Dear Maya movie review

Dear Maya movie review
Dear Maya movie review

Scorching sun is on its peak and you want to get indulged with something to beat this heat. Dear Maya has hit the floor and being appreciated among the moviegoers. For Manish Koirala’s fan, it is just like a kind of boon. Here, we are going to bring all that you want to know about this movie before heading to theatre. Dear Maya movie review

Dear Maya movie review

Dear Maya movie review
Dear Maya movie review

What About The Story Of Movie

  • Genre – Drama
  • Star Cast – Manisha Koirala, Madiha Imam, Shreya Chaudhary.
  • Director –Sunaina Bhatnagar
  • Rating –  3/5

First, it seems essential to mention that it is a kind of deep meaning holder movie. If you are an ardent fan of Manisha and never wish to skip her good movie, you must add it to your list. Here, you will come across a movie hold in-depth meaning. Manisha did great acting in this movie and all set to leave you speechless. The story of movie revolves around two friends namely Eena and Era living in Shimla. They have a neighbour namely Maya Devi who never comes out of her home. She love keeps staying away from the society. She does not get along with people living in the same society. Era and Eena decides to bring changes to her life but they get shattered later. What happens to them? You have to head theatre to know this.

What About The Good Points Of Movie

Though story is good but speed gets slow of movie. This is not for the moviegoers love watching something interesting with the speed. Movie holds various good scenes. Since some scenes have been extend a bit more, they make you irritated. Saying would not wrong that story of movie is good though it is a bit slow. Gradually, you come across all layers, then you understand why all these thing were happening. Dear Maya movie review

Good Point

  • All three female actors do a great job. Manisha look beautiful though she has aged. Apart from Manisha’s acting, the other two girls also did a great job. Dear Maya movie review
  • Story has a deep meaning and you have to head theatre to come across the whole story.
  • For the deep story lovers, it is a great treat. Dear Maya movie review
  • Manisha did great acting and you will fall in love with her again. Some scenes even will get fixed in your mind like when she eats chat or come across the outer world.
  • Movie comes up with good music and background sound which adds a spark to the movie.

According to me, this movie is good and worth to watch. If you have been looking forward to watch something good. This movie is the answer. The best story, best actress, best songs and best acting making it to get more than 3 stars. It will make you to think even when you would have been left theatre. Book your ticket. So, what are you waiting for? It is time to give a great kick off to a very happy and excited weekend. This movie will really make you feel good.

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