Darbhanga – Bihar


Darbhanga - BiharDarbhanga is an awesome visitor destination and is situated in the state of Bihar. The city is one of the noteworthy urban areas on the guide of North Bihar situated in the heart of Mithilanchal. Darbhanga is the situated at a separation of 50 Km from Nepal, making it a position of numerous traveller delights and utility. Darbhanga is considered as the social capital of Bihar. Darbhanga is a city that exceeds expectations in the workmanship fields of rich musical structure, society craftsmanship and conventions from hundreds of years. Darbhanga travel guide overflows with the highlights of the engineering wonders and religious spots.Darbhanga – Bihar

Darbhanga – Bihar

The historical backdrop of Darbhanga goes back to the Ramayana and Mahabharata periods. As per the Vedic sources, the Videhas of Aryan stock initially moved to the territory from the banks of Saraswati in Punjab. They were guided toward the east of Sadanira (Gandak stream) by Agni, the God of Fire. Settlements were built up and, along these lines, prospered the kingdom of Videhas-the Selfless. In course of time Videhas came to be ruled by a line of rulers called Janaks. In this line of lords there was an exceptionally well known ruler named Mithi.

To honour his significance the area was named as MITHILA. Another well-known ruler was Janak Sirdhwaja, father of Sita. The legends talk about different educated men belittled by Janak Sirdhwaja, who himself was an intellectual researcher. Among them unique were Yagyavalkya, who classified the Hindu law in his Yagyavalkya Smriti and Gautam, who had different profitable philosophical treatises surprisingly. Ruler Janak was himself an extraordinary rationalist and his thoughts have been forever cherished in the Upanishads. Darbhanga – Bihar

Customs likewise discuss Kapil Muni’s association with this range propounded the Sankhya reasoning. Relationship of this territory with Pandeva’s is likewise clear by the conviction that they stayed here amid their time of outcast.

The scholarly men like Vidyapati, Kumaril Bhatt, Mandan Mishra, Nagarjun, Vibhuti Bhushan Bandopadhya and Vidushi Bhariti had a place with this reason. Darbhanga – Bihar

Major Attractions                                      

  • Brahmpur: The town is arranged around 8 kms. Far from Kamtaul and 19 kms. South east of Jogiara. The town is noted for the Gautam Kund and a sanctuary of Gautam Rishi, which are found near it. As per the Puranic custom Lord Brahma showed up before Gautam Rishi at this spot after the purity of his wife, Lord Indra and Chandrama had damaged Ahilya. Darbhanga – Bihar

Darbhanga - Bihar

  • Kusheshwar-Asthan: It is a critical religious spot, arranged around 16 Kms. east of Singhia and 22 Kms. upper east of Hasanpur Road railroad station on the Samstipur, Khagaria Branch line of North Eastern Railway. Darbhanga – Bihar

Darbhanga - Bihar

  • Makranda: Situated around 5 Kms. south of Manigachhi railroad station, the town is known for its old sanctuary called Baneshwaristhan. Darbhanga – Bihar
  • Newri: The town likes around 13 Kms. west of the nitwit quarters at Biraul and contains the remaining parts of an old stronghold connected with Raja Lorick. Darbhanga – Bihar
  • Nawadah Durga-sthan: It is renowned sanctuary of Goddess Durga Located on the Majkora Nawadah Road. The spot is gone by several aficionado’s regular. The Dussehra celebration is praised here with awesome energy. Darbhanga – Bihar
  • Masjid at Darbhanga Tower: It is arranged at two km west from the Darbhanga Railway Station and only perfect at Darbhanga Tower. It is the most attractive and religious spot for the Islam religion. A group individuals are gathered on each Friday for ask their Namaj. Darbhanga – Bihar

Places To visit Near Darbhanga

  • Shyama Kali Temple
  • Harahi Pond
  • Darbhanga fort
  • Holy rosary Church
  • Chandradhari Museum

Topographical Profile

The District of Darbhanga can be isolated into four normal divisions. The eastern segment comprising of Ghanshyampur, Biraul and Kusheshwarsthan squares contain crisp rest kept by the Kosi River. This district was affected by Kosi surges till the development of Kosi bank in the Second Five Year Plan. It contains expansive tracts of sandy area secured with wild swamp. Darbhanga – Bihar

The second division contained the anchals lying south of the Boorhi Gandak waterway and is the most prolific range in the locale. It is likewise on more elevated amount than the other part of the area and contains not very many bogs. It is appropriate to the priest crops. Darbhanga – Bihar

Vegetation and Wildlife

The area in Darbhanga District is for the most part exceptionally prolific and there are barely and uncultivated ranges. The area is, subsequently, without any woods. Among the trees found in the region are Sisam, Khair, Palmyra and Khajur. Mango, jackfruit, pipal and tamarind are found close town settlements. The area likewise has a few tracts of prairies. Darbhanga – Bihar

Languages and Religion

Fundamental talks talked in this area are: Maithili, Hindi and Urdu. Religion-wise separation of populace is demonstrated under according to 1991 evaluation: Hindus : 19,58,068, Muslims : 5,55,489, Jains : 27, Other religions and influences : 70. Darbhanga – Bihar

Fair and Festivals

Critical fairs and melas composed in different parts of the region are specifically: Kartik Purnima mela, Dussehra mela, Janmastami mela and Diwali mela.

Culture at Darbhanga

Darbhanga is otherwise called social capital of Bihar, This locale is known for its rich custom of people fine art, Mithila painting. Conventional society show styles of Mithila locale are likewise extremely mainstream in this area. Most obvious among them are Nautanki, Natua Nach and Sama Chakeva, Madhushrawani (new Bridegrooms). The regular citizen of this locale normally impart in maithili. The public is insistently confide in their diverse religion and cast. Darbhanga – Bihar

There are numerous acclaimed reserves among the locale, some are Shyama Mandir (Darbhanga Raj), Tara Mandir(Darbhanga Raj), Hanuman Mandir (Laheraisarai), Malechchmardini Mandir (Darbhanga city), Ahilya Sthan Mandir(Near Kamtaul, Chahuta), Kusheshwar Sthan mandir (This is a Shivalaya), Videshawarsthan (likewise a Shivalaya), Singheshwar Sthan (Shivalaya), Siddha Vidyapeetham Tara Sthan (Navtol town close Ghanshyampur Block), Historical Mahadeva Mandir (Hardwar town close Navtol town), Durga sathan (Nwada town) and some more. Darbhanga – Bihar

How to reach

  • By Air: Nearest Airport is Patna (120km.) and there are direct flights form major cities.
  • By Road: Darbhanga is on the East West passage map of India with 4-6 road  NH 57 connecting Gujarat to Assam, which connects  it to other parts of the country. Darbhanga – Bihar
  • By Rail: There are direct train from Delhi, Kanpur, Mumbai and Hyderabad. Normal travelling time from Delhi to Darbhanga is 20 hours. Darbhanga – Bihar

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