21 Best Places To Celebrate New Year | New Year Celebration


Best Places To Celebrate New Year in India and Abroad

Best Places To Celebrate New Year
21 Best Places To Celebrate New Year

Go With Any of These 21 Best Places To Celebrate New Year

New Year is just around the corner and you might be contemplating that where you can go to celebrate New Year. Many people want to celebrate 2020 in an incredible manner. New Year encourages starting a new year with a lot of pomp and show. Why should you feel lethargic when you can celebrate the upcoming year visiting one of the best places?

Here, we are going to explain those special places in the world and India considered worthy to celebrate New Year. Let’s check it out in a detailed manner –

11 Best Place’s In the World

Do you want to know the best places to celebrate New Year? Let us check it out in a great way –

  1. Madrid, Spain

How many of you love Spain? If you are one of them love this country then you must go for it. Let us check it out why should you go ahead to celebrate New Year in Madrid Spain.

  • Here, Mecano musical group is quite popular and has always been favorite among the people.
  • You should not forget to celebrate New Year’s Eve in such a famous Madrid square since it quite famous all across the world.
  • The Puerta del Sol clock is the most famous mechanism in Spain.
  1. New York, United States

The next one on the list is New York.  You may also head to New York to celebrate your new year is a great way indeed. Reasons to choose New York to celebrate New York have been mentioned below such as –

  • Times Square is regarded as a great place to go ahead and have a nice experience indeed.
  • Do not forget to enjoy the local food indeed.
  • A variety of musical shows and a wide array of celebrations are done on this day to double happiness. People do take part with full of happiness to enjoy a lot.

So, what are you waiting for? It is time to go ahead and book your ticket to celebrate in a great way indeed.

  1. London, England

Moreover, who will say No to London indeed? It is just an amazing place to have a lot of fun and excitement. London will truly leave you speechless with its amazing enthusiasm.

London is regarded as the capital city of England and has always been regarded as the best New Year’s Eve party during the New Year. If you have been hunting for a great place to celebrate the new year, you have landed in the right place.

  • On the occasion of the New Year, the city is decorated and well lit up. Every year a number of people do come up right from all across the world.
  • St Paul’s, the Cannon Street as well as the Monument areas of the London city is regarded as a good place to have a great time.
  • You may go ahead to enjoy New Year’s Eve river cruise or go-ahead to have dinner at sky-high restaurants in the city to have an amazing experience.
  • You know that going to London during New Year is always a real pleasure, so take advantage that you have it around the corner to finish this 2019 big time.
  • From the South Bank, next to the well-known London Eye, you can see together with more than 500,000 people the incredible fireworks show on the Thames and Big Ben when the New Year has begun. The end of the year party in the British capital lasts until late at night but if you decide to start 2016 without stopping celebrating, you cannot miss the New Year’s Day Parade, a great New Year parade in which the best musicians, dancers, and acrobats roam the city streets.
  1. Sydney, Australia

Australia Melbourne City has always been quite special among people who want to celebrate the New Year in an amazing manner. Melbourne anchors two official firework displays, which are highly popular among the tourists as well as locals in large numbers. Stop watching it on the news and run to Sydney to celebrate live one of the first entries to 2020. The Australian city fireworks show is one of the most impressive on the planet and the image of the celebration of the New Year with an illuminated Opera House and a beautiful bay as a backdrop has been around the world on many occasions.

  • Yarra Park is quite a favourite of people all around the world to enjoy the festivity.
  • Victoria Harbour is next on the list has always been high in demand.
  • A wide array of live acts is also introduced on a special occasion of New Year.
  • Here dance performance and folk musicians all across the city are also regarded quite special indeed.
  • The best places in the city such as the Botanic Gardens, where admission is free.
  • Although there are several previous pyrotechnic sessions, the most spectacular is the one that says goodbye to the year and lasts about fifteen minutes adorning the Sydney sky with all kinds of fire figures.
  1. Paris, France

France could be an amazing place to go and enjoy with family on this New Year. The city of light is all set to make you feel amazing right from the core of the heart.

  • Talking about the attraction, it comes up with incredible fireworks as well as a light show. You will truly love it indeed.
  • On New Year, Parisians and visitors from all over the planet come together to toast with champagne and welcome the year with the papillotes, typical chocolates  covered with a shiny wrapper.
  • Finish your different New Year’s Eve at the Feast of St. Sylvester, crowned by the iconic Eiffel Tower, which today looks prettier than ever with the background fireworks.
  • Here, you may go for having a party at Champs-Elysees and Montmartre’s Coeur Plaza.
  1. Bangkok Thailand

Yes! You may go there in order to have an incredible experience indeed. It is indeed an incredible city for sure.

  • Here, you can enjoy metropolis locals too have an incredible experience.
  • Do not forget to head to Central World Square, which is incredibly amazing indeed.
  • Here you should also not miss light shows and live concerts since they are amazing indeed.
  • Video screen projections also take the value of the New Year celebration on the next level.
  • Firework also makes the entire celebration go amazing.
  • Nightclub of the city will make you fall in love with the city’s way of celebrating the New Year’s Eve.
  1. Budapest, Hungary

The New Year celebrations in the capital of Hungary do not stick to the night of December 31 and the morning of January 1. The Hungarians are true partiers and when you set foot in the city of the Danube they will take several days of revelry. So if you want a complete New Year’s Eve, fly to Budapest.

  • Take a place in front of the Chain Bridge to see the fireworks over Buda Castle;
  • Enjoy your Toast with Palinka
  • Run to enjoy the best ruin bars that come alive until late at night
  • Enjoy good music at the concert
  1. Tokyo, Japan

The celebration of the New Year in Japan is full of symbolism and rituals that you must fulfill even three days after the shōgatsu, that is, the main Japanese holiday. Say goodbye to 2019 doing these below mentioned things such as

  • Enjoy some Toshi Koshi-soba
  • The traditional noodles that symbolize the hope of a long life
  • Do not forget to visit the Meiji Jingu, one of Tokyo’s most important temples, to ring the bell, pray to the gods
  • Drink amazaki,
  • You should go to the famous Shibuya crossing
  • Do have the party in one of the karaokes of one of the most exciting cities in the world.
  1. Edinburgh, Scotland

Do not worry about the cold, warm up and discover the amazing New Year’s Eve of Edinburgh, a city that makes us fall in love more and more.

  • Do enjoy the streets dances
  • Concerts of large musical groups such as Kaiser Chiefs
  1. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

More than two million people concentrate on the world-famous Copacabana beach to celebrate New Year’s Eve and welcome the New Year with a macro party to the rhythm of samba.

  • Wear White to get indulged in the new year party celebration
  • Throw yourself at the beach to dance to the sound of the drums in the acclaimed Reveillon
  • Do not forget to enjoy the massive carioca party in which spectacular fireworks
  • Enjoy good music
  • Eat seven grapes this time, throw flowers into the sea are considered tradition to do
  1. Vienna, Austria

Moreover, Austria cannot be ignored indeed, since it is just amazing and beauty cannot be explored in words. It can be said that it is simply a wonder.

  • The imperial city dresses up with its lights and street markets will truly make you crazy.
  • In addition, the snow covers its streets giving it a special touch to make your new year go memorable.
  • In addition, the historic center of this Austrian city becomes a big party on December 31.
  • Where you want to eat or drink, you will have a wide array of options.
  • Since you have come here, you should not miss the most famous classical music concert in the world, the Vienna Philharmonic New Year’s concert. It is quite popular all across the world.

10 Lovely Places to Celebrate New Year in India

Best Places To Celebrate New Year
21 Best Places To Celebrate New Year

India is indeed beautiful and it comes up with an amazing list of places where you should go to enjoy New Year Party

  1. Gokarna, Karnataka

Gokarna is regarded as a lovely place to visit and celebrate a new year. Saying would not wrong that it is worthy to go. Why should you go –

  • It is a beautiful beach destination
  • Commercial activities are done to have an amazing experience
  • Serene environment to make you have a relaxing holiday.
  • It is also quite important for the Hindus as it the abode of Lord Mahakaleshwar.
  1. Jaisalmaer, Rajasthan

Jaisalmer Rajasthan is next of the list can truly bring many great vibes on the New Year 2020.

  • Sonar Quila is worthy to visit also regarded as a Jaisalmer Fort
  • Do visit amazing forts and palaces to understand its culture
  • Desert of the golden sand – The Thar which is amazingly beautiful and different
  1. Andaman and Nicobar Islands

And you should not forget to go with this one known for amazing beauty. Do you know why should you go and celebrate the New Year –?

  • Beach destination brings more peace to you
  • You will have a calm and serene island to celebrate
  • Known for crazy parties and that is why you can go with your family and friends too
  • All-night parties in the middle of the ocean are just amazing
  • Beautiful resorts and beaches will make you go crazy indeed
  1. Goa

Without adding Goa, the list will not get completed for sure. It has always been popular among the tourists for its amazing culture –

  • Sunburn festival is quite popular
  • New Year Carnivals making Goa quite high in demand among the people
  • Goa is also known for interesting people
  • Here, you can cheap seafood
  • Free-flowing booze
  • Do not forget to enjoy dance
  • Parties are not going to stop
  • Beach shacks will make you go crazy
  • Do not forget to enjoy surf ride
  1. Pondicherry

Pondicherry is just amazing and all set make you go with the amazing experience indeed. The fact cannot be ignored this union territory has always been regarded as a hipster charm. The French colonial charm of the streets of Pondicherry is just amazing and worthy to be witnessed. Here, peaceful Ashrams will make you at peace indeed. You may experience how the culture of this city is just amazing.

  1. Udaipur, Rajasthan

And it is the city of lakes has always been ruling on many hearts. It is not only a historical place but indeed more than that. Udaipur is regarded as one of the best places to enjoy the new year for these reasons –

  • Lake waters with lovely beauty
  • Massive Rajput palaces to get indulged into the amazing culture,
  • Colorful people with vibrant handicrafts to experience the beauty of the place
  • Surrounded by the Aravalli range with its dense wildlife making it amazingly beautiful
  1. McLeodganj, Himachal Pradesh

The list will not get completed until McLeodganj is not added to it. Yes!!! It is an amazing place to explore on new-year. You should go ahead of the new year because of these amazing reasons such as –

  • Best sightseeing places are here to make it go a bit more beautiful
  • Verdant greenery will make you at peace if you are going with family to explore some chill
  • Chilly mountain breeze will truly take your stress away
  • Winter season is truly amazing
  • Great cafes and eateries are here to welcome you
  1. Manali, Himachal Pradesh

Manali is just amazing and even its beauty cannot be described in words indeed. If you really want to get indulged with an amazing experience, you must go with this option indeed. You can visit this amazing place for various reasons such as –

  • Go skiing with family and friends
  • Do not forget to breathe the smell of fresh pine trees,
  • Do explore fruit orchards
  • And be a part of crazy parties
  1. Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu

If you think that this place could be hot, you are a bit wrong. The south isn’t hot but it remains humid all across the year.

  • You should choose it to celebrate the new year for its fair share of green hill stations,
  • quaint cafes in the valley villages are just marvelous to make you get filled with an amazing experience
  • Do enjoy best coffees in the country
  • lush surroundings are all set to take you another world
  1. New Delhi

And how can we forget New Delhi also known as the capital city of the country? There are so many things to do in Delhi to celebrate New Year indeed. The amazing things are being mentioned below and you will truly love it to get indulged with these ones –

  • Attending Performing Art Shows to have an incredible experience
  • Concerts to have party mood on
  • Historical Walks Visiting The Heritage Of The Old Part Of The City to understand the culture of this city
  • Going On A Food Walk Through The Different Restaurants And Cafes to feel amazing
  • Great Music Surrounded By Fun-Loving People

In The Last 

So, what are you waiting for? It is time to go and experience the incredible beauty of these places. They are just amazing and will make you fall in love with beauty indeed. If you have been hunting for the best places to celebrate the new year, you are in the right place.

We have mentioned the best places all across the world and India too.

Have A Happy New Year…

JiyoPalPal gives you the best wishes …

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