Best Ways to Celebrate Christmas In 2020 | Christmas Celebration

Celebrate Christmas In 2020

Christmas comes on December 25 every year. Christmas has always been a lovely festival to celebrate. The best thing is that it makes you go amazingly happy, satisfied and wild. We all get a break from our hectic schedule and can celebrate it in an amazing manner. People all around the world keep waiting for this festival as it comes once in a year. Best Ways to Celebrate Christmas In 2020

Celebrate Christmas In 2020

Celebrate Christmas In 2020

Everyone wants to celebrate Christmas in a unique way making it different from the previous year. Are you contemplating the same that how you can Celebrate Christmas day? Here, we are going to share some amazing ideas and you will also like –

Bake or Create – Do Enjoy Cooking

Cooking brings peace and takes your stress away indeed. This Christmas, you can bake something good for you and your family and you should not let this opportunity slip from your hand. You should go ahead to bake some Christmas goodies to enjoy with your family, friends, beloved, colleges etc. It is up to you that what shape you want to give them whether it is Christmas-shaped chocolate molds, cookies, or bottles of eggnog. The best thing is that baking is also indeed a cost-effective way to give others your time and effort, in comparison to money. Christmas is a festival to spread happiness and peace.

Create Your Own Crackers

Why should you hold your inner child when you can celebrate it going with your own crackers? Yes! You should create your own crackers to have an amazing experience. Moreover, you will also get precious time to spend with the family creating your own Christmas crackers. It would be quite full of fun and happiness to do this and you should do that. Talking about the next point is that you get to pick the gifts you put inside. There are no fake nails and plastic sharpeners. You may watch helpful videos to get more information.

See the Lights and Enjoy a Lot

Enjoying lighting is indeed one of the best ways to celebrate Christmas. There is a kind of different vibe that we all find especially during Christmas. The entire surrounding is oozed with amazing vibes to make everyone feel special.  Moreover, you may head to the place with your family where you think that you can have the best Christmas light oriented decoration. It would be great enjoying the house decoration flaunting their exquisite Christmas lights. Saying would not wrong that there is something quite peaceful, incredible and joyous about quietly observing the fantastical themes set up, whether it is moving Santa sleighs, flickering reindeers, or lit up trees.

With Family: To Add More Memorable Memories

Christmas In 2020
Celebrate Christmas In 2020

Generally, we do not get time to spend with family.  This Christmas you can go ahead to spend with your family to have happiness and peace. Most of the time, we just forget that we need to spend precious time with our family. If you have been running out of time then Christmas could be the right way to celebrate with them.

  • You may go out to get enough sunscreen
  • Do not forget to enjoy Seafood, salads, and sports if these ones have always been your favorite.
  • At Christmas, you should try what you like the most of the kind of different things that you did not have earlier. You may go with seafood, fish, cold turkey and ham, pavlova, a glass of ultra-cold champagne if you have not tasted it before.
  • Do not forget to enjoy pool play on this day or you may also have a great time with your children in the pool testing their new water toys and the completely family-playing cricket in the garden.
  • You should also have to stroll with your beloved or loved ones around the beach to have an amazing time with them.

Do Have More Adventure Going With Your Favourite Sport

Without having an adventure, there is no life. If you do not have time to get into your favorite adventure activity or sport, you should go with it. You may go with different types of activities such as –

  • Hiking
  • Mountaineering
  • Climbing
  • Bungee jumping
  • Cycling
  • Camping
  • Exploring caves

Moreover, the list is too long indeed. In addition, the best thing is that you can have a discount too during Christmas on these activities. It means you can have double fun indeed on Christmas 2020. Celebrating Christmas outdoors is quite full of fun and excitement and you will truly love it. Do not forget to do your packing carefully so that you would not have to face hassles. You can also get a discount on travel insurance policies during Christmas.

For The Foodie: Eat What You Are Depriving of a Long Time

For the foodie people, Christmas has always been high in demand indeed. If you have been hunting for the best ideas to make your Christmas go popular, you have landed at the right platform.

  • You may invite your relatives, friends, etc., to have a tasty and delicious food party indeed. The Christmas meal is rather informal, with patties of minced meat and glazed ham, or turkey, roast duck, and roast beef in the braai (barbecue).
  • You may also go ahead to celebrate this festival going with having yellow rice with raisins, ice cream pie, and mallow pudding.

Make Gifts, Trees and Have Fun with Your Family

Christmas In 2020
Celebrate Christmas In 2020

Christmas is just around the corner, you may go ahead to make gifts, decorate Christmas trees and meet with family/friends. It would be quite great if you make gifts and trees with your lovely people. The best thing is that you will have a great experience indeed. Some companies give their employees a Christmas basket loaded with basic foods such as rice, sugar, cookies, and flour.

Call Your Employees to Have Delicious Dinner

We all do have a lot of fun and a good time with family. However, if you are an employer, you need to surprise your employees too. Paying attention to employees is indeed important since you also encourage them to do the best for their job.

You should call your employees on Christmas Eve at the table for dinner European dishes, such as turkey and ham, as well as local things. You may go ahead to order some delicious food such as

   Suckling pig

   A complete barbecue for the whole family

   Fried crispy bacalhau (cod),

   Farofa (cassava flour with crunchy bacon),

   Radishes (such as French toast, but with sugar and wine syrup port with spices instead of maple syrup)

   Ham bread (bread stuffed with ham and raisins),

   Sweet of lechoza (a delight made with papaya and brown sugar)

   Bolivians eat picana (a bowl of spicy soup with chicken, beef and corn),

   Venezuelans eat hallacas (corn dough stuffed with meat, wrapped in banana leaves),

   Nuts and tropical fruits

The fact cannot be ignored that Christmas has always been quite special all across the country.  Christmas is full of fun, outdoors, culinary mergers, and sun and carefree. When you celebrate it in a great way, it becomes a magical time and full of illusion. Following customs and traditions also make it feel amazing.

Long Drive: To Enjoy the Christmas Vibes

In addition, yes, you may go ahead to celebrate Christmas following all customs and traditions. Christmas is such a beautiful festival to celebrate. Going for a long drive can also bring a lot of happiness to you. It would be ideal if you go ahead to celebrate Christmas. We love Christmas, especially the days when we meet our loved ones to spend a pleasant time in a good company. Go and make a plan with your family and friends to enjoy the long drive. It would be enough peaceful and great to go with family and friends. Best Ways to Celebrate Christmas In 2020

Christmas Whole Night Party

Christmas Eve is worthy to celebrate. Night parties would be full of fun and excitement indeed. You should go for it to have a lot of amazing experience. Saying would not be wrong that it is one of the most special nights of all parties. Christmas Night Party has always been a great way to have a lot of happiness. On this special day, you will have a great experience. The family spare time to have dinner and them also enjoy singing Christmas Carols and Songs. Night parties are incomplete without having delicious dinner and you may celebrate it going with special dinner with turkey, seafood and delicacies. Best Ways to Celebrate Christmas In 2020

Ask Your Kids to Do These Activities on This Christmas

Yes! You can make Christmas an amazing celebration for your kids. You might be thinking that how you can do it. There are many ways following that you can do that. Christmas Day is celebrated on December 25. Most families get together to eat and have a nice time.

  • Ask your kid to buy delicious chocolate and do share it with the needy too. One of the traditions is to eat Nougat or chocolate. It helps to spread love and happiness. Your kids will surely love going with your family and friends and doing this activity. Giving chocolates to the needy will surely bring a lot of happiness to them. Moreover, it also gives a lesson to keep spreading love.
  • The next thing you can do is asking your kids to write a letter to God putting the wish you have always been wanted. Also, talk to ask children to write their letters to the kings, in which they specify the gift they wish to receive. If they still cannot write, you can tell them to draw it. This way helps to make them go a bit more creative and full of innovative ideas. You must ensure that children leave their letters in the Christmas tree, next to the manger can also be next to the fireplace in the home, all this in order that their messages can be read by these magical beings that come from the Far East.
  • Being a parent, you should also share your information and knowledge regarding Christmas with them so that they do find the purpose of celebrating Christmas indeed. When you keep sharing the information, it brings your kids more intellectual regarding the way of celebrating culture. You can tell them some curiosities about their physical characteristics, their costumes, and their camels. You can also teach them songs that allude to the wise men. In the afternoon, ask them to prepare water and grass for the camels that will bring the wise men that same night. You can leave it on the terrace, balcony, porch or garden to keep contemplating in a better way.
  • Before sleeping last, ask the children to leave their shoes by any window, the fireplace or under the tree, so that the wise men can leave their gifts.
  • Christmas is indeed a big festival and there so many ways to celebrate it. You may share with your kids all about its origins, about its present that how it is celebrated today and how it used to be celebrated earlier in the form of Christmas story, about the places where it is celebrated and how it is celebrated, about the traditional food of this celebration by region making it quite special.
  • You may also discuss all the amazing Christmas gifts that you used to give and receive and what are usually given these days.
  • What is all about Christmas music could also be a topic of discussion.

Moreover, this way also helps to make the relationship go healthier between a child and parent.

To Create More Peace and Happiness

We all know that we are living in a world of technology. Everything is going so fast. We not that way much emotional or concerned about our surroundings as we used to do. This Christmas, we can pray to create more peace and spreading happiness. We can ask people to contribute to the environment. We can go with messages where it is asked to create peace. Communication should be a better way to come up with a solution.

Unfortunately, in the news, we see that many things are wrong in the world and often lower our spirits to the point of finding no reason to celebrate. There are wars, disappearances, hunger, poverty, submission, slavery, waste, consumerism, climate change; in short, we do not want to talk about this list, which we have for the media.

  • For believers, this birth of Christ implies an opportunity to start over, to rethink the path, to have a new spiritual birth, more in line with the teachings of Christ: justice, peace, love, compassion, sobriety, humility.
  • If we work on ourselves and take this opportunity to “be reborn”, we can build – together – a world that reflects this type of Christian person we want to be.
  • However, for non-believers, that we celebrate Christmas as a family tradition that allows us to meet with our loved ones, it is also an opportunity for meeting, reflection, change.
  • If something has the Christmas atmosphere, it is a spirit of peace and conviviality that is strengthened by the bonds we strengthen when we meet the people we love most.
  • We can take advantage of this meeting and this spirit of peace to rethink this “new birth” of conscience, of living together, of being with others, of seeking the common good.
  • This is the message that can reach all of believers, nonbelievers, in this very complicated world today and us. There is hope! We can live better; we can make the good news (of course they exist!) Multiply and even outweigh the bad.
  • We can build ourselves from respect, from equality, from empathy, and Christmas is an ideal time for this new hope that we need so much in the world to be born.

What then do we want to point out when mentioning these issues? That although there are many things that go wrong, we need to bet on everything that goes well, which is also a lot? In addition, Christmas is an ideal time to stop, reflect and rethink the direction we want this world to take. We should tell our kids why it is necessary to create peace. We need to think that what we are supposed to do will bring happiness or not.

It is not that the world is so bad, that we have no reason to celebrate Christmas, on the contrary! That is precisely why we need to “camp” this Christmas spirit and rebuild together. We all can help in this context indeed.

In The Last

Let us talk, sing, eat, give hugs and gestures of accompaniment and affection, that Christmas is approaching and with it, the opportunity for a new and better birth of all, for all.

So Yes, Let Us Celebrate!

Let us celebrate the Meeting,

Let’s Celebrate That This Christmas,

We Have A New Opportunity To Be Born.

Let us Celebrate That We Still Have Goals That Go In The Opposite Direction To The Discomforts We Witness Daily And Don’t Throw In The Towel.

Have A Happy Time With Your Family And Friends…

JiyoPalPal  Wishes “A Very Happy Christmas 2020

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