting money. We are not encouraged to go superstitious. These are just common and very popular ways to attract money which sometimes work when followed in a right way. So, we are just doing introducing with a good purpose.

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