1982 A Love Marriage – Movie review

1982  A Love Marriage - Movie review
1982 A Love Marriage – Movie review

1982- A Love Marriage has hit the floor and it is here to make your mood. Well!!! after a long time, Comedy and Drama oriented film has got released. For those who have been waiting this type of movie, now there is an excellent chance to spend quality time with family and friends. It is directed by Prashant M Gorey, while it is produced by Shiv Kumar Sharma. 1982-A love Marriage is going to feature Amit Kumar Sharma and Omna Harjani. And the cinematography of this movie is done by Giri RAtan Singh.

If you are contemplating that if there is any short of similarities between 1942 Love Story and the recently release 1982 –Love story, then let me clear you that there is nothing like this. The newly released movie is light-hearted take on love and arranged marriages while the 1942-a love story was infused with action and conflicts. This motive behind this movie is serving entertainment to the audience.


This movie takes you in the era of 1980s and the story of this movie revolves around a man who is extremely excited about the concept of love marriage. He watched Kumar Gaurav’s Love Story 22 times and expected the same to get happened in his life. But destiny does not go along with him as he eventually has an arranged marriage. And he gets disthertened. The lead character is being played by the actor Amit Kumar Sharma. In 1980, numerous divorces were happening and considered that love marriage would not be successful. On that time, arranged marriage were successful. What happens the next? Would he love his wife? Saying would not be wrong that movie churn out the conclusion. But it is up to you do you love this conclusion or not.


The performance of all characters is just outstanding. They do not leave any stone to get into the skin of their roles. Amit Kumar Sharma played his role in a unique manner and land you to another world. On the basis of performance, it a great movie.


Love Marriage VS Arrange Marriage has always been a point of discussion among the people. And this movie has been created to bring you out of the dilemma if you also think whether love marriage is a success or arranged marriage? If you wish to have an answer of your confusion, then you must have go for watching this movie. 1982- a love story is dipped in the delicious comedy and outstanding drama to keep you get engaged with this movie.

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to jazz up your mood. There is a great movie to enjoy with friends. IT does not take you only 30 years back but entertains you in an outstanding manner. After watching it, do not forget to share your feedback with us. We have been waiting here.

  • Genre – Drama, Comedy
  • Star Cast – Amitkumar Sharma, Omna Harjani
  • Director –Prashant M. Gorey
  • Rating –  2/5

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