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Gul Makai Review
Gul Makai Review

Who does not know about Malala? We all are aware of this name. But do we really know what is all about her real life and more. The film ‘Gul Corn‘ has been made on the life of Pakistani social activist and Nobel laureate Malala Yousafzai. It is directed by H.E. Amjad Khan has done it. Fans were eagerly waiting for this film made on Malala. If you find Malala your role model, you must go with this movie indeed. Let us check out in Gul Makai Review in detailed manner.

Gul Makai Review |Bollywood Movies| 2020Hindi Movies |Movie Counter

Gul Makai Review
Gul Makai Review
  • Genre – Drama, Biography
  • Cast – Reem Shaikh, Atul Kulkarni, Divya Dutta
  • Director –HE Amjad Khan
  • Rating –  1.5/5

Story of Gul Makai 

The story begins in the Swat Valley of Pakistan. Here the Taliban tenants have according to their own definition of being true Muslims before the people. These militants captured in Swat are against the education of women. They have imposed many restrictions on women. Many schools in the valley are set ablaze as girls are unable to go to study. On the other hand, Malala’s father Ziauddin Yousafzai, played by Atul Kulkarni, is the principal in a school. The sound of constant firing and bomb blasts here has troubled Malala (Reem Sheikh). He is also upset with the closure of the school. Malala dreams of being a terrorist. After this Malala and her father decide that they will raise their voice against these terrorists.

After this, both try to get terrorists through the media. Meanwhile, Malala starts fighting for girls’ education. The story goes on and after this Malala’s attempt, she starts getting threats from the terrorists. However, Malala does not agree. One day terrorists shoot them. However, Malala escapes him and his good intentions triumph.

Direction of Gul Makai

Ahmed Khan chose the subject quite well but has not been able to do justice to it. In the circumstances in which Malala fought, the directors have failed completely to show her on-screen and get her emotions right. In those places where Malala’s struggle and her fight with terrorists come to the fore, Reem fails to show emotion and emotion.

Music of Gul Makai 

It would be great if music would be ideal for this movie a bit. Background score is also not good. Because of this the film feels more cumbersome. It is quite disappointing that the controversy is not mentioned in the film.

Facts Should Not Be Missing in Gul Makai

While things have been related to Malala’s life and it seems that many facts are missing. Overall, ‘Gul Corn’ could have been a great film due to its theme. But there is nothing in the film that makes it included in the list of a better film. A better film has become an ordinary film.

Why to Watch Gul Makai 

If you want to know about Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala in a discreet manner, you may go for this movie. It will make you know various things that you probably do not know.

In The Last

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