5 Best national parks in Assam

5 Best national parks in Assam
5 Best national parks in Assam

The beauty of this state cannot be explored words as it is quite beautiful and the fact cannot be denied that National Parks are playing a crucial role to add a spark to its beauty. Assam is one of the seven sisters that create the majestic East of India5 Best national parks in Assam

This richly blessed state has a lot of flora and fauna. The forests and plains of the state have several species of trees and animals and birds that makes a nature lover mesmerized. Choose one of these national parks in Assam as your next holiday destination as we are going to cite the name the prominent 5 national parks here. Make the most of the beauty and nature that Assam has to offer. So, let’s check it out what you must not skip while heading Assam to visit.

5 Best national parks in Assam
5 Best national parks in Assam

5 Best national parks in Assam

1. Kaziranga National Park – It would not be a new name to you as we all have been hearing it since long. There would be many of you who have already visited it. Kaziranga National Park is considered one of the best national parks in the country. This diverse park has so much to offer. Why Should You Visit This Park –

  • It has the one-horned rhinoceros and also elephants. Among the other animals that choose this as their home is are tigers, wild boars, leopards, jackals and also monitor lizards. 5 Best national parks in Assam
  • You will find birds of various species like Himalayan Griffon, Oriental Honey Buzzard, Fishing and White- tailed Eagle.  There are four rivers that intersect here and this creates the best flora and fauna. In short, it can be said that it is a perfect place to head in order to get oozed with a lot of fun and happiness.
  • You can get adventurous by going on the safari trails here by boat or jeep. 5 Best national parks in Assam

2. Manas National Park –Manas National Park is on the north east of Assam and this shares its border with Bhutan. You must not skip it as it holds a number of things to leave you speechless. Here, we are citing why you should visit Manas National Park. Reasons To Give A Thumbs Up To Park 5 Best national parks in Assam

  • This national park gets a lot of rainfall and this creates almost more than twenty species. It is a perfect place to go with family and friends especially kids as they will come to know a lot.
  • These species are also endangered. You will be happy to spot water buffaloes, Assam roofed turtle, Hispid Hare, Pygmy Hog and also Golden Langoor. 5 Best national parks in Assam
  • This World Heritage Site has so much biodiversity that it makes the place a must see in your holiday destination list. 5 Best national parks in Assam

3. Dibru Saikhowa National Park –The Dibru Saikhowa National Park is present in the Tinsukia district of Assam. This national park has some of the rare species of the world and that is why it is quite popular among the people. Every year a number of visitors visit this place. Why Should You Visit This Place

  • You will find hundreds of birds that are local or even some migratory ones that come to the wetlands of the park. If you are heading with kids, it will be a lot of fun. Apart from it, watching these birds will also make you go crazy. For the nature lover, it is a paradise. 5 Best national parks in Assam
  • Check out Marsh babbler, ducks, white rumped vulture as these are in the extinction list. You will also get to see water buffalo, gibbon and elephants. To put simple words, there is no dearth of the options you can enjoy there. 5 Best national parks in Assam
  • The safari by boat will let you spot the Gangetic River Dolphins too. And you must not skip as it will add a number of things to your memory. 5 Best national parks in Assam

4. Nameri National Park – Nameri National Park is a huge place as it shares it boundary with Pakhui Wildlife Sanctuary. This is perfect for nature lovers especially the bird watchers. Apart from it, Nameri is favorite for many reasons and some of them have been mentioned below. What Makes Nameri National Park High In Demand

  • There are several species of birds that are present in the Himalayan foothills. Spot the Ibis bill, black stork, wreathed horn bill as well as the Rufus necked hornbill. 5 Best national parks in Assam
  • Check out the Himalayan black bear, Indian Giant Squirrel apart from the tigers and wild boars.
  • Apart from the fauna you will also spot several orchids here and they are too cute to watch. You will love watching them. 5 Best national parks in Assam

5. Orang National Park – Without Orang how the list of best national park of Assam can get accomplished. This national park on the north of the Brahmaputra River has some of the dense population of the one-horned rhinos. It is quite famous and some of reasons are being mentioned below. Take a look. What Makes Orang National Park Popular 5 Best national parks in Assam

  • The Orang National Park is small when compared to the other national parks in Assam but it is still unique in its flora and fauna. Every year a number of visitors head to this place to see amazing flora and fauna and they hold magic to take you another world. 5 Best national parks in Assam
  • The animals like Indian civet, Indian fox, pangolin and porcupine all live here. Yes!!! And this is the prominent thing makes visitors crazy to it.
  • Apart from it, you are also see here pintails, kingfishers very clearly. Saying would not wrong that it holds a lot of things to entertain you. 5 Best national parks in Assam

Check out these spectacular national parks that Assam has to offer along with its flora and fauna. If you have already visited these parks and hold something to share with us then feel free. We love to listen from you. Hope this article would be helpful to you if you have been thinking to head Assam to visit national park.

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