Force 2 movie review

Force 2 movie review
Force 2 movie review

Force 2 is the sequel of the 2011 movie Force. The director Abhinav Deo returns in a quicker and thriller action sequence. The movie has been shot in the scenic beauty of Budapest. It is a predictable spy thriller. The best part of it is that it keeps the audience hooked up. The thing which makes the people stick to their chairs is that what is going to come next?Force 2 movie review

Force 2 movie review

Force 2 movie review
Force 2 movie review
  • Genre – Action
  • Star Cast – John Abraham, Sonakshi Sinha, Tahir Raj Bhasin
  • Director –Abhinay Deo
  • Rating –  3/5

With the demonetization of movie in India you can somewhere relate to the movie as it shows what one does when betrayed by political leaders. Here, we will give you a glance about the movie. Let’s check out the pros and cons of it.

Story of the Movie

The film features John Abraham as a dedicated Mumbai police officer Yashvardhan in the lead role. He has been assigned a case of killing of his friends and some RAW agents. He follows no protocols while solving up the case. It takes him to Budapest along with Kamaljit Kaur (KK) played by Sonakshi Sinha. She is playing as the boss RAW Officer. Force 2 movie review

The bad guy is played by Tahir Raj Bhasin as Shiv Sharma with assurance. With his cunning, witty and evil acting skills he was able to keep the spotlight on him. There are some predictable moments in the film. But you need to watch the thriller to know what happens next? Force 2 movie review

Direction of the movie

The director Abhinav Deo has done quite a fine job with the sequel. But it seems that it does not hold much for the audiences as there are too many predictable scenes in it. The picturesque location Budapest is good enough. The chase sequences were way too long and end up being lethargic. Force 2 movie review

Performance of the Stars

  • John Abraham He has done quite justice to his role Yashvardhan. He was efficient in his work. His muscular body is used well for getting rid of the bad boys. He was impressive in his role of a dedicated police officer who is always ready to risk his life for the nation. Force 2 movie review
  • Sonakshi Sinha The boss and partner of Yashvardhan in the movie. She played the role of RAW Officer Kamaljit KAur (KK). The work done by her is good enough. Nevertheless we were expecting some hardcore stunts and fighting from her being a RAW officer. Moreover, she was shown to be scared of bullets in the movie.Force 2 movie review
  • Tahir Raj Bhasin- He is the charm of the movie. He is the bad guy whom every girl adores. He has played his role very nicely and was the eye-candy in the whole movie. The talkative villain loves playing mouthorgan.

Music of the Movie

The music of the movie is fair enough. It is an action flick so it has just 4 songs. Rang laal sung by Dev Negi and Aditi Singh Sharma, O Janiya by Neha Kakkar, Ishaara by Arman Malik and Catch Me If You Can by Amaal Malik.

Watch or Not?

If you love watching action-spy thriller movies then this movie is your cup of time. The movie is bit stretched but is exceptionally good for action lovers. Force 2 movie review

So, why are you still waiting? Book your movie tickets now to kick off an amazing week. Force 2 movie review

Have a Happy Movie Time….

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