How to celebrate Bhai – Duj

How to celebrate Bhai – Duj
How to celebrate Bhai – Duj

The festive season is around the corner and we all have got engaged in the preparation. Bhai Dooj 2017 will be celebrated in India on 21st October. This is a prominent festival for the brother and sister. 

How to celebrate Bhai – Duj

How to celebrate Bhai – Duj
How to celebrate Bhai – Duj

Bhaiya Dooj is celebrated on a great scale all around the world. This festival is dedicated to Sisters and their dearest brothers. They pray God to bless their brothers with the happy and healthy life. This festival is celebrated following the rituals and it is known with different names to different-different places. Here, we are going to cite everything about this prominent Pooja in a discreet way. How to celebrate Bhai – Duj

What Sisters Do on This 

Sister get reading wearing the new clothes. Either brother visits them or sisters come to their own house. They also apply Mehandi on their hand to celebrate this auspicious festival. They (sisters) perform Pooja and tika ceremony. Brothers give them gifts.

This festival is celebrated all the world with a great pomp and show with different names Bhathru Dwithiya, Bhau-deej, Bhai Phota in Bengal, Bhau Beej in the Goa, Maharashtra, and Karnataka, Bhai Tika in Nepal and Ningol Chakuba in Manipur. It can be said that it is celebrated all around India with a lot of happiness.

What Is The History Behind Celebrating Bhai Dooj

As per the Hindu Mythology, it is believed that the God of death, Yamraj/, once visited his lovable sister named Yami on the auspicious day of Bhai Dooj. Yami welcomed her brother doing Aarti and Tilak ceremony. Apart from it, she also offered him a garland and special dishes. He gifted her a unique gift showing his love for Yami. And from that day, it is celebrated as Bhai Dooj. To put in simple of words, this day is dedicated to the pure love of brother and sister. According to Yami, the brothers would never be frightened receives this pleasure from their sisters. And that is why this festival is also known as Yama Dwitiya. How to celebrate Bhai – Duj

Apart from this story, there is another one dedicated to Hindu Lord Krishna.  According to this story, Lord Krishna returned to his sister, Subhadra after killing the demon king Narakasur. And Subhadra celebrated that moment welcoming him with Tilak, Aarti, Flowers, and Sweets. And the same procedure is followed on Bhai Dooj.

How To Bhai Dooj Is Celebrated 

  • Brothers visit their sisters if they are married. Sisters pray for the health and success of their brothers. They pray so their brother remains safe always from the negative vibes and bad fortune. Brothers are also committed towards their caring and loving sisters. How to celebrate Bhai – Duj
  • Sisters welcome their brothers in a great way making a sear for their brother using the flour of rice. They also offer the variety of things like the flower of Kaddu, betel leaves, betel nut and coins in the palms of their brother. How to celebrate Bhai – Duj
  • Then they chant the mantra for the well-being of brothers. She also ties the Kalawa in the hand and then aarti and tilak is also applied. Sisters also light up the lamp facing in the south direction as it is also an important ritual to do. How to celebrate Bhai – Duj

At some place in India, for example, the Haryana, Maharashtra where the celebration is ordinary to commend, the sister without sibling (who has no sibling), praise the specific event by venerating the Hindu God Moon rather than the sibling. Sisters apply mehndi staring them in the face at this day as their custom and convention.

What Sisters Do Far Away From Their Brothers

The married sisters far away from their brother do prayer on this day in the respect of the happiness and prosperity in the life of their brothers. And brothers send gifts to their sisters to show their love and affection towards them.

If you are also one of them staying away from your brother or sisters then send return endowments and bunches of affection to their sisters through the email, post or by different means. Yes!!! Digitalization is going on and it also brings advantage to your life as well. This is the fundamental motivation behind why all youngsters make a call to the moon by the name of Chandamama. We all have been hearing since long that Moon is our Chandamama so this is the reason behind called it Chandamama. How to celebrate Bhai – Duj

Significance of Bhai Dooj

  • Bhai Dooj is a great festival to bring a lot of happiness to sisters and brothers as it gives them chance to celebrate the special moments. Individuals in Haryana, Maharashtra, Gujarat, and Goa commend this celebration with the colossal enthusiasm and fun. How to celebrate Bhai – Duj
  • Though you may have been running busy throughout the year this festival create a good moment to bring them once again on the same platform. How to celebrate Bhai – Duj
  • On this day, siblings and sisters recall their duties regarding each other. It reunites and reestablishes the relationship and love of siblings and sisters when every one of the individuals from the family gets together to commend it. How to celebrate Bhai – Duj
  • To make this festival memorable, a variety of the sweet dishes are also prepared on this day. In Maharashtra, Bhai Dooj is also celebrated as the basundi poori or kheerni poori.

Saying would not wrong that this festival brings a lot of happiness and give a great break to all of us from our hectic schedule. This celebration brings a great deal of bliss, love, and warmth between the relationship of sibling and sister. For the married sisters, it is a great day as they wait for their brothers. They get the chance to meet them and have a happy time with them. How to celebrate Bhai – Duj

This celebration is an approach to display the affection and care of siblings and sisters to each other. Bhai Dooj brings them closer to each-other. There is a ritual to have five betel nuts and betel leaves are put at the sibling’s had by their sisters. Supplication is finished by the sisters by pouring water staring them in the face.

The Jiyo Pal Pal team wishes you a Very Happy Bhai Dooj… Do not forget to share your experience with us that how you are going to celebrate Bhai Dooj. How to celebrate Bhai – Duj

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