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Effects of social media on eating disord
Social media

With the extensive use of social Medias like Fbook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram, Whatsapp,Youtube etc. are causing eating disorder. There are many content promoting eating disorders. Eating disorders such as anorexia is becoming very common in adults because of media’s portrayal of thinness and beauty. In this article we are discussing the disturbing effects of social media on eating disorder. twittering search

The Disturbing Effects of Social Media on Eating Disorder

Effects of Social Media on Eating Disorder
The Disturbing Effects of Social Media on Eating Disorder

Social networking sites is main contribution in rising numbers of people affected by Anorexia. Like many others ideas or thoughts goes viral on social media, many wrong content or information are floating through these platform about Anorexia.The disturbing effects of social media on eating disorder   

You might be thinking what is Anorexia? Let me explain – Anorexia is a possibly life-threatening and psychological eating disorder in this condition an extremely low body weight relative to stature, extreme and needless weight loss, illogical fear of gaining weight and result in obsession of losing weight. Several reasons why social media is fueling the perception of people towards weight losing and eating disorder. twittering search

The Disturbing Effects of Social Media on Eating Disorder

  • Information about dieting and weight loss are going exposed to peoples through social media. Anyone can post anything about their personal experience about dieting and weight-loss strategies, giving unhealthy ideologies like the pro-eating-disorder. Dieting is becoming normative of being healthy, peoples going beyond their limits to become slim and trim. twittering search
  • In recent studies it is observed that social comparison affects deficits in self- esteem. As many individuals using these platforms to share information about their unhealthy diets and body ideals, social platforms are the ideal medium for social comparison. “Thinspiration” is the new term is used for misguided content floating for misleading to inspire for thinness. The disturbing effects of social media on eating disorder
  • Social media is great platform for making connections with other making new friend and also chance of expanding your friend circle thru Fbook and Whatsapp . If someone is suffering from eating disorder then social media can isolate form other and not this it also increase the risk of withdrawal from real-world relationships. proxy sites websites
  • Eating disorders can leads to feeling of isolation and loneliness. For those who are facing some issues about their self-esteem and confidence. If they start spending too much time online in their social networks is a means of minimizing direct, avoidance and passivity communication with people. Social media can offer a sense of belonging and connection around a topic that feels safe, even if it is unhealthy. proxy sites websites

There are many aspects of social media that are responsible for development and maintenance of an eating disorder but it can be also used as powerful tool to recovering from eating disorder when used responsibly. Social media is also a great place for making relationships and connections. It is responsibility of bloggers and communities that publish certain content without proper scientific approach which leads to eating disorders in people. whatsapp

Everything has some positive as well as some negative effects, social media has too. It depends on us how to use it in positive way to explore new things, learn new thing or expand our circle of known peoples and also take care of not to share and publish information which mislead people. People are using fbook to share information to friends and twittering on twitter their own opinion related to topic. But lot of people searching on fbook sexy pictures and sexy videos. Social media also providing good things to  society like now people can seach thrift store like Flipkart and Amazon. So its depends how to use social media tamil rockers,tamilrocks 

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