7 Reasons to go to Bhutan

7 Reasons to go to Bhutan
7 Reasons to go to Bhutan

We all love to travel to new places because we all aspire for change. Undoubtedly, change is the only constant in life and it definitely makes us feel better. And, it is best to explore something new every time we travel. It is being said that visiting lovely place brings your stress level down. If you are looking for a lovely place to go out then you Bhutan would be right. There would be many of you wish to know why you should go for exploring Bhutan. Let’s check it out in a discreet detail. 7 Reasons to go to Bhutan

7 Reasons to go to Bhutan

7 Reasons to go to Bhutan
7 Reasons to go to Bhutan

What Makes Bhutan Different From Others

If you want to witness beautiful ancient temples, different cultures, medieval period and breathtaking landscapes, then the place you need to plan your trip is Bhutan. Despite of being a small country it has a lot to offer to its visitors. For the peace seekers, it is a great place coming up with great amalgamation of beauty and nature. 7 Reasons To Go To BhutanSo, here we will explore 7 reasons to go to Bhutan because if you do not plan a trip to Bhutan in your lifetime then you miss out such a good experience in life. 7 Reasons to go to Bhutan

  • To get closer to the nature – If you are bored and tired of your high paced life and want to travel where you can relax and enjoy, then Bhutan got you covered. It is a place where you can really be closer to the nature, as it is a country which is said to be the heart of the nature. It is blessed with incredible natural beauty. Every year legions of people come here, and they really get showered with tranquility of mind.
  • Best place for trekkers – There are many who always prefer to have a lot of fun and keep looking for the adventurous places. Trekkers should not miss the chance to trek in the beautiful landscapes of Bhutan. The most fantastic one is the trek to Tiger Nest in Paro; once you reach there you will get to know that it was worth all your sweat and pain. If you are one of them love going for adventure, Bhutan is a great place to go.
  • Budget friendly destination –The next thing making thing place high in demand is that it is quite budget friendly. You do not have to put extra burden to your pocket. In comparison of other places, Bhutan is quite affordable and comes up all things can make your life quite beautiful. The amazing part about our neighboring country, Bhutan is that it is the best for budget travelers. And, you do not even need to get your currency changed, as the people there are very welcoming and accept Indian currency. 7 Reasons to go to Bhutan
  • Hub for foodies – The country is the hub for big foodies with distinct cuisines and flavors. If you are a person who loves to eat Pork, then you should not forget to eat it while you are in Bhutan. Ara, the local drink of Bhutan is famous all over the world for its amazing taste. Here, you can taste a wide array of dishes that you cannot not find anywhere else. Bhutan knows very well how to welcome the visitors. If you are visiting this, you must not skip the local drink and food since it is quite yummy and delicious. If you are in Bhutan to celebrate something special, adding these foods will make your visit memorable throughout the life.
  • Land of cultures – If you really want to be happy and see people following different cultures happily, then you will for sure get to see this in Bhutan. There you will find traditional arts and crafts which will leave you awestruck, as the people there are very hard working. Here, you will come across the different kind of culture to get glued with the beauty of culture. 7 Reasons to go to Bhutan
  • Beautiful Buddhist temples – If you appreciate the beauty of the religion, Buddhism then Bhutan has it all for you. The beauty of Buddhism is as such that you are going to mesmerize it all your life. There are magnificent temples and spiritual centers that you can visit during your stay in the country. If you have true inclination towards spirituality, then you must go for it. Here, you will see variety of temples to get oozed with great vibes. The positive atmosphere will make you fall in love with it. 7 Reasons to go to Bhutan
  • For knowing the royalty – It is a place which has experienced transition from the absolute monarchy country to a constitutional one. You will get to learn a lot about the royalties and lives of people in those times because the first general election which took place in Bhutan was in year 2008. As, it’s not long ago you will get to hear a lot of stories about that time from the locals. 7 Reasons to go to Bhutan

What Makes Bhutan People Different From Others

To experience something that you cannot do anywhere else you must plan a trip to our neighboring land, Bhutan. You may not believe but Bhutan people holds power to make you get amazed. Yes!!! Can you believe that Bhutan people does not love to be all time on Internet likes others? They believe in living a happy life and that is why always keep going on with the best method. They keep talking to their loved one. Apart from it, this lovely country is 50% reserved as a national park. Saying would not wrong that it is a happy country and you must visit it. So, what are you waiting for? It is time to go for enjoying the best place. The above mentioned 7 reasons will make you fall in love with this lovely place. I am sure you will have a lot of fun while enjoying it. 7 Reasons to go to Bhutan

Do not forget to share your feedbacks and views with us. We love hearing from your side. It keeps encouraging us to keep go ahead. 7 Reasons to go to Bhutan

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