Health Benefits of Banana



Health Benefits of Banana

Bananas come enveloped in their yellow attire and are available the whole of the year. The fruit has a wonderful smell with a creamy texture and is liked by people of all age groups. Apart from the luscious taste, bananas have numerous health benefits wrapped in them. It holds decent amount of minerals and vitamins mandatory for maintaining good health. It helps in weight-loss, keeps bowels healthy, regulates heart functioning and maintains eye health. Eating bananas as a first thing in the morning is as precious as gold. Since bananas have high sugar content therefore, diabetic patients should avoid intake of this fruit.

Health Benefits of Banana

  1. Potassium– Rich in potassium and low in salt, it maintains functioning of heart and keeps in check normal blood pressure. This is a beneficial mineral for kidneys and bones.
  2. Energy booster– high on calorie. Consumption of even a single banana a day makes on feel energetic. Eating two bananas before workout heightens the energy level and nurtures blood sugar level. It also prevents muscle cramps during workout sessions.
  3. Digestion– Bananas are rich source of soluble fiber pectin, which succors digestion and protect against stomach ulcers.
  4. Vitamin B6– Loaded with vitamins, it is an important factor which produces hemoglobin which is essential for treatment of neuritis and anemia.
  5. Minerals– apart from vitamin B6, it also contains considerable amount of vitamin C, magnesium, copper and manganese. Traces of minerals like iron, zinc, selenium and iodine are also found in this fruit. It also has small quantity of vitamin A which helps keep eyesight in a healthy position.
  6. Skin and Hair Conditioner- Bananas skin has been savior in the treatment of acne and psoriasis. It works miraculously on the skin and helps reducing reddening on the spots. It furnishes a palliative effect.
  7. Fights cancer– according to a recent Japanese animal research, bananas that are fully ripe have the elements which increases white blood cell count, restricting the multiplication of cancerous cells by boosting immunity.
  8. Improves mood and reduces stress– amino acid tryptophan gets converted into serotonin resulting in improved mood, reduced stress and enhanced general outlook. Such an acid in blood also helps in regulation of good sleep patterns.

Doctors recommend persons of every age group to eat at least one banana a day. One should avoid eating the fruit in the night time as it leads to constipation. One can eat bananas as a raw fruit, shake or any other way one likes.

Surbhi is from Delhi and has completed her graduation from Kalindi College, Delhi University. She actively participated various social programs organized by NGO like Help Age India, Global Cancer Concern India and Youth for Seva. Her hobbies are reading books with critical aspects, music and working for social causes. She believes "Reading and writing makes you a great person in and out. She love to travel and reading aids her passion and helps her travel across time. Writing gives a real stance to her thoughts. She love to explore places, inhale surroundings and record experiences."

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