Fun ideas to shake up date night

Fun ideas to shake up date night
Fun ideas to shake up date night

Dating your partner from months or years?? Getting bored by same dating?  Same movie plans, dinners, parties etc.? Nothing new is initializing your love life? Just hang on!! Here are some of the fun ideas to shaken up your date night. They will give you new goals for your relationship. You will get closer to each other. Just follow your heart and mentioned ideas.

Fun ideas to shake up date night

Fun ideas to shake up date night
Fun ideas to shake up date night
  • Comedy Night – Love to watch comedy shows!! Take your partner to a comedy night show on the date. You both will enjoy the night and each other’s company in a new place which is full of happiness and laughter. It will be a new experience for you both, and you will love it for sure. Fun ideas to shake up date night
  • Flirting – You proposed to your partner or vice versa, and you both are together since then. Have you ever thought of living again in those days where you used to flirt with each other before coming together? Try it now, feel the old days back, never stop flirting with your partner. Fun ideas to shake up date night
  • Workout Together – Going to gym for work out or exercising at your place both can be fun if done together with your partner. You will also get to know each other’s strength, weakness, way to handle problem etc. This will make your bond stronger. Fun ideas to shake up date night
  • Play – Playing volleyball/basketball together on a date night, would be one of the best idea you both will remember for your lifetime. Remember the movie “Kuch Kuch Hota Hai”, how Shahrukh and Kajol came together and share a unique bond by playing basketball since their college days to after marriage. The bond was still a different during the game. Experience that bond. Fun ideas to shake up date night
  • Explore a Library – Whether you love reading books or not may be your partner loves the same. Take him/her to the library and see the glow on their face. Let them feel the books, the words, and you enjoy watching their glowing and happy eyes/smile. Fun ideas to shake up date night
  • Travel Back – Travel back in time. Discussing how you have started, how you worked hard to impress each other, how you plan, manage to win each other’s heart will one of the best thing to make your date night special and remember able. Fun ideas to shake up date night
  • Bike Riding – I love bike riding with my perfect one, and surely your partner will also love the same. Take him/her to a long ride on a highway; take a break, each dinner on the Dhabba’s (any new place on the way). You both will enjoy this date night for sure. Fun ideas to shake up date night
  • Cook  – Cook for your partner. Ask him/her their favorite dish and try to make it for them. Whether it will cook good or not but your partner will definitely will fall for you more for this trial.
  • Dance Class – Join any dance class, and learn the dance like Salsa etc together. You will get to spend more time with your partner and will enjoy each other’s company. Fun ideas to shake up date night
  • Play Cards/Tambola – Playing games like cards or tambola is a fun way to spend a date night. These games generates competitive feeling and this will let you know how your partner’s reacts when he/she will fail or win in their life. This will really be a good and important experience for your life time.
  • Drink & Dance – Visit any bar or pub. Dink wine, vodka with your partner and let yourself be free for the night. Be yourself and let your partner be also. Enjoy the dance, feel each other and forgets the world.
  • Buy Gifts – Buy gifts for your family and mutual friends by choice of both of you. This will grow your mutual understanding and decision taking power as a couple. Try it ones. Fun ideas to shake up date night
  • Skating – Skating will be a new experience for your special date night. Your partner will never think that you take him/her at this kind of place. You will get a positive mark for this idea definitely. Just remember not to disclose this idea before visiting there. Fun ideas to shake up date night
  • Sight your City – Book a cab and enjoy the sightseeing of your city. You and your partner will find new places of attraction, new food stalls, and new places to hangout. Fun ideas to shake up date night
  • Beach – Visit a beach on your date night and enjoy each other’s company there. Get lost in each other as there will no one to disturb your privacy. Enjoy the open date night. Fun ideas to shake up date night
  • Star Gazing – Just sit together in the terrace and enjoy star gazing in each other’s arm. One of the best date night ideas you both will love and will opt for it again and again.
  • Photo Shoot around the City- Since it’s a digital century, how can you forget to click pictures. Go out, hang out with your partner, take pictures around the city, and capture selfies. Enjoy the date night.

These are some of the best ideas, in spite of those boring movie and dinner dates. Make your partner feel that you really love them and feel special for them. Opt for a new change in your love life. Make it more interesting, more realistic and more transparent for your loved ones. Select any or all of these ideas and make your date nights more special. Come fall in love with your partner once again and also make them love and treat you more special.

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