7 Reasons to go to the Philippines

7 Reasons to go to the Philippines
7 Reasons to go to the Philippines

You have got bored with your office life and looking forward to head somewhere to get oozed with energy. Yup!!! Someone has rightly said that visiting lovely place makes your mind good and you get more productive at work place. What to do now? Check out first the best place and Philippines would be right to choose. Do not you know much about this great place? No worries, we are here to increase your information regarding it. Take a look. 

7 Reasons to go to the Philippines
7 Reasons to go to the Philippines

A Bit About Philippines

Philippines are a breathtaking place that has so many different things that it cannot be summed up in a single word. The country is made up of over 7000 islands each with its unique identity and culture. So taking in the scenes in Philippines will be awe inspiring to say the least. Here are 7 of the main reasons you should visit the Philippines and get to know this beautiful country and all its glory. 7 Reasons to go to the Philippines

7 Reasons To Go To The Philippines

  • The Many Islands Of The Country – Philippines have 7107 islands and this archipelago offers you pristine beaches and coral reefs that are teaming with fishes of all colors and sizes. The islands can be covered in a couple of days and it is best to check out most of the main ones to get a good sense of the country. Many people visit this place while having great time with family. Apart from it, this place is also good for the honeymoon lovers. 7 Reasons to go to the Philippines
  • One of the seven wonders – Only here do you get to see one of the seven wonders of the natural world. The PP underground river is a navigable river of a stretch of 8.2 km. The river runs into the South China Sea after going through a cave. There is a lagoon that marks the mouth of the cave. It means if you wish to get constantly surprised, head to Philippines as it will never let you get disappointed.
  • Rice terraces – If you are adventure lovers, here is a great place to head. As of now, many have visited and have already praise about it. Another feather in the cap of Philippines is the UNESCO world heritage site at Banaue. The rice terraces at Banaue rise to 3000 meters and are sculpted from mud walls. The rice terraces offer trekkers a wonderful view and also a great chance to see the Tappiyah waterfalls.
  • Tiny little primates – If you are heading with family, you must not skip this one. Yes!!! your kids will get surprised and will love this place as they can come across variety of lovely animals you cannot find them any other place. You must not miss a chance to see the cutest animals in the world. The Tarsier is the world’s smallest primate and stands only about six inches in height. They are furry and have bulbous eyes that sit on rotating heads. These live in Bohol and you can see them in the conservation centers. It is enough to make you get oozed with excitement and great feelings. 7 Reasons to go to the Philippines
  • Dive in for some fun – Check out the best diving spots in the world at Philippines. The Tubbataha Reefs National Park is a UNESCO world heritage site that has lagoons and coral islands. You can go diving in these spots to see the most amazing corals and underwater creatures with all the vivid colors. Be mesmerized by the black coral at the Black Forest off the Panglao Island. If you are heading to Philippines, you must not forget it at any rate otherwise your journey will not be considered complete. 7 Reasons to go to the Philippines
  • Volcano heaven – If you want to go out of your comfort zone and wish to see some creative things on your own, Volcano heaven is a right thing for you. Philippines are home to some of the active volcanoes as well as dormant ones. You could even go ahead and summit the volcano at Mount Mayon or Camiguin. These are places you need to go with a guide and you do need to take the necessary precautions. And you must no ignore this thing. Always go with the guide so you would never get into trouble.
  • Whales – Ok….Whales is something we get crazy about that. Do you wish to see them, then you must head Philippines. Check out Donsol in Philippines to swim with whale sharks. This wonderful once in a lifetime experience will leave you refreshed and amazed. The beauty of the whale shark when seen in its natural habitat is just awesome. It is suggested to not feed the animals as this disrupts the natural feeding habit of the whale shark. Saying would not wrong that this country is oozing with natural beauty and it will surely leave you speechless. 7 Reasons to go to the Philippines

How To Reach

You can reach Philippines by most of the international airlines and touch down at Manila. Once there you can use the local transport will take you to each of the major places of interest. Use the Metroten to travel long distances. Apart from it, you also need to be a bit careful whenever you visit any country first time. Having visiting related things in mind keeps you safe.

In The Last

It is a great place to head and one must not get confused as the above mentioned 7 reasons are enough to tell that why one should visit it. Philippines is widely known for its serene beaches and the warmth and hospitality of the people. You will leave the place feeling energized and wonderful. The beauty of this place cannot be explored in words as it is jam-packed with incredible beauty. To experience this one, you have to come here. So, what are you waiting for? It is time to add some memorable things to your journey. 7 Reasons to go to the Philippines

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