G Kutte Sa movie review

G Kutte Sa movie review
G Kutte Sa movie review

Rahul Dahiya’s movie G Kutte Sa has released on this Friday. The movie is quite different from the other one as it revolve all around the sex and love. It is going to unearth some secretes regarding this world. Though already many films have been made on this subject but this one is a quiet different since it is made in Hindi and Haryanvi language. Here, we are going to write down its movie review. If you are going to watch this movie, let know first about it. Let’s take a look. G Kutte Sa movie review

G Kutte Sa movie review

G Kutte Sa movie review
G Kutte Sa movie review
  • Genre – Drama
  • Star Cast – Rajveer Singh, Neha Chauhan, Nitin Pandit, Rashmi Somvanshi, Vibha Tyagi
  • Director –Rahul Dahiya
  • Rating –  2/5

What About The Story 

The story is about three friends who live in a small village and keep indulging in petty things like stealing money etc. Their life is busy in love, sex and showoff. Rajveer Singh lives in the same village and have a great fond of his sister. But someone from the same village makes here MMS. And it got viral. After this, her parent killed that girl. On the other hand, Kiran falls in love with the wrong guy and her parents came to know about it. Now, what happen next? Will she get safe or killed? You have to head to theater to get answer of it. G Kutte Sa movie review

What About The Direction Of The Movie 

The direction of movie is good as it comes up with good location suits to story. The story of movie is good and will keep you engaged. At some points, it gets slow. Though there is no big star in this movie, and that is why it get only particular movie goers. If you have interest in this kind of movie, you can go for it. G Kutte Sa movie review

What About The Performance 

Rajveer Singh looks good as Vijendera. He gets into the skin of his role and played that character in a great way. On the other hand, Neha Chauhan also played her character in an amazing manner. She looks good at Kiran. But since at some times, story gets too slow these actors did not get enough opportunities to showcase their talent. For acting purpose, you can also watch it as it will help you to learn the acting skill. Rajveer and Neha both worth to watch. G Kutte Sa movie review

Music : Title Track Is Good And You Will Enjoy It

There is no a number of songs but you will love its title track Ge Kutte Sa.

Should You Watch This Movie Or Not

As you have already got that this movie is all about the honor killing based, you can go for it if you have interest in it. Since it’s an adult movie, you need to go with your friends. Do not go with your family as you may not feel comfortable while watching it. It is for the movie who love this kind of subject. G Kutte Sa movie review

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