7 Reasons to go to Sri lanka

7 Reasons to go to Sri lanka
Kandy temple srilanka

Travelling is the best escape that we all aspire for every now and then from our monotonous routine. There would be hardly anyone who does not love to travel to new places. Every place that we visit has something which can change the way we look at things in life. 7 Reasons to go to Sri lanka

7 Reasons to go to Sri lanka

7 Reasons to go to Sri lanka
The Lion Rock Sigiriya, Sri_Lanka

And, if you are a person who is an admirer of misty mountains, rising waves, golden beaches, giant whales and leopards, and then you should definitely plan a trip to our neighboring country, Sri Lanka. The country holds a lot for its tourists from breathtaking landscapes to small beautiful islands. 7 Reasons to go to Sri lanka

7 Reasons To Go To Sri Lanka here, are the 7 good reasons that you need to know that why you should go to Sri Lanka, whenever you want to travel to a place which is rich in culture and history. 7 Reasons to go to Sri lanka

  • People of Sri Lanka – The best part of paying a visit to this place is due to its people. Here, you come across lovely people who will keep enhancing your enjoyment. They know all about hospitality and always love doing cordial behavior with the visitors. The local people of this nation our extremely warm and helping. It is the place which is known for its best hospitality, as the localities there welcome the tourists from all over the world with smiling faces and open arms. They are so modest that they take pride in inviting visitors to their homes. If you ever head there then you must not forget to have interaction with the local people.
  • Rich and Extensive Wildlife – This country is one of the richest one in the biodiversity. Every year a number of visitors visit it to experience the incredible experience. It is the 34 world biodiversity hotspot. The place has very high number of endemic species that is why it also said to be UNESCO World Heritage Site. So, if you want to witness high proportion of flora and fauna, then this is the place for you. For the people who love having the best place to get showered with tranquility of mind can go for it. 7 Reasons to go to Sri lanka
  • Land of Diversities – Despite being a small island it is a land of diversity. It has everything from small beaches to five-star restaurants for the visitors. You can find here people following diverse religions and cultures and respecting each other’s views. To experience variety of culture, you must go for this country as you will have a lot of fun and enjoyment. The best thing is that you must love it to go there.
  • Delicious Exotic Food – If you are a person who lives to eat just does not eat food to survive, then Sri Lanka is waiting for you. You will be served delicious exotic cuisines here that you will want to visit the place again and again. For the food lovers, it a great place as a comprehensive range of delicious food is available. To taste the scrumptious food, you must go there without thinking too much. Here, you get a variety of food to taste that will surely jazz your mood up. 7 Reasons to go to Sri lanka
  • A Budget Friendly Travel Destination – This reason is one of the best reasons to head this beautiful place and you must not forget it. If you are running tight on budget then this place would be right for you. The best part about the place is that it won’t make a big hole inside your pocket, as it is a budget friendly destination. The land holds something for every kind of traveler. 7 Reasons to go to Sri lanka
  • Best Watersports and Surfing – If you are a person who is a diehard fan of water sports, then this is the place for you. Sri Lanka has some of the fantastic dive and surf spots in the world, so if you love to surf then you can definitely do it there. For the adventure lovers, it is a best place to head. You can go there with your family and friends and you will have a lot of fun and enjoyment. 7 Reasons to go to Sri lanka
  • Home to Elephants – The country is the home land of Elephants. They took serious conservation measures to maintain and double up the population of Elephants. And, they were successful in conserving and saving them for poachers. If you are crazy to see elephants, then you must head to this city. Here, you will come to see variety of elephants without coming across any issues. 7 Reasons to go to Sri lanka

Amazing Facts About Sri Lanka

  • Most of people think that Cricket is national game of Sri Lanka while it is not. Sri Lanka’s national game is Volleyball introduced in 1916. The best thing is that this country is good at cricket too and appreciated all across the world. 7 Reasons to go to Sri lanka
  • This lovely city is known all across the world for exporting good quality Tea. And it is also required to mention that Tea is only Sri Lanka’s largest export. According to the study, it’s the fourth largest exporter of tea.
  • For the people having spiritual inclination, Sri Lanka holds incredible place in their heart. Actually, this country is popular for having Adam’s Peak which is considered the most sacred mountain in the country. It is believed that Lord Buddha climbed there. 7 Reasons to go to Sri lanka
  • Sri Lanka is not only beautiful but also amazed the world for generating Hydropower. It has a great waterfalls and rivers playing a major role to generating hydropower. 7 Reasons to go to Sri lanka
  • Sri Lanka is a lovely place coming up with the most islands in the world and its shape is breathtaking.  It is too beautiful as same as it shows in Map.

If you are looking for the best place to visit then you must go for this lovely place. So, if you are admirer of ancient times and want to witness Buddhism, then you should go to Sri Lanka for exploring all this. If you already visited then you must go for this place and have a lot of fun.  Pack your bag.

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