Good Friday

Good friday
Saint Patric Church

Good Friday is just around the corner and people have got engaged to celebrate it. Saying would not wrong that it is one of the prominent festivals for the Christian.

What People Do On Good Friday

Good friday
Good friday

Let’s check it out what people do on this special day. Actually, it is the anniversary of Jesus Christs crucifixion. It is called Good Friday as Jesus Christ sacrificed his precious life for others on this days before Easter Sunday. On this auspicious day, people take fast whole day and keep praying the whole day. This is the day, when many church services are even organised in the afternoon to memorize the hours when Jesus was hung. Good Friday is celebrated in many countries including Philippines, Spain, Malta, Italy, India etc. Good Friday

On this auspicious day, people head to Church and pray God to get pardon if they have done anything wrong in their life. People head to Church with their family to get blessed with God grace to lead a happy life. Procession are also organized on this day and people take part in on a large scale. Hot Cross Bun is one of the most delicious dish that all Christian love eating it. It does not matter whether you are elder or younger, Hot Cross Bun is quite popular among all. Good Friday

God wants all of us to stay connected with your goals and away from the bad things. But somewhere we distract from our goals and get punishment for that. The motto of our life is spreading love and helping others. But we all get forget after stepping up to earth. We get indulged in the earthly-ties. We all need to focus on our goals and staying away from bad things. Good Friday

According to Bible, “We all need to lead towards a great life where people can live without having fear. Having police, locking the door and so on this kind of things depicts that we are living a life where we are not secure and cannot trust others.” Jesus spread love saying that God please forgive them since they do not know what they are doing. And this thing indicates that how loves all without even thinking that they are doing wrong with them.  Though it is a bit tough but the moral is that we all need to spread love. Good Friday

What About The Public Life

It is one of the auspicious days and that is why it remains closed in many countries including – Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Bolivia, Denmark, Ecuador, Germany, Guatemala, Honduras, New Zealand, Norway, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Philippines, Slovakia, Spain, Sebia and so on. Good Friday

Good Friday is celebrated in memory of Jesus Christ’s sacrifice towards his life for others. Jesus wished to spread love all around the world and that is why he even forgot his enemy. It depicts how compassionate he was. Good Friday symbol is the Crucifix or cross which many followers of this religion keep holding to stay connected with God.

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