7 Ways To Kick Out Your Smoking Habit

7 Ways To Kick Out Your Smoking Habit
7 Ways To Kick Out Your Smoking Habit

In today’s world, stress and work are the two things making life helll. And this pressure is driving younger age people towards many kinds of bad habit like smoking, drugs, gambling etc. From all these, smoking are one of the bad habits because it does not only affect your health but also the peoples surrounding you. Smoking can lead to many cancers of bladder, blood, cervix, colon and rectum, kidney, liver, stomach, lung etc. It also affects your beauty smoking results in wrinkles on the face, unhealthy teeth and gums, change in color of lips etc.

7 Ways To Kick Out Your Smoking Habit

7 Ways To Kick Out Your Smoking Habit
7 Ways To Kick Out Your Smoking Habit

So, if you are willing to change your life by saying “no” to smoking, we introduce the top 7 ways to kick out smoking habit. All you have to do is follow these ways and after a sometimes you will find a great change in life. And all your effort will lead you towards a happy and joyful life for you and your family.

  1. Find A Reason To Quit Smoking – Everything you do in your life because it adds some value to your life. To quit smoking you have to find a reason like you want a healthy body, you want to live longer, you want to look great etc. once you find a very strong and steady reason to quit smoking you will definitely overcome form your bad habit of smoking. Some of the reasons are quit smoking can prevent your loved ones from second-hand smoke; it can help you to reduce the risk of lung cancer and another related disease. Go with a timetable. Do try to prepare a time limitation that you will quit smoking in this specific timing and will follow all the needed rules. You may choose a date according to your choice. In case, you generally smoke at work quit on the weekend, then you have to put fewer efforts. 7 Ways To Kick Out Your Smoking Habit
  2. Get The Backup – From some with a habit of chain-smoking, it is quite difficult to get rid of nicotine addiction. So, you have to be well prepared before starting your effort to quit smoking, if you fail in your attempt then will make your moral down and after that, it becomes harder to start all over again. That’s why it is better to get prepared for the worst scenario you can consult doctor or counselor who can guide you the step by step process for quitting smoking, also use some apps for step by step guide for getting rid of smoking.
  3. Go With Nicotine Replacement Therapy – At first, when you attempt to quit smoking, nicotine withdrawal can lead you to change in mood, feeling low, and headache. Your body will feel the urge of nicotine and to fulfill that you have to be prepared you can stay on the resolution. You can go with different options to fulfill your nicotine deficiency such as nicotine gum, patches, and lozenges. These will help you to control your urge and lead you to live smoking-free life. 7 Ways To Kick Out Your Smoking Habit
  4. Talk To Your Loved Ones – You should talk with your loved one and tell them you are trying to get rid of smoking. They will really appreciate your will to do that and help you in it. They can make you motivated and this will create a sense of satisfaction about your efforts are showing result and not going in vain. To help yourself, you may go ahead to throw away all the smoking material from your homes like cigarettes, lighters, ashtrays, and matches.  Do wash your clothes so that you would not experience any smoking-related smell around yourself. Do shampoo your car, steam your furniture and clean your drapes and use any of your favorite room perfume to get filled with amazing experience. 7 Ways To Kick Out Your Smoking Habit
  5. Make Yourself Relax – Many peoples claim that smoking feels them relax. While you are on way to say bye to smoking in first few weeks you will uncomfortable and uneasy. So, you have to find your ways to get relaxed different peoples to have different ways like engagement with your hobby, watching your favorite tv show/movie, getting some massage, for some, it might be gaming etc. You have to figure out what things make you feel relax. And for first few weeks after quitting you have to avoid a stressful situation.
  6. Stay Away For Alcohol – It’s kind a difficult to say away from smoking when you are drunk. Some people have a habit of smoking while drinking and if you are one of those then it’s going to very tricky to stay away from smoking while drinking. You become a bit unconscious after your drink and it increases the chance of breaking your resolution. So, it’s better to stay away your from drinking to make your effort successful. Do talks to your doctor letting him know that you want to quit smoking and what drugs would be helpful to get rid of it. Your doctor will examine you perfectly knowing your smoking habits and prescribe you accordingly. do not take any drug without doctor’s prescription as it would not help you. 7 Ways To Kick Out Your Smoking Habit
  7. Try And Try Again – From some with a habit of chain-smoking, it might be difficult to quit smoking at once. So they have to go through a different approach. First, have to control their smoking habit and then try to get rid of it. It is ok if you fail in your first attempt but important thing is that you should not lose your hope and reason to quit smoking. With your dedication and regular effort, you will surely one day able to quit smoking. Do let your friends and family that you are interested in quitting smoking. Do let them know that you need their support. You also need their encouragement to stop. You may also go ahead with a quit buddy who is very much interested in leaving smoking. It helps you each-other to quit smoking. Studies say that most people who just started smoking usually again do so within first three months. You can help yourself by following some great strategy like nicotine withdrawal and cigarette cravings.

Questions That You Should Ask Yourself

Yes!!! You need to spare time to think that what kind of smoker you are exactly. What was that moment you call for a cigarette? What was the situation at the time? These things will surely help you to identify what tips, techniques or therapies would go in your favor. 7 Ways To Kick Out Your Smoking Habit

  • Heavy Smoker – If you smoke a lot and can finish an entire pack in a day, you will be counted as a heavy smoker. Or if you are a more of a social smoker? Would a simple nicotine patch be enough?
  • Occasionally Smoker – If you are one of the smokers who does not smoke a lot but smoke performing certain activities, places, or with particular people? Are you one of them who need to smoke after every meal or whenever you break for coffee? 7 Ways To Kick Out Your Smoking Habit
  • When Feel Stressed A Lot -If you are one of them who smoke whenever feel stress or down? It means you are not a heavy smoker but your smoking habit associate to a reason.

What About The Nicotine Withdrawal Symptoms

Quitting smoking is a bit tough but not impossible. Once you stop smoking, you might experience a number of physical symptoms as your body withdraws from nicotine. According to the study, Nicotine withdrawal starts quickly, usually starting within an hour of the last cigarette and peaking two to three days later. And the withdrawal symptoms can remains last for a few days to several weeks. Apart from it, the sign and symptoms do also change from person to person. Talking about the common nicotine withdrawal symptoms include:

  • Headaches
  • Insomnia
  • Tremors
  • Cigarette cravings
  • Irritability, frustration, or anger
  • Anxiety or nervousness
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Restlessness
  • Increased appetite
  • Increased coughing
  • Fatigue
  • Constipation or upset stomach
  • Depression
  • Decreased heart rate

What The Previously Smokers Say

There are so many people all around the country who have quit smoking and encouraging others too. when they can quit, you can also quit. This is not a big deal at all. Here, some of them have shared their experience and the way they followed to get rid of this bad habit. Do check and follow to get over the bad smoking habit.

  • You need to remind yourself that craving will soon pass and you need to hold patience at this moment so you would remain on your decision to quit smoking. Distract yourself following the way you find suitable for talking to a friend, go out, and have your favorite thing, starting thinking about something you love and so on.
  • Keep reminding yourself that why you wish to quit. Do not let that wish go weak. You need to focus on the benefits of quitting. You may install a small hoarding any of your favorite corner showing the health benefits of quitting smoking. And the major one is that it improves your appearance and your hard earned money would not waste. 7 Ways To Kick Out Your Smoking Habit
  • Learn to control yourself. Do not go weak whenever smoke craving triggers you. Have patience and go ahead to make yourself cool and calm. Keep rewarding yourself whenever you beat that strong carving situation. You may treat yourself with anything that you love. This is quite helpful and you will surely have benefitted with it.

What Other Ideas You Can Follow

Apart from the above mentioned, you can also go with some other tricks to keep yourself away from this bad habit. Let’s check it out the points mentioned below – 7 Ways To Kick Out Your Smoking Habit

  • Find an oral substitute – Do consult with the doctor to know the best drugs or the oral substitute to get rid of it. Moreover, you can also have some other yours favorite things around to pop in your mouth whenever you find the craving for smoking. What you can do is that go for having mints, carrot or celery sticks, gum, or sunflower seeds. 7 Ways To Kick Out Your Smoking Habit
  • Keep your mind busy – The next thing you can do is keep your mind busy all the time. What you can do about this is go for reading. Yes!!! do read a book or go for reading the magazine so it will remain busy and you would not have any issues. Moreover, what you can do is go ahead and listen to good music to make your mind feel good. Apart from it, you can also get indulged in crossword, Sudoku puzzle or play an online game.
  • Keep your hands busy – And do not forget to keep your hands busy so that you would not think to take a cigarette. What you can do is go ahead for having Squeeze balls, pencils, or paper clips. Do keep them in your mind to make your mind feel like your hands are already busy.
  • Brush your teeth – Yes!!! Do brush your teeth more often. The just-brushed teeth bring clean feeling and keep you away from cigarette cravings. 7 Ways To Kick Out Your Smoking Habit
  • Drink water – Do have a bottle of water so that you will keep having water time-to-time. All you need to do is slowly drink a large glass of water. Drinking water helps you to craving pass. Moreover, it also helps you in order to keep you hydrated. The list does not get ended up here but it also helps in order to minimize the symptoms of nicotine withdrawal. 7 Ways To Kick Out Your Smoking Habit
  • Light something else – Are you feeling a strong need of having a cigarette? Do not go for lighting a cigarette, go ahead to light a candle or some incense in order to feel great.
  • Get active – Do distract your mind; you may go for a walk. Do start jumping jacks or pushups. The more you will do exercise, the more you will get indulged with yourself. You may also go ahead for trying some great yoga stretches or run around the block. 7 Ways To Kick Out Your Smoking Habit
  • Try to relax – You also need to learn the way of remaining calm down. Moreover, you can go for having a warm bath, reading a book, watching your favourite show or for practicing deep breathing exercises.
  • Go somewhere smoking is not permitted – You may also go-ahead to place where smoking is strictly prohibited. You may step into a public building, store, mall, coffee shop, or movie theatre, for example. This way also helps you in a great way.

What Parents Need To Do 

Being parent is the toughest thing in the world. You have to have a lot of patience in order to tackle the unpleasant situations. Make sure that you are not going to follow any of these two things “threats” or “ultimatums.”  What you need to do in case you find your parents of teen smokers.

  • First, you need to have the patient as well as need to be supportive towards your kids if they are having a habit of smoking. 7 Ways To Kick Out Your Smoking Habit
  • You also need to set a good example for your kids by not smoking yourself. If you are having a habit of doing then it would be difficult to inspire your kids.
  • According to study, parents who smoke are more likely to have children having the same habit so you need to remain careful regarding. 7 Ways To Kick Out Your Smoking Habit
  • You should also need to keep a close eye on your kid’s friends and do know that if your children have friends that smoke. You need to be friendly with your kids at the time of discussing the ways to refuse a cigarette. Do ask them what way would go with them. 7 Ways To Kick Out Your Smoking Habit
  • Do explain to them the health dangers, as well as the unpleasant physical aspects that can happen because of smoking including bad breath, discolored teeth, and nails. Do inspire them to stay fit and healthy.
  • What more you can do is establish a smoke-free policy in your home so that your kids will start to develop a notion in their mind not to get indulged with this bad habit. Make sure that you are not allowing anyone to smoke indoors.

Last Words

This is all the tips you can consider while planning your quit smoking resolution. Hope this will definitely help you to live healthy and great life. Thanks for reading.

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