Home remedies for AMNESIA


Home remedies for AMNESIAWe have seen many times in movies when actors or actress lost their memory and find difficult to recall particular incident, event or even face. Though it may add twist to the movie on that time, but what if it happens with someone’s in actual life. Home remedies for AMNESIA

Home remedies for AMNESIA

Many of you may believe that it is not a kind of disease, but you are wrong this time. It is called Amnesia in a medical term, a disease belongs to the brain which lead to memory loss. Today we are going to emphasise over this disease in a discreet manner. Here, you will come to know that how it occurs, how it is diagnosed, what is all about its treatment and much more. Home remedies for AMNESIA


It is a disease belong to brain. In the medical term, it is called neurogenerative disease. And the most common symptom is memory loss. To identify the amnesia, it is required to have a range of blood tests.

Since it is a memory loss based disease, the patient does not require to get hospitalized. Amnesia can be occurred because of dementia or traumatic head injuries. Sometimes it goes away without having any treatment while in many cases it is required to take medicine, therapy and other kind of treatment prescribed by doctors.


  • Patient does not find himself/herself able to remember the things.
  • It finds difficult to form the new memories.
  • You will find tough to recall events, places, facts or any kind of other specific details.
  • Patient may also find difficult to talk.
  • Apart from it, the fluency in which language you talk can get affected.
  • You find problems with short-term memory.
  • You may get indulged into confusion or disorientation.
  • Not able to recognize faces.


There are many different types of amnesia. Below is a list of the most common ones:

  • Transient global amnesia – It is all about the temporary loss of all kinds of memories. Not able to remember thing happened recently. Home remedies for AMNESIA
  • Traumatic amnesia – This type of amnesia occurs because of a hard blow to the head. It can also lead to coma. Anterograde amnesia – In this kind of amnesia, the patient does not find himself to keep remember the new information. It occurs because of brain trauma. Home remedies for AMNESIA
  • Retrograde amnesia – it is quite opposite of Anterograde amnesia. In this case, the patient will find tough to recall the thing happened before trauma, but he will easily keep the thing in mind that happened after it.
  • Wernike-Korsakoff’s psychosis– Because of consuming an excessive amount of alcohol, it may occur. With the time, it gets worse. Home remedies for AMNESIA
  • Hysterical (fugue) amnesia – In this type, patients do not only forget about their past they lose the capability to identify themselves. They are not able to recognise themselves if see in the mirror. Be it driving licence, identity card or any other kind of identity, they find tough to recognize. It may come back within few days. Home remedies for AMNESIA

Apart from it, Childhood amnesia, Posthypnotic amnesia, Source amnesia, Blackout phenomenon and Prosopagnosia are the other type of Amnesia. Home remedies for AMNESIA


  • Almonds: Taking almonds is already considered really very helpful to maintain the health. It improves the mental health. This dry fruit helps to restore the memory. You need to follow a different way to use it. Take 5-6 almonds and put them into water for throughout the night. In the morning, remove the red shaded coating. Now, prepare a find paste and add butter and sandalwood. It is time to inhale a moderate quantity the prepared mixture. Home remedies for AMNESIA
  • Brahmi Booti: To get overwhelmed with the positive results, you must take Brahmi Booti. It works very quickly on this disease. Take 7 grams of Brahmi Booti and let it dry and then grind it along with pepper and almonds. Home remedies for AMNESIA
  • Fruits: There is a long list of fruits which play a wide role to boost up your memory. You must add figs, oranges, apple in your diet. Home remedies for AMNESIA
  • Walnuts: Eating Walnut is considered very beneficial for treating this disease. It helps to recover the memory. Walnuts is widely known as a great thing to take in order to come over the brain disorder. You need to take 20 grams on a regular basis to go along with effective benefits. Home remedies for AMNESIA
  • Black Pepper: It is easily available in all of our kitchens. But you may not believe that it helps to get rid of Amnesia as well. Let’s know how to consume it. You need to take 5 black peppercorns and mix it with a teaspoon honey. A patient needs to take in every morning and evening to come over Amnesia.
  • Sage: It is another in this list when it comes about to take home remedies. It is one of the quite beneficial herbs. To mitigate mental exhaustion, sage works excellently. It is quite helpful to enhance the concentration. To get rid of this problem, you need to take tea prepared from sage leave. Home remedies for AMNESIA
  • Meditation: It is one of the must-essential thing which you must do to get rid of memory loss. Apart from it, patient required to take proper amounts of sleep. You may take help of your doctor before getting indulged with the medication. Home remedies for AMNESIA
  • Say No To Alcohol – Yes!!! If you never wish to get confront this kind of problem, then you must stay away from consuming Alcohol. Taking a great amount of alcohol makes your brain unconscious and you start forgetting things. And that’s why it is required to stay away from alcohol. Home remedies for AMNESIA

Apart from it, brain exercise also helps to boost up your memory. You must play games like Sudoku, Chess etc., as they help you to use your brain and make you feel good regarding your memory. Not only this, but you also need to pamper your brain with happiness. Do not let it frustrate or disturb. Taking a lot of stress also lead towards losing memory. Home remedies for AMNESIA

So, what are you waiting for? Follow all these steps to stay away from Amnesia and live a great life. If we have missed something important then do not forget to correct us. Home remedies for AMNESIA
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