Why you always feel always tired even after rest?

Why you always feel always tired even after rest?
Why you always feel always tired even after rest?

Why do I feel tired…?

Though I went to bed on the right time but even then I am not feeling good…?

Why I am feeling so lethargic…?

Have you ever wondered what makes you feel extremely tired and exhausted even after a good night sleep? There must be days you would want to stick to your bed though you had adequate rest. This is the most talked about thing among the people as we all have become time poor and not sparing the required to stay fit and healthy.


Why you always feel always tired even after rest?
Why you always feel always tired even after rest?

In this post, we are going to have a glance of what could be possibly done to avoid such situations and to make you all dynamic and frisky throughout the day. This is needed to know about the way responsible for not feeling you good even after having enough rest. Let’s check it out more about in a discreet manner.

Reasons and causes

There could be numerous amounts of reasons for you to experience the lack of energy and feeling of tiredness during the day, it may be caused due to your eating habits or it could be even caused due to your usual habits. Now, we will check out all the probable reasons for your daytime lassitude.

  1. Change in Lifestyle – This is one of the major reasons for not feeling good even though you had enough rest. But what kind of changes are being talked about? Let’s check it out in a great way.
  • Are you getting adequate sleep? – If your answer is going to be a yes because, you think that getting eight hours of sleep per night is the “adequate sleep timing”, maybe you should think again. Cause studies reveal that the “eight hourly sleep” is just an average value and it does not necessarily apply on everybody. May be your body is shouting for an extra hour of sleep and it is high time for you to listen. Do not stick to your mobile in night as the blue light affect your eyes a lot and it does not let you feel comfortable as you should be. Waking up till late night operating mobile also affects your brain. This is why it is too important to get to bed timely without contemplating any more. You may have a great habit of reading books to pamper yourself.
  • Make a routineSleeping and waking up at odd times may cause trouble to your whole system. Making a proper routine for going to bed and getting out of the bed makes your body to get used to it and establishes a regular bedtime routine. Eventually, it’ll turn out to be a habit and you will have an inbuilt alarm in your body within no time. This is quite important since it is all about your body clock. Once it gets habitual, it starts working according to that. This is very important to pamper it in a right way.
  • Regular exerciseRegular exercise plays a vital role in making one’s body and mind fit. It shall not be a fierce workout it can even be a 30 min walk to boost up your energy and help you wear out which in turn is going to help you sleep more peacefully. You may do whatever you want according to your choice and taste. It can be cycling, skipping, running etc. Make sure that you are also focusing in your life as well. Means you may go for staring up instead of choosing the lifts. Exercising also is said to reduce stress, anxiety and depression.
  • Say no – Say no to electronics inside your bedroom, which turns out to be the main suspect for your lack of sleep or tiredness. The “just one more game” or “just one more post” excuses always causes serious damage to your sleeping system and all the electronic stuffs right from your TV, tablet, mobile phone, laptop, portable gaming systems etc emits a daytime light which tricks your brain and makes you to stay awake believing its day time. Yes!!! This is true that they do not help you to sleep normally. This might again lead to lack of sleep and the “drained-out” you during the day. Make sure that you are following this way.
  • Keep your room dark – However, getting rid of the electronics itself will do half the job of keeping your room dark and quite, you will have to put opaque curtains which stops the light outside from hitting your room. Switching off your lights or having dim lamps could be a great option too. Keeping your room dark helps you to get relaxed. Your do not feel tired and find yourself at peace. This is so important to feel cool and relax. This also makes you fetch sleep so quickly. Why you always feel always tired even after rest?
  • Comfortable bed – Make your sleep area as comfortable and clean as possible for a better snooze time. Not just your mattresses, but checking out the pillows too helps. Adjusting your pillow numerous numbers of times during sleep shows you a warning sign to change it. Make sure that you are choosing the right bed. There is a variety of bed available in the market and you need to go for choosing the right one according to needs and requirements. Why you always feel always tired even after rest?

The above mentioned are the usual problems in our daily lifestyle, if you have any specific habit which you personally think that is causing you trouble sleeping, change it right away! After all this could be achieved only through trial and error method. Why you always feel always tired even after rest?

  1. Eating Habits – The next one on the list is all about the eating habits. Makes sure that you are going to follow the right eating habits right from the having food on the right time to have the right food.
  • Dinner time – The very first point to note is not to have dinner close to the bed time. Imagine all the digestion process and acid flowing in there while you keep your body at rest! You give the body no time to digest your food if you are having a late night meal which would obviously disturb your sleep in return.
  1. Foods to Be Avoided – Do you know what food you need to avoider to stay healthy and comfortable? Here, we are going to mention all this in a right way. Why you always feel always tired even after rest?
  • Caffeine and high sugar – Both caffeine products and sugary products have a temporary energy boosting effect which is highly not recommended during the bed time. This could cause you to stay awake and make you lose interest in sleep. Though you may have the tea and coffee but in a limited way. Apart from it, this would be right to go with healthy tea like green tea, ginger tea and so on. Make sure that you are also not going to have a wide amount of high sugar.
  • High carbs and fats – It is a well-known fact that all the high carbs and fatty foods which we eat which cause everlasting damages to our health. For this, you should add fresh vegetables and fruits in your diet. These impairments not only lead us to unnamed diseases but also to sleep disorders. All the fancy foods may be a treat to the taste buds but they are never going to give us the adequate amount of vitamins, proteins and nutrients that our body urge for. Why you always feel always tired even after rest?
  • Spicy dinner – Heartburn, indigestion and acid reflux are obvious side effects of having an extra spicy plate on your dinner table. By lying down you make path for the acids to crawl up into your oesophagus and rupture the sensitive lining causing you that stinging pain right from the throat to somewhere near the stomach, which could be really frustrating. Why you always feel always tired even after rest?
  1. Foods to Be Considered – Make sure that you are not having too much junk food. It does not let you feel active. The best thing is that you need to follow the healthy diet. For this, you may go for having the fresh fruits and vegetables. Keep adding the fruits which are juicy. Eating fresh fruits makes you energetic and feel good. You find yourself neither dull nor lethargic. The main vitamins and minerals that boosts up sleep process are:
  • Tryptophan
  • Magnesium
  • Calcium
  • Vitamin b6

These foods help the body to promote the production of melatonin (the hormone which is responsible for regulating the sleep process).  To be more precise, let us see what sort of foods falls under these category.

  • Tryptophan: for this, you need to add variety of food in your diet including dairy products, poultry, seafood, nuts and seeds, legumes, fruits and vegetables, grains etc.
  • Magnesium: Do not forget to add these things in your diet like nuts, soybeans, avocados, low fat yogurt, fish, wheat germ, dark leaf greens etc., as they keep your energy level up.
  • Calcium:  Are you one of them who is not paying attention towards calcium intake? If yes!!! Then you need to bring changes to your life style? Low fat milk, cheese, yogurt, okra, broccoli, sardines, green snap beans etc.
  • Vitamin B6: For increasing the intake of Vitamin B6, you need to do go for having spinach, banana, meat etc., in your diet. Why you always feel always tired even after rest?

What Are The Best Tips to Feel Better?

Here are few tips to make you feel better before you hit your bed. These will surely help you a lot if you follow them in a adequate matter. Why you always feel always tired even after rest?

  • Keep Talking With The People Makes You Feel Good – Have a happy talk with people you love, go to bed with happy thoughts; try to sort out problems with your partner or your loved ones before your sleep. This could create a better mindset and makes you not to have any deep thoughts. Talking with your favourite people enhances the level of hormones that makes you feel great from inside.
  • Go For Right Choose OF Bedroom – Use the bedroom only for sleeping and sex, avoid engaging electronic appliances or talking serious life issues while lying which would leave you worrying and thinking about it the whole night. Keep your bedroom just only for you. if you follow this rule, you will feel great even after waking up.
  • Do Yoga And Meditation – You should not ignore the importance of yoga and meditation anymore as they can bring great relax and happiness to you. They take the stress away from you and make you feel great from inside. Try yoga, meditation or just sitting idle for a few minutes a day to bring inner peace. Your inner peace is enormous for you and you must not go for compromising it any rate.

When to Visit a Doctor

If you had tried all the above possible ways and still stuck with day time drowsiness, there are possibilities that you might be suffering from sleeping disorder. In such cases it is advisory to get a consultation with a sleep specialist. There are chances that you may feeling tired due to some other reasons like you are going through any other disease. Do not ignore to go doctor. It will help your doctor to detect what is the health issues is going on. The early symptoms will make your doctor to eradicate health issues within no time.


It is always a good practice to follow a healthy and hygienic lifestyle to overcome your sleeping problems. You are almost guaranteed to have a good night sleep by following the simple facts that I have mentioned in the post. Always keep in mind that sleep is the golden chain that binds health and our bodies together. Feeling all the time tired can also happen due to variety of health issues like Diabetes, Hypertension, thyroids etc. Staying healthy is not a tough thing if you follow these tips in an adequate manner.

So, what are you waiting for? It is time to go for following these great tips to come up with the best results. Stay connected with Jiyo Pal Pal to keep having the best information to you.

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